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On April 16, 2012, I had filled out an assessment form under Global Visas UK, someone known to be a representative called the next day. They told me the total for the visa is $1500.00 but will have to pay $500.00 now and $500.00 on the 16th of each month, he stated they take dedit card, which I gave him the numbers. After weeks has passed no information from Global Visas. Then after surfing the web I noticed these complaints, scams and fraud of other victims. They called me on several occassion leaving voice mails but no information about my case, each times I attempt to returned the call I receive their voice-mail. Due to the unpleasant feeling I came to the conclusion that I was scam. I sent them a email requesting for them to called me at 7am my time, before they always called when I'm at work and I am unable to answer. Someone also called leaving a voice message for further payment, I returned the called and I express my concerns that Global Visas asking for payment and no work had started, his replies "He knows nothing about the documents he only needs to collect the payments", I told him I will not make payment until I know what is going on with my case, I also requested again to be contacted at 7am New Jersey time. I did received a call at 7am and again express myself that nothing was going on with my case and I feel like I've been scam. On May 2, 2012, I cancelled my dedit card and was issue a new card. Then, on June 1, 2012, Global Visas withdrew $995.53 from my account after I had cancel my card. I am filling this claim because I would like to be refunded in the sum of $1495.34.


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    TeresaH UK Sep 26, 2012

    They charged an exorbitant fee for what they claim they offer in terms of professional immigration advice. They took 50% upfront and then charged my card with the remaining 50% (without my consent) 30 days later. They claim to be experts in immigration advice but their staff are untrained and not committed to their jobs. Service is poor and senior management are ineffective. I was their client for 5 weeks - during this time I had 3 case workers, their website for document uploads was down for 7 days, I had dealings with the head of services and obtained no results for my complaints; I was given the run-a-round in terms of face to face meetings to discuss my case and documents. I have been battling to get my money back for the last 50 days. They ignore my emails and requests for days at a time. And when they do respond it is with "excuses" as to why they believe they are offering an effective service. I have also reported them to the regulator and am considering legal action to obtain my money back. DO NOT USE THEM!!! EVER!!! They are sharks and only care about getting your money off you. You can get more effective and much, much cheaper services elsewhere.

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  • Vi
    Vishaka Nov 13, 2012

    I am totally Agreed..They just call my husband until they collect money...but after that they do not pick up the phone or send any more mails...It's really a scam...Please NEVER this company...They just trying to get our Hard Working money without out concern...Please leave me a message if we can get a legal action against this Company...They do not give proper service ...

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    sharma999 Mar 11, 2013

    hii everyone, i read your comments it was same happens with me i am going to court against them i did their complaint step by step all of required places. so in court i need proof against them to shut this scam forever if you help me then we can get our money back and stop this company to deceive innocent people money. please contact me on [email protected]

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  • Pr
    Praveen nv May 15, 2013

    They are fraud. Need only money. No service. Only email when they need money/ instalment. Threatening now that they will take 3000 pounds from my account since I agreed so. Didn't sign anywhere . No vat receipt.

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