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GiveMeBeats.netAwful company

P has with held my payment for over 7 months. I have tried to contact the owner Mardix for the last three months with no luck. I have called his phone number but never receive a response, left messages with no call back, sent emails with no reply, left comments on his page only to be deleted. is a complete scam. I have reached over the 50 dollar threshold but still have seen no payment or been contacted as to why I have not been payed. I have filed a BBB report which he does not reply to ever. I have seen 18 other reports on him from other sellers, all nonrespondent to.

I am completely sick of this website. The business practices are completely ridiculous. I have tried to take my music offline / delete beats but he seems to have disabled that feature.

I don't know what to do any more. I've tried all I can to get my funds I have earned from this website. The customer service is non-existent. Its like Mardix just completely ignores me.

If you are considering joining this website I recommend you reconsider as if you ever have any problems you will never be able to get a response from the owner and you will never receive any payment for music sold. This is a complete SCAM. Avoid!


  • Ch
    CHARV Aug 28, 2009

    they owe me money from a whole year over $1000

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  • Ch
    chicobeats Dec 07, 2009

    absolute scam! im also a producer on this awful website...
    you cannot disable your own beats.
    you cannot delete your own beats.
    you will not get paid.

    im owed about $1500 and will never see it...

    recommended websites to buy and sell beats:

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  • Cc
    CCon Mar 01, 2010

    like they said it's a scam! I'm owed about 2, 500 at this point. However I refuse to just let him walk away with money I've earned.

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  • Ca
    CARTOON Mar 01, 2010

    Yea is a complete ripp off Site!! Mardix owes me so much money its ashame.

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  • Co
    complaint user Jul 07, 2011 is a scam site. The site will not cancel. There are no return emails. There are no responces to my delete request. I am not able to access my own beat store. This site is a scam site and must be closed down.

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  • Co
    complaint user Jul 07, 2011

    There is no response to delete requests. is a scam site.

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