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I have just signed up for a web hosting service with Global Internet Solutions for $5.95 per month on 9/17/2007 at 8AM based on their website's advertisement at $5.95 per month for one year subscription total approximately $72. However, they charged me $1, 078.22 based on their indication that I am a previous user and need an upgrade. I disputed and request for cancellation at 10AM on the same day 9/17/2007, but when I spoke to a customer service on the phone, they indicated that because I have a previous account with them, I need to have an upgrade not a new account.

They insisted that I need to be charge 36 months at $29.95 per month, despite their website advertised $5.95 and $7.95 per month. They also have a slogan on the website that "Once you sign up, the fee never goes up. " I just want to cancel and get my refund but they said that I can not cancel until 8 months later.

I need your help in resolving this, because I don't think this is an ethical business practice.


  • Valerie Jul 31, 2008

    My complaint is similar to #146294, but with some important differences.

    In his story he was contacted after 13 months and told he was "in redemption".

    In my case I actually tried to contact GISOL in the 11th month (before the domain name expired),

    because I could not find any way to renew online (even from my control panel). After several calls

    and hours of waiting on their 24/7 line I spoke with several pleasant chaps from India. They were

    polite and "very" sorry for the inconvenience, but had no clue how to assist me. One suggested that

    I purchase the DOT-NET version of my domain name.

    I was hoping that the impending expiration of my domain registration would some how trigger a

    reminder e-mail or phone call with some sort of instructions on how to renew, but, like complaint

    #146294, I found myself "in redemption".

    I finally got in contact with an American with a direct L.A. # 323 924 1109. I have spoke several

    times to the same person with a distinct SC surfer accent, but he always claims that he has never

    spoken to me and that he never said any of the things that he most assuredly did.

    It is now OBVIOUS that it is GISOL's standard practice to FORCE their clients into "REDEMPTION". I

    was not, however, aware that GISOL actually keeps the lions share of that $400 fee. I do recall

    that they CLAIMED that is ALL went to the registrar.

    I refused to pay the $400 fee and took the risk that my domain name would be free in 2 months. Sure

    enough it was, but GISOL said that they could not re-instate me on my existing contract, that I

    would have to renew. I was told that I would be credited for the time remaining on the original

    contract, and that I would be charged only $49.95 (ONE TIME FEE) for a 3 year contract. When I

    received my credit card statement, I had been charged $1, 798.20. I called to complain, had to go to

    a special web site to cancel. So much for "your price will never go up" and "anytime moneyback

    guarantee" or "no hidden fees" that GLOBAL INTERNET SOLUTIONS advertises on

    It has now been well over a month, I have not received credit for either the original or the new

    contract, and GISOL is holding my domain name for ransom.

    I have arranged for hosting with another company, but GISOL refuses to release my domain name. I

    purchase that name in good faith. He claims that I have to renew my contract in order to access my

    files and effect a transfer, as if the computer will not let him in, but all he has to do is type

    in a new address to redirect my domain.

    I am going to take the advise given in #146294 and contact the National fraud Bureau, the office of

    the attorney general of California and the district attorney of Los Angeles, the NFIC, webassure,

    econsumer. I have already contacted the BBB and Federal Trade Commission and I also intend to write

    a heartfelt request to companies like Google, that they not accept advertisements from companies

    like this unless they become accountable.

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  • An
    Andrew Mar 25, 2009

    I have purchased a plan for 36 months at a cost of $1000.00 last year. After 11 months they blocked my website asking for renew it at 9.95$ by E-mail, but actually it will cost 150$ they told me by phone continue sending Email with 9.95$. No explanation about differences. Finally they delete my account without any explanation. So, they have stolen my money.

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