My complaint is seeing one or two people, who don't know the meaning of a contract, trying to discredit a reputable company.

In October 2007 I started looking for my sister that had been put up for adoption before I was born. I registered on every site online I could find, including I was contacted by a couple of search angels, but they never got back to me. Then, givenright called me and I had them start my search. Within a few weeks I got a call saying they had found her. They gave me not only her name, address, and phone number, but also the names of her adoptive parents and brother, where they worked, and her myspace page (which had pictures of her for me to see). They even told me how to make contact. I met my sister for the first time in March and have formed a relationship that would never have been possible if it weren't for Jennifer Robinson and

I am tired of seeing a couple of sour grapes complaining online about a legitimate company and calling it a scam just because things don't happen the way they want it to. I know I signed a contract with givenright that said they had a minimum of 90 days to work on a case and that the retainer is non-refundable.


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    Tom Fud Sep 30, 2008

    Jennifer please stop trying to make your company look better than it is! People this lady will tell you what ever you want her to say to get you to pay her the money then not be able to find your family. She will lie to you and tell you that she has located your birth family get you to pay the extra 200.00 plus dollars and then call you back and tell you they want nothing to do with you!


    In the state of Texas there is a Birth Book and Birth Index. If you are listed in the Texas Birth Book under your adopted name there is not a legal way Jennifer is going to be able to find your birth parents without going to court and getting a court order!!! I have been doing this for FREE for years!!

    I have nothing against people making a living at doing this but when you cross the line and tell someone who is so desperate to find thier birth family that thier birth mother wants nothing to do with them even tho you did not find them is BS!!

    I will be happy to send proof of all this to anyone whom may want them! The FBI is already looking into this and so is the IRS since she is running a business without a business license ( corp. license expired over 2 years ago) It's nice to see how many people she has "helped" all the more to keep sending to the IRS...

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    sally smith Oct 01, 2008

    I have never used this company but to be honest with you the feed back has to be written by the owner of it or someone who works for them. How would any one besides the comapny have information about contacts unless this comapny gives out personal information about other clients. I did some searhcing and found that Givenright research inc AKA givenright does not have a corp. bussines license here is that information. You also check it out at the address for yourself

    UBI Number 602473773
    Category REG
    Profit/Nonprofit Profit
    Active/Inactive Inactive
    State of Incorporation WA
    Date of Incorporation 02/14/2005
    Expiration Date 02/28/2006
    Dissolution Date 10/03/2005
    Registered Agent Information
    Address 2211 S STARLAKE RD 27-103
    State WA
    ZIP 98003
    Special Address Information


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    Toni Oct 14, 2008

    Given Right and Jennifer Robinson scammed me too. She got me for $400.00. Alicia is her sidekick posing as office manager. She went as far to tell me she talked to my birthmom ( I never told her to talk to her, I just wanted the info) told me her name, what state she was in, that she has three daughters, that she wants to talk to me. She had me send the first $200.00 through Paypal then the other $200.00 throught Western Union, that she was having trouble with Paypal. After she got my money, kept given us excuses why she couldn't send me the info. Then I got suspicious and looked her up and found all these negative comments and stories that were just like mine. Stay away from Given Right and Jennifer Robinson and Alicia Purdy. I have filed a complaint with the Washington Attorney General. I have noticed today that her website is down. Yes!!!

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    geene Oct 24, 2008 Jennifer Robinson and Alicia Purdy they have a great scam going. Jennifer Robinson says she is both a birth mother and an adoptee what a crock!!! They got my $400 also. She sent me the name of a man with the same birthdate as my son. When I asked her for evidence like a screenshot of the birth index, she said sometimes the info is word of mouth and our contractual agreement had been fufilled. I wish I could make $400 dollars for doing absolutely nothing.
    I have beleived all my life that people like this will get their just rewards, I am praying that they get theirs.

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    matt48170 Oct 24, 2008

    STAY AWAY! AVOID AT ALL COSTS. If you feel the need to be taken advantage of, just throw $400 out the car window. These people are liars, cheats, and thieves. I have never been ripped off so blatantly in my life. They claim to have resolved complaints through the BBB, another lie. If I didn't live on the other side of the country, I would be in the Washington Attorney General's office every day until these conartists were in jail. If they truly "believe in God" as they claim, then they will surely BURN IN HELL.

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    Alicia Jan 29, 2009

    For what it is worth, I no longer work for GivenRight/Jennifer Robinson, I don't even know how to contact her at this point in time. She did find my daughter for me and I know of several others that found loved ones through Jennifer, and for that I will forever be grateful. If not for that, I never would have worked for her in the first place. I did the job that I was hired to do, which was to interact with clients on Jennifer's behalf. I found this impossible to continue doing when I felt that cases were not being handled appropriately. I firmly believe that Jennifer is a capable researcher, but I would not wittingly be party to any "scam". I am truly sorry for the connection I have to anyone feeling defrauded or hurt, that was never my intention. If you feel you feel you have been taken advantage of, please contact me and I will provide you with a free list of search angels I have compiled for the state in which the birth/adoption took place.


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    Cassi Sperling May 07, 2009

    Did you even read the complaints that people have on this lady? I mean come on. She did this to my mother!! I know that she's a scam. Just because she found your sister, doesnt mean that her other scams arn't legit!

    To everyone with complaints against Jennifer and my mom has made a website to fight back. Please visit & post your story.

    Thanks so much. I hope all of Jennifers victims will fight against her with my mom.


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    Marie May 13, 2009

    Victims of, contact me. Go to my website at and contact me! We are taking action!

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    SweetRose Aug 06, 2009

    it doesn't matter if givenright found some people's families, but that they have victimized others. helping 20 people does not make it ok for 20 different people to be scammed.

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    KvnFitz113 Feb 06, 2010

    I was a victim of Jennifer and her lies. I was left thinking that my birthmother wanted nothing to do with me. Jennifer said she found them and I asked to be the contact. Jennifer said my birthmother wanted nothing to do with me and would sue if I tried contact. After 2 years of hurt and pain from this info, by a chance, I found out that Jennifer had lied to clients and just taken their money.

    I then paid a REAL investigator to find my birthmother. I now have the correct info and have spoken to both of my birthparents. They were never contacted by Jennifer. They have always wanted to meet me.

    Jennifer Robinson at is a FRAUD and a THIEF. Do not give her your money.

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    Judy Aug 02, 2010

    KvnFitz: How did Jennifer contact you anyways?

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    hotmama883 May 17, 2012

    Jennifer did help me find my birth parents we spent many long nights on the phone and the computer trying to find them, The main reason I chose Jennifer was because we were both from the same small town in Texas and she described it to me. She also let me help her find them I had my adoption records from the lawyer that my family whom adopted me used so she couldn't pull one over on me, but then again it was before she went public and started charging. I'm truly sorry for those of you who were hurt but the, Jennifer that I knew didn't sound like the one your all talking about. Because the Jennifer that found my birthparents was very kind and caring. I was once a young mother and wonder were I really came from, I found out!! I got hurt and so did my family that means more to me then anything then the world and wish that I could take back that e-mail. I'm So very Thankful that I was adopted, my life was so much better.

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