Giftsforte.comThey don't respond to E-mail, phone call, messages


This site appears to be good. But when it comes time to deliver they fall short. They send you a receipt of what they charged you. Then never send your product ordered. They don't respond to E-mail, phone call, messages, and if your lucky, very very lucky you might get some one on live chat. Which they will tell you your order is on back order, or is lost and will reship, or they just finished and will ship in 2-3 days. Then when your finally fed up and demand a refund they say ok. But wait. Guess what? THEY DON"T REFUND you your money. So you try again to contact them. And guess what? Nothing yet again. So be forewarned stay away. If you want google them and you'll see that this is not a one time incident. And there MO is the same with everyone.

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