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I met a man from London thru' and later on we chatted through YM for a month. Then he said he wants to send me something so furnished him with every details of my address. He's sweet talk like any other men who act they are in the mood of love and he showered me with romantic words.
On Saturday 29/11/08 I received email from him that he just sent me a parcel and will be arriving in my place in 2 to 3 days. He also told me that he's outstation to other country (he said he is engineer for the dredging company) and couldn't come online to chat coz no internet access. Then on 1/12/08 I received email from the a girl by the name of Feriana Mahyuni([protected]) stating that the parcel has been put on hold by the Malaysia Custom Authority in KLIA because they detected a currency and thus clearance fee need to be paid via their account (personal account) amounting to 3, 460 MYR and i was given the lady's personal account number. The next day I went to the Custom Department in my place and I made understood that there's no such thing as to pay a big sum of money in order to get the question the parcel really exist? I don't think so. When i call the number above not the lady talking but english man...
At last i found out that this has something to do with internet scam and luckily I did not deposit the money as ordered because i know that i won't get any 'promised' parcel.
So I have lodged a police report the same day (2/12/08) and I happened to know that there's been cases like this happening in our place, a girl was cheated by this unresponsible people.
So becareful u guys, don't ever get deceived by this english men sweet and charm talk...


  • Nu
    nurbalkis Sep 24, 2014

    Can u check for courier is real or just a scam?i'm chatting with one guy at facebook and he claim he's from malaysia n work as navy.he is at australia right now..he send me a parcel contain things include money inside, but when the parcel come to malaysia, the courier service call me and ask me to pay rm 2540, they said i can get the parcel after i paid half of it because i didnt have enough money, after i paid rm1000, they said they cant deliver it and ask to pay the balance, a few days ago, my chatting friend said he already paid about rm 640, and bal rm900 i hve to pay.before i pay the balance, i need to know it is a scam or real.because when i read all the comment above, it is same situation like me.parcel cannot deliver because have money can u just kindly check the company of astom cargo and logistic.and please inform me..thank you

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  • Am
    amoi qelate Apr 30, 2013

    actually im still confuse because that man make me want belive him because he scan the receipt parcel that he sent to me..on the receipt was write my full name and my address and he says the parcel will arrive to my country on 29/04/ 30/04/2013 girl call me
    ([protected]) and she says she was someone from fast courier company and she ask me to pay rm1000 for clearance charge..what i suppose to do..any suggestion?

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  • No
    norafiza Nov 22, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i was unlucky because...i have deposit of RM650 to their account...than i found out this complain...i also was cheated by a man names 'PATRICK DANIEL'...he's admit that he work as an engineer with Klier Company in London and the company get a contract in Australia for about 5month...he said that he send me a parcel through 'UK BEST FINANCE SECURITY DIPLOMATIC COMPANY WORLDWIDE'...and the parcel will receive in Malaysia branch 2 days...he said that he has paid for all fees accept the local first i really trusted him because i never involved in receiving parcel from outside country besides he also attached me the copy of the post receipt...than i have deposit for RM650 for the local charge to somebody account that admit that she was 1 of the company staff member...the name is "GAN SIEW HAN" that "PUBLIC BANK" account holder with the number account of "[protected]"...about 3 to 4 hours later someone with this phone number (+[protected]) call me and ask me for the insurance certificate...i have to pay for the insurance fee first to get my parcel to been was about RM2420...luckily i found this complain and till now i never make a deal with them anymore...i never deposit any money to their account...but i have lost my RM650 in my account..

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  • An
    Angle Jan 15, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thanks for all information above, it is really useful for me, i am now stay in this problem too, i still not yet make clear on my problem because i just receive a mail from a courier in Malaysia and tell me something as all of you comments above, and that UK man try to talk to me to help to pay money to that courier after he got information that i forwarded to his email, anyone please help me, is this courier company (AIRWAYS COURIERS SERVICES MALAYSIA) exist? I do not understand why in Malaysia has a lot of problem such as courier problem like this? no one control on this problem?

