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Resolved Mark Rogers

Mark Rogers whom is at ext # 120 for Glenn Assosciates is very rude!!! Who the hell does he think he is. Mark...

United Bank Checking Account

My name is Charles W. Eary and I want to file a complaint about Glen and Associates. I had a debt collector from this company call me a few weeks and was telling me about what I owe to United Bank. This person said that it was $148 but the bank is saying $180. This person was very very rude to me on the phone and asking me questions like "do i do this to anyone else"???????? The bank says it was written off which means what? Do I still need to pay it and if so how much is it really? I am trying to get caught up on bills as my work has been really slow and I haven't been getting that many hours. I want to take care of this BUT not if it means that I will be getting rude phone calls from your company and its employees. You can reach me at my email address which is: [protected]
I don't want to ever get a phone call from this company if this is how I am going to be treated!!! So you can take my phone number off this list and be assured I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau about this treatment.

Thank you,
Charles W. Eary

Resolved Rude treatement & refusal to remove phone number from calling list

These people are out of control. Glenn Associates Collection Agency of Woburn MA have refused to provide...