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Global Systems Inc collection agencyStealing money


I have a company and I gave GSI collection agency some of my clients to collect on. I only gave them pretty small sums except for one. One client owed like $3000.00. I found out that GSI was collecting for this particular client because this client said he could not pay me because they did not pay him. But my client got paid directly instead of them sending the payment to the collection agency. I did not like the fact that they had taken my client as a client and now my client was probably going to stiff me. When I complained to Ralph Rusca at the agency about this he decided not to respond. I then sent several emails and left several messages and no one every responded. I then sent a final email telling them that I will assume that all my clients’ accounts have been released if no one responds to me and that I did not want anything to do with them. I sent the email to every email in the company. A couple of days later I received an email from a new person (which I think was the same person using a different name because he did not want to talk to me over the phone). This person does not even appear in the company directory. Several days later this person “James Ott” contacted me and apologized for any problems that I had with Ralph and that he would be helping me from now on. I asked him at least three times for an update on my accounts and he never gave it to me. I also complained to him about collected on behalf of my client and he told me that I shouldn’t get so upset. That made me even madder. I had already started contacting my clients via certified mail trying to collect when the first person called me and told me that they had paid GSI back in September. My customer called me and gave me the check number, where he sent the payment and the amount he paid. I believe my customer. I then checked my system for a payment and I saw none. I emailed this person “James Ott” in GSI and I told him I wanted an updated statement on my open accounts and in particular Deco NOW. He could not find that company at first. I then gave him the account number and told him that the company, Deco, said he had paid. He then responded immediately and said that yes, they did receive a payment at the end of April and that they would be issuing me a check now in May. I told him he was a liar and that the client paid in September. I advised him I was going to submit a complaint against GSI. Mr. Ott then told me to please let him handle this and he apologized and so forth. He said he would be issuing a check immediately. He insinuated that he did not want me to complain to higher ranking officials or at least I took it that way, but I wrote a letter and sent it to the President and Vice president of the company. A couple of days later I got a phone call from the VP. He said that some people in his company stole like $50, 000 and that he had filed a complaint with the police and everything. He then told me he was personally sending a check overnight for three accounts. We will see if that is true. I also have to contact all my clients to see if they paid. Stay away from this company… they will steal your money and you would never know. They could always say they could not collect on them or they are still trying to collect.


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    sam t lewis Jan 18, 2010

    liar liar pants on fire

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  • Sa
    sam t lewis Jan 18, 2010

    that compant global is great they pay me every month on time u liar liar pants on fire

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    The Greenes Feb 23, 2010

    I have been working with Ralph Rustica myself and he left me a very rude voice mail message on my phone because I wasn't getting back to him quick enough with some paperwork he wanted to review for my company. When I called him back I got his voice mail and told him I didn't appreciate the tone of his message and that I had indeed faxed over the paperwork for his review. Three days later I get a call back from him, no apology for his message, acted as if it didn't matter. I already knew I didn't want to do business with someone like him. He went on to make me an offer that he said wasn't fair and then pushed to collect the money instead. I told him I would look elsewhere to see if i could get a better offer to buyout the debt. He said fine, but you won't then you'll be calling me to collect it. Ten minutes later I get a call from someone claiming to be the "manager". It sounded like Ralph again actually, he made me a different offer, which was worst then the first offer. He said his name was Ivan. When I declined his offer and told him I will market my business elsewhere, he went off on me calling me a dumb ### and to take my accounts and shove them up my ###. I AM WRITING THIS SO EVERYONE KNOWS NOT TO TRUST THIS COMPANY!!! THEY ARE BAD NEWS. I will be filing a formal complaint with the better business bureau and I'm confident it won't be the first complaint they recieve.

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    Arlene Gallagher Sep 22, 2010

    Will, I have a company they paid Global System and I never received my money. Since August 2009 until August 2010. They told me the I will received my check
    August 17, 2010. The man name was Stuart Neft.
    I started with Ralsph Rusco, then he turned it over to a outside agency.
    He got my that they got the money, didn't receive mine. I have call all over and now I called the FBI.
    It's bad that they just close up with my mine MONEY.

    The Gallaghers

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