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  • Fz
    fz SS Dec 25, 2010

    i'm also the victim this scammer..i was give them RM7800 on 24/12/2010..for the clearance charge RM2800 and for the terrorist certificate RM5000 because they said the parcel sent to me contain money..after that they said i must pay again RM3400, but i told them i don't have enough money, i ask them to send the picture message that parcel, but they said their phone not provided friend find the internet about this case..amazing..i'm once a victim i must find the way how replace my friends money i was lended..

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  • Ci
    cicilia Jun 25, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    if anyone know how to check package in kualalumpur custom
    please help

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  • De
    desperately Dec 30, 2009

    at this very moment i am almost a victim of this scam. a man from UK also said he sent me some gift for christmas from uk to malaysia, but when it reach malaysia airpot someone called me up to confirm my info details later on he called again telling me that I have to pay for charges MYR600, and called me again twice for the charges. and sending e mail 5 times regarding the charges insisting that the regulations in malaysia is different from UK and the charges will be different after today

    why is it that the agent is so insisting, and very concern is it part of being hospitable? no! its a scam!very obvious he wanted to collect money.

    i received 4 calls and 5 e mails within 30 hours from this AGENT (as he said)
    ### scammers!!!

    i'll play with him until he's off...beware and be aware of these scammers, sisters...good luck

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  • Xo
    xoxo04 Nov 26, 2009

    yep they don't even exist because i googled it. the address, the phone number and the name.even the "courier company"

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  • Le
    lenz Oct 11, 2009

    Hi dear,

    I'm glad to find you as my love...and l'm also glad that is a new dawn of love for me,
    honey you are unique...and you make me feel loved again... I just went for a little window
    shopping as i told you i will and i got you some cool stuff which i know you deserve as my Jewel,
    here is the list of things i bought for you and your Duagther and sent below.

    1 Rose Flower
    1 HP Notebook Lap-top
    1 Set of Gold jewellery
    2 Prada Handbags
    2 Set of Make-up
    2 Escada Ladies Perfumes

    Meanwhile I have kept for you a little token of 20, 000 pounds inside one of the hand bag,
    which is inside the parcel... I want you to use part of the money to book for a nice and conduscive hotel,
    which i will be staying when i come... also i want you to use 10, 000 pounds for yourself and give your duaghther
    from it, and keep the rest before i come.
    i really want to be with you alone when i come... book the hotel 3-days ahead of my coming as fast as you can,
    i will notify you my flight schedule soon.

    Furthermore, I registered and sent your parcel as ( P & C ) private and confidential to you through
    SAFE-WAY COURIER SERVICES because i don't want them to scan or screen the parcel,
    So that you can get everything safe and they will bring it to your door step for your signature upon delivery.
    Please note the 20, 000 pounds i kept inside the parcel which I never listed in the items sent,
    I can't wait to set my eyes and behold you my love... missing and loving you ( muaksss ).

    l have also attached the Airway bill of the items sent to you, which you will use for receiving the package,
    Please check to make sure everything are complete.

    Kisses And Hugs
    Akeem Adams.

    Send instant messages to your online friends

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  • Mi
    mimie_82 Sep 26, 2009

    Hello back..

    Another stupid tactic from them to get easy money from me a week before RAYA. (hahaha..thanks not the victim) Once again the same UK guy, James Armstrong attached me his flight confirmation says that he will fly to Kuala Lumpur to see me.Here's the flight details..

    Ticket Confirmation

    Reservation Number / Reference Code : 23229U


    James.. Armstrong

    Booking Number(s) 23229U

    From : London, GB ( LHR ) To: Kuala Lumpur, MY ( KUL )

    Air France ( AF )
    Flight: 1281

    Depart: London, GB ( LHR )
    Fri, Sep 18 12:50 PM

    Arrive: Paris, FR ( CDG )
    Fri, Sep 18 03:00 PM

    Air France ( AF )
    Flight: 2020

    Depart: Paris, FR ( CDG )
    Fri, Sep 18 05:35 PM

    Arrive: Amsterdam, NL ( AMS )
    Fri, Sep 18 06:50 PM

    Klm Royal Dutch Airlines ( KL )
    Flight: 0809

    Depart: Amsterdam, NL ( AMS )
    Fri, Sep 18 08:55 PM

    Arrive: Kuala Lumpur, MY ( KUL )
    Sat, Sep 19 03:00 PM

    From : Kuala Lumpur, MY ( KUL ) To: London, GB ( LHR )

