Giant Eagle Blicklick Ohio Storelost special order for 150 pieces of fried chicken

L Aug 11, 2018

Several weeks ago I placed and Order for 150 pieces of fired chicken with your Blacklick Ohio Store. I was told (due to how the chicken is ordered) I would have to order 148 pieces of chicken and two additional pieces would be added. This was not an issue and I was told the order would be ready on August 11 at 2:00pm. I cannot remember the name of the young black lady (unusual but pretty name) who took my order but she was very pleasant and professional. She wrote down my order on your order forms and assured me it would be ready on the agreed upon day.
Today, August 11, at 9:00am I stopped at your Blacklick store to confirm my order would be ready at 2:00pm. I spoke with a young lady named Joy. She had no record of my order. Joy asked who I placed the order with and I described the young black lady who happened to be in the stores kitchen. She came out, she remembered me, she remembered taking my order. I do appreciate her honesty. Unfortunately there was on record of my order. The chicken was for our annual Faith Mission homeless shelter picnic.
Joy apologized for the error and told me they did not have enough chicken to fill the order for today. She appeared to want to leave the situation with no real resolution except her apology. I suggested she get on the phone and call other local stores to see if the order could be filled. She did call your Gahanna Ohio store and was able to place the order with them however they advised they could not fill the order until 3:30pm that day. I asked Joy to tell the Gahanna store I would be their to confrim and pay for the order as I needed to make sure it would be handled.
I drove to your Gahanna store, found Marc who could not have been more helpful. He apologized for the failed order and assured me his store had the chicken to fill the order. He also told me he had a very good cook in his kitchen who would complete the order. As I was paying for the order I asked Marc if he could call me on my cell phone if and when the order completed. I needed the order for 2:00 but was originally told it would not be ready until 3:30 due to the time of day the order was placed. Marc ask me what time did I need the order and went back into his kitchen. He returned and told me the order would be ready by 2:00pm. I shook his hand and told him how much I appreciated his sense of true customer service.
How can this be avoided in the future? Is it better to pay in full, up front for Special orders? We place these orders twice a year for our Homeless families, if I place the order 2 or 3 weeks in advance, how can I know the order will be ready on the day I requested.
Except for Marc, this was a very disappointing day.
Lawrence Davis ( a long time Giant Eagle customer)

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