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I saw an ad. and sent my resume. Iwas then sent an e-mail that i qualified for the post of Caregiver. I was asked to pay 800 U.S. dollars through money gram to cover the processing and procure my visa and work permit. this sounds too good to be true so I would like to know if this is a legal company and if it is safe to go ahead.


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    Westworld55 Oct 03, 2008

    I don't know anything about this company, but I do know that a lot of moneygram scams come out of Canada. I would NOT send them a dime. You can go to yahoo or google and research information on "moneygram Canada scam" or "money gram Canada scam" and varying words thereof.

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    iSLx Media Oct 15, 2008

    Any employment that requires you to pay to obtain a job is most likely a scam. A company that wants you to work for them would likely foot the bill, and take it out of your paycheck. I did a google search of the company & stumbled upon this:

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    Laurel Smith Dec 02, 2008

    I have seen the same global employment agency in the gleaner. I went ahead and paid the 800USD. After paying that money I was told to pay another 750USD which I was told is the final payment. However, I have not received any documents from these people. Now they are telling I nee too pay another 750usd for shipment and handling of documents. I don't now what to do. The persons name are Kelly Williams who is the director, Micheal Morgan the Lawyer and Mrs. Stacy Johnson who the money was paid to. What can I do? How can I get back my money? I have emails from Kelly Williams. I need your help please.

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    diana haldane Jan 12, 2009

    i have paid two thousand us dollars for procurement of visa and work permit i paid the first payment on the seventh of october and the last payment was on six of december.on december 22 i call to find out when i would receive the documents. I was told that the document has been sent by one jennifer who told me she could not tell me when it was sent. But I would receive it at the nearest post office. I con't see the reason why I should go to the post office after paying for shipping and handling of documents that I have not received. I am wondering if the letter of employment was sent to the immigration because I would hear from them already. I hope that miss Kelly Williams, mr Michael Morgan and mrs. Julliet Johnson is aware of crime they have commited. I need your help to sort things out with them. Thanks in advance.

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    debi Apr 01, 2009

    i also saw the add in sunday gleaner march 22, 2009. The immediately sent me an e-mail that i had got the job, but I spoke with a Mrs. Charon Pandollars, 343 James Street Ottawa Ontario Canada and Charles Lucas Law Firm. However when i checked for addresses it came up could not be found. You need to be more careful in who you give money to and never send money to anyone before you do an indept check.

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