Globe Telecom / Prepaid Home Wifihome surf subscription

I registered at homesurf 199 (12GB) Friday 1:38pm. The next day at around 9am Saturday, I only have 7.7GB. At 1:30pm (24hrs after subscription) i have 5.5GB left. I complained to your customer service but has no action in it. He manually calculated my data usage from 1:38pm to 9am the next day and he said it is 1.1GB only. How come when I check it, its 7.7GB left? Now I have 3.3GB left on my 12GB and it is just 48 hrs after subscription. Been using Home Prepaid WIFI since March 2019 and I only have 1GB average usage/day. Please kindly check and bring back those overcharge GB on my account. Thank you.

Oct 06, 2019

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