    Klm Royal Dutch Airlines ( KL )
    Flight: 0810

    Depart: Kuala Lumpur, MY ( KUL )
    Wed, Sep 30 11:15 PM

    Arrive: Amsterdam, NL ( AMS )
    Thu, Oct 1 05:55 AM

    Klm Royal Dutch Airlines ( KL )
    Flight: 1223

    Depart: Amsterdam, NL ( AMS )
    Thu, Oct 1 07:15 AM

    Arrive: Paris, FR ( CDG )
    Thu, Oct 1 08:40 AM

    Air France ( AF )
    Flight: 1280

    Depart: Paris, FR ( CDG )
    Thu, Oct 1 10:00 AM

    Arrive: London, GB ( LHR )
    Thu, Oct 1 10:15 AM

    Price Details

    1 Adult(s)
    Taxes & Fees
    Trip Protection Insurance
    Promotion Code
    Total Charge $880.80


    Well, for sure i retrieved the reference num. and checked it with Air France..Surprisingly..It was there..this people were really GOOD in it..they make things nearly perfect! Around 6pm..i recieved a call from a lady name Pn. Faridah ([protected]) and claimed herself as custom officer of KLIA. She asked me if i do know a guy name JAMES ARMSTRONG..i said yes. She said there was a problem occured after scan&screen where they found out James failed to proof the original reciepts of the diamond ring, set of jewelleries, prada's handbag and laptop that he bring along on the right she said James have to pay taxes for those stuff when entered another country. So..they have to hold James's passport, visa, cellphone and all stuff with him for a while until he manage to pay the taxes..then only after they allowed James to move on the next flight to see me. She told me that James only manage to pay half of the taxes which total RM7, 000. so the balance James asking for my help to pay for him since theres nobody else he knows in this country. Another funny part, James claimed that i was his wife to that custom officer (actually FAKE custom officer). James was trying very hard to persuade me to help him to pay the rest of the taxes because he was afraid that the custom officer might found out the money that he brought together if i didnt act as fast as i can. stupid..why the custom officer only found the diamond ring and other stuff and but not the money? (This is because if i pay the taxes then they will say another problem and gonna ask me to pay for another compound..for what? for sure for that money!hahaha) The same tactic with the parcel not long ago. The lady talked to me again and asked me how much i can pay them so then they can release James with his stuff to move on the next flight. i said i dont have that large amount of money (how can you easily help someone that you never met??hahaha..###!). Few mins later, they gave me a call again..because there was no response that im going to pay for it. That lady says..there was a discount..i only have to pay RM3, 000..hahaha..also got discount?? she SMS me the acc.num and asked me to bank in the money and the account holder name was ABUBAKAR BIN ABDULLAH. i asked her again..who is this account holder? she says hes one of the custom officer in KLIA. what position and which department? she says one of the workers at scan&screen same like her..before that she claimed herself as the assistant head custom officer in KLIA and now working with scan&screen? which is true?? i told her..i'll call them back ASAP after i managed to get the money. What im doing after that, immediately i called KLIA custom officer on duty that night and verify those FAKE custom officers and asking them if there any such incident going on at just a SCAM! i knew it from the first place. i can smell it from afar. theres no such procedure to bank in money to personal account, no such taxes on personal things like diamond ring, no such staff name as FARIDAH and ABUBAKAR in KLIA Custom Department and no such incident with a passenger name as JAMES ARMSTRONG..who are they?International Scammers? the custom officer told me that including my up 10 cases involved the same tactics of the day with KLIA CUSTOM. Another thing is..the surrounding of the caller was not in was somewhere at home because i can hear a baby is crying and no other sound like the one in the airport. To cut the story more calls after i text them..why no such name, no such people, no such procedure..well guys, becareful with those SCAMMERS!!! dont be the VICTIMS!

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  • Li
    lilis Juwita Sep 17, 2009

    Alhamdulilah aku tak tertipu
    Terima kasih ya Allah di bulan suci ini Engkau masih melindungiku
    Tunjukan jallan yang benar buat mereka supaya tak mencari rezeki dengaan menipu orang.

