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The following information has been posted with the goal of assisting anyone that may have the misfortune of crossing paths with a man that goes by the name of Dr. Jay Sherbondy.

Dr. Jay Sherbondy (real name: Harry Jay Sherbondy, Jr.) is a con man, residing in Las Vegas, NV, who was convicted on seven counts of fraud and sent to federal prison for 6 1/2 years. He is currently out on parole but back up to his old tricks. In conversation he tries to whitewash his fraud convictions as "trouble with the IRS for tax evasion." Harry J. Sherbondy was released from prison on 12/14/2001 (Source:

Jay Sherbondy regularly lies about a wide range of issues. His lying is so frequent and pervasive it could be considered pathological. He makes outlandish claims about his personal wealth ("I make $5 million per year", "I have more money than I could ever spend, " "I used to own a jet, " etc.) yet he drives an older maroon Mitsubishi Eclipse (which he claims is "a company car" -- actually owned by his sister, Nancy Sherbony-Capron-Benton who is either a partner in crime or one of the best enablers of this century), uses an old cellphone (once again compliments of his sister who retired from Sprint), dresses poorly, and arranges meetings at a local Starbucks where he doesn't even purchase a coffee. He used to arrange meetings at the Tuscany Hotel & Casino poolside outdoor tables, and bought nothing there either. He nonchalantly made a statement to one person that his wife and two girls were killed in a car accident, then told another person that he invests much of his money in real estate through his daughter, who he claims works in the mortgage industry in Las Vegas.

In reality Jay Sherbondy has two former wives - both alive and living out of state. He has 2 daughters by his first marriage. His second wife's daughter was killed in a car accident before she even met him. At the beginning of 2004, both daughters lived in Las Vegas. Both were working in the mortgage industry. The older daughter knowingly and wittingly participates in her father's scams, the younger one at that time wanted to escape and go far away to nursing school.

Dr. Jay Sherbondy is a highly manipulative smooth talker, but make no miskake: he is a liar and a criminal.

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