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Dear Dirs,

we have purchased two (2) 90 softgels each bottles of MSM Glucosamine under their "Buy 2 and get one free offer" and therefore we should have received three (3) such bottles. The reference number they informed for the purchase order is GSS6921-[protected].

The total amount of the purchase was to be of $33.85 (2 x $13.95 + shipment $5.95). The purchase took place in the end of October and so far we did not receive anything in spite of the fact that the credit card has already been charged for the purchase. By the way, the credit card charge came as $64.80 instead of the $ 33.85 that we authorized.

In connection with the price difference, their explanation was that the shipment (overseas) charge should have been of $19.95 instead of $5.95 and, in addition, they have also made a mistake in the price.

The bottom line is that they acnowledged to owe us the three (3) bottles PLUS a $16.95 refund to the credit card. At this point, in order to facilitate the things we said that we would agree with the $64.80 charge in case they agree to send us four (4) bottles in lieu of three (3).

They have never answered to this proposition and I they keep saying is that they are going to ship the products - they have even said earlier today that the shipment had been made but when we asked for the details (shipment method and tracking number) they went back and said that the shipment had not yet taken place.

If you can be kind enough to provide me with a e-mail address I will be happy to forward to you the chain of messages exchanged so far with Global Supplements.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Carlos F. Micheletti
Phone #[protected]
Ribeirao Preto (SP) - Brazil


  • Sa
    savio joe Jul 19, 2009

    I am yet another victim of their fraud.
    Its been 2 weeks and my shipment has not arrived. I have been overcharged by $15.
    I have been repeatedly sending emails, and they have not acknowledged any of the emails.
    These guys are fraud.
    Am not sure what should be the next step.
    Please help.

    email: [email protected]

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  • Db
    DBlovat Nov 09, 2009

    I ordered one bottle of L-Arginine and on bottle of Anit-Aging packet. I received two and they were charged to my credit card. I sent the unordered items back to Global Supplements last June and received notification from the US Post Office they were delivered, although Mike at GS tried to tell me they never received them. It is now November and I am still waiting for my credit. They want me to use my credit buying more items. I told them I want them to credit my credit card. They apparently have a problem with this. I have sent a letter with all information and supporting papers to the N.Y. State Attorney Generals Office with my complaint. Another victim of their fraud.
    [email protected]

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  • Si
    SIMON PARR Nov 13, 2009


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  • Mi
    Mighty-mike Feb 09, 2010

    Hey alcon, I've recently ordered from global supplements, two packages of the muscle building pack. I'm stationed overseas with the military with an FPO address which caused confusion because I have to get the package forwarded to me through an alternate address, which didn't match my address on my card. Immediately the company got in contact with me and let me know there was a problem. Clearly the company has a legitament background and very purposeful product, they stated they don't want to be sending their product to someone with improper info. If they were an unreliable resource--let me emphasize, a consumer service here for their customers-- if they were an unreliable resource, the money, as long as they have the card number they get money, that's all they'd care about and simply send it to wherever I provided. But however this company followed up, called and emailed. We took care of the issue and the next day the product was en route, let me say, this was a Friday it was shipped weekends don't count so I waited a full proceeding week, and received the product this Monday. In my business with them they have demonstrated nothing but superiority and reliability. Especially with the initial issues and confusion we had. I'd recommend and con't to go to this company always.


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  • Ne
    neeyoflo7386 Apr 16, 2010

    I ordered 2 bottles of L-Arginine from Global Supplements at 20.95USD each plus 5.95USD for shipping. The receipt i receive was for $47.85USD to be charge to my card. I found out on my bank statement that i got charged 86.80USD. I contact them and they said to read about us on international orders. The minimum 3 bottle policy they were saying to me. They weren't specific about the information at all. So i reckon it's suspicious this company and i think it is not legit at all. They make excuses that the shipping to Australia was 20.95USD and what company charges you that much for 2 bottles for shipping. Apparently is i take out the $5.95USD for shipping and add the 20.95 for shipping it still doesn't add up at all. It's only $62.85USD. So they are definitely fraudsters and want nothing but money from consumers to profit their organization. I will never order from there again and i ask for a refund and they said they can't because it has been shipped the items. I doubt it and i think they got a 86.80USD profit for nothing. Beware, these people have very bad customer service and will not reply to your e-mail in a specific, or professional manner. Do not attempt to buy any products from them, as i was a victim of this fraudulent site called
    [email protected]

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  • Lo
    lorraine barbieri Jul 06, 2011

    i ordered 2 jars of kava tabs as i have been told that these will be good for my restless leg problem. today i recieved 3 jars of creatine which is for body building and have been charged $59.80. The actual cost of what i ordered was only $ 27.55. I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW ANGRY I AM and will be contacting the law if this is not fixed asap. i will be expecting a reply today. lorraine.

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  • Re
    reeree66 Sep 07, 2011

    I got ripped off as well ordered 2 products & was never invoiced. Then i find out i got charged double so i contacted them & they reckon i ordered 3 to which i know i did not but at the time did not say anything until i read all the bad reports on this company. The are nothing but low life ### & should be stopped, why the hell they haven't been shut down is pathetic!

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  • Ma
    markdarren Apr 25, 2012

    i also became a victim, i ordere 2 bottles of GABA and 2 bottles of L-Dopa Extract amounting to $ 119.8 last March 20, 2012 but until today, April 26, 2012 i haven't receive anything yet. i am from Philippines

    [email protected]

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  • Ma
    markdarren Apr 25, 2012

    i also became a victim, i ordered 2 bottles of GABA and 2 bottles of L-Dopa Extract amounting to $ 119.8 last March 20, 2012 but until today, April 26, 2012 i haven't receive anything yet. i am from Philippines

    [email protected]

    i'm sorry for the first 2 comments of mine (those that are thumb up)

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  • Ch
    Chumba Nov 11, 2012

    I also was never invoiced, charged $73.00 instead of $29.00 and i still don't have my product! They are quick to take money but they haven't even replied to my emails. I am a sensitive person and if they are effected by the super storm over there I am sorry but I thought I would have heard something by now? I am from Australia. Can anyone tell me if they have been effected.

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  • Da
    david ilsley Apr 04, 2013

    i ordered 1 jar of kava kava tabs for around £12, and recieved 3 jars of l-glutomine for body building and have been charged£41!!!., seriously pissed, what a mickey mouse firm.

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