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  • Li
    lilis Juwita Sep 16, 2009

    me too, I also had same problem
    the email i got from the UK man called Lukuman Sakirulah
    I've Got email like sent to Mimie82
    And 3 day later... I've got Sort Messages and Phone from man called Lewis Amstrong in KL Malaysia with Phone Number +[protected]
    He ask to me to end the money by Western Union to him for Handling and Delivery Charges 320 US Dolar.

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  • Mi
    mimie82 Sep 12, 2009

    3 days later..a guy name Tyron Lennon from KL give me a called. he said that the parcel was arrived in KLIA Airport and he asked me to pay RM3, 600 for the custom clearance. Luckily i have relative working as custom officer in JB and KLIA. immediately i asked them to check for the parcel and those people who claimed to send me a parcel with cash GBP50, 000. Those things does not exist at all. He also said that the parcel under my name from James Amstrong had been scan & sceen and there was found GBP50, 000 inside one of the prada's handbangs. So he said that KLIA custom sent me a warning letter regarding that matter and asked me to pay RM12+++. The guy name Mr. Kamil Kaseem (Asst. head officer KLIA custom) also does not exist!

    Heres the email i got from Mr Tyron Lennon

    Dear Ms Dorothy James,

    Please go through the attachment and get back to me as soon as you read your mail this message is from the custom pertaining your consignment.

    Email me the details of your payment at [email protected]
    or sms through the phone number + [protected].

    Sorry for the inconvenience but this is a result of your sender, Mr. James Armstrong for not listed the contents completely.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards
    Tyrone Lennon
    Delivery Officicer S.W.C.S
    Private & Confidential Delivery Department

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  • Mi
    mimie82 Sep 12, 2009

    a week ago, i also had the same problem. they're scammers!

    Here's the email i got from the british man called James Amstrong

    Hi dear,

    I'm glad to find you as my love...and l'm also glad that is a new dawn of love for me... honey you are unique... you make me feel care and loved again... I went for a little window shopping and i got you some cool stuff which i know you deserve as my Jewel... here is the list of things i got for you and send below.

    1 Rose Flower
    1 Teady Bear
    1 Notebook HP Laptop
    1 Set of Gold jewellery
    2 Prada Handbags
    1 Set of Make-up
    2 Escada Ladies Perfumes
    5 Copies of My New Pictures

    Meanwhile I have kept for you a little token of 50, 000pounds inside one of the hand bag, which is inside the parcel... I want you to use part of the money to book for a nice and conduscive hotel... which i will be staying when i come... and keep the rest before i come as earlier discussed... i really want to be with you alone when i come... book the hotel 3-days ahead of my coming as fast as you can...i will notify you my flight schedule...i will be coming towards on the 16th of September 2009.

    Furthermore, I registered and sent your parcel as ( P & C ) private and confidential to you through SAFE-WAY COURIER SERVICES because i don't want them to scan or screen the parcel... so that you can get everything safe and they will bring it to your door step for your signature upon delivery. please note the 50, 000pounds i kept inside the parcel which I never listed in the items sent... I can't wait to set my eyes and behold you my love... missing and loving you ( muaksss ).

    l have also attached the Airway bill of the items sent to you, which you will use for receiving the package.

    l love you so much dear

    Kisses And Hugs
    James A.

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  • Ma
    manohara Aug 20, 2009

    me too same like you, i met Uk guy fromdating site than after that we chat, he very nice and actractive
    after that he said he send me laptop, jewelry, flower, hand bag and 10.000pounds. and he said he sain by Alpha Security & Delivery Co.Ltd after 3 day i got email from the agent .
    and they said i need pay the clearence FEE: 1. Custom Clearance Fee=470GBP

    2. Dummorage Charge =75GBP
    after i pay she said i need pay more bcz they find out have money inside package, she said ( her name is Syarifah Ahmed ) i need pay 1000usd for the imiigartion but after i pay it she said the parcell they still cant send to me untill i pay the insurance so i need more pay 1250usd but i really have no money, so pls who is know about this agent maybe they scam???

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  • Sr
    srie Aug 03, 2009

    I am too..I met a man from UK via and I am received email from abdul Khalid with attached bill airway by SAFEWAY COURIER SERVICE from London and he say send jeweleries, laptop, rose, handbag, parfum and money 30, 000 pounds. 4 days later a man called Mr.TYRON LENNON Pv.10 Taman Melati Kuala Lumpur is delivery dept SAFEWAY COURIER. he say My package in Malaysia and I already send 1, 387.33 RM and I received my package in 24hours.but tommorow he call me again and he say, I must send money 1, 000us$ again because in my package found money in pocked handbag.i am not trust him...Thank God..You after open my eyes and my hearts..Thank God...

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  • Pr
    praddeep Jul 16, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    this ###ing courier services play with one lady from tagg swetha shi is indian talk wit me she told i send parcel
    after next day form malyasiya callme i have to pay
    i am not pay but reyally this swetha i love u if play with me its ok but from my heart i love u bye tc

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  • Ab
    abby May 04, 2009

    Yeah, i cahat with this britz guy from too, what a sweet talker he did said the same thing sent me a parcel with a set of diamond and roses sealed with cash ...this just happened to me 2 weeks ago, and i received the email below... --> check it out...
    LOT 1172 PHASE 5,
    98000 MIRI EAST

    Website: Email:[email protected]

    UK Head Office:
    12 Brooke Crush Road
    BL3 5AB,
    United Kingdom.
    Email: [email protected]
    Fax: +[protected]
    29Th April 2009

    Delivery Address:

    ORDER NUMBER: BWA/692/ans/34


    With reference to the delivery of your package, I wish to bring to your notice that your package has been placed on hold by the Malaysian customs for some reasons which happened to violates the shipping policies. As the goods were brought on transit point Malaysia then for further destination, the Malaysian custom detected that currency were included in your parcel. Thereby, certain commissions must be paid as customs duty via us which is for the immediate clearance of your package .For the main time refer on the " status" of your package during tracking, this is in accordance to the mode of operations in the Courier sector for financial delivery . We have already taken order number for this package from the custom.

    You are required to follow all instructions giving to you to facilitate the release of your package. To do this, you are required to pay the required charges listed below for the immediate release of your package. Upon confirmation of payment, your package will be delivered to your destination under hours from malaysia.

    Outstanding Charges:

    Administrative: RM 480
    Clearance: RM2, 980.00
    TOTAL: RM3, 460.00

    A total of RM 3, 460.00 (Three thousand four hundred and sixty Malaysia Ringgit only) has been charged. In acknowledgement to this email, account details shall be provided to you for the payment as stated above for the release of your package.

    Thank you, as I hope I have made my self clear to you by this notice as directed by the management.

    For more inquiry call: Tel: +[protected] Email: [email protected]

    Present your order number when calling so that we may honor your calls.

    We are glad to be of service to you.

    Yours Faithfully.

    Mr. Robbins White
    Head, Customer Propositions
    British Courier Service Malaysia

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  • Vi
    victim Apr 14, 2009

    Yeah, i chat with this british guy from as well. He really sweet talk that every women will die for . After 2 month chatting, he email me with attached bill airway by SAFEWAY COURIER SERVICE from london to malaysia n saying he send some jewelries and cash. 4 days later a malay lady called Sharifa Norita call me up claim she is the courier agent incharge of this ask me to bank in RM3, 800.00 for custom clearance into her personal account. Even one guy called himself Kamil Kaseem ring me saying he is the head of custom. I called up KLIA custom n check there is no such parcel. no such person n no such courier agent. M very upset too. Is a scam and i want to report them all.
    Gals dont ever trust this kind of chatting. Dont get yourself in trouble.

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  • Mi
    michelle Mar 15, 2009

    Same thing happened to me, bloody idiots, but i am still talking to Eng donald Mustapher, I have his phone number and still talking with him. He has sent me photos but i doubt that is him. I guess he is a Nigerian scamster. I am going to play this man and find out his address, then i will report him, but where and who do i report him too?. Any suggestions?

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  • Jo
    Joy Lapara Feb 02, 2009

    Me too I received the same email from Feriana Mahyuni stating that my parcel was put on hold due to a certain violation on cutom policy. I was asked to pay 1880 ringgit in order to deliver my package right away. I'm just glad that I was not convinced and I was not able to pay that amount. Thanks to the internet.

    To the girls put there, Please watch out for those scammers!

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