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L Aug 16, 2018

I've had problems with Georgia power for years but right now I'm concerned from December of 2011 through June of 2013 I've argued with Georgia power and with the help of the commission over public utilities and the governor's protection office Georgia Power was forced to remove Two Poles out of my yard that did belong to them but instead of crediting me for the two years that only credit make 6 months second problem I moved in my house in April of 2011 but I was getting charged rates dating back to 2010 I was not in the house I was on Lawrenceville Highway and 3rd I lost my lights in March of 2015 and was without lights until August of 2017 for Bill I can prove I did not owe code enforcement gave me a ticket in 2016 for no power but with my documentation that I brought to court the citation was dismissed Georgia Power was proven to be in the wrong being without lights I suffered a loss of Revenue since I'm disabled and work from home and as well medical issues that arose do the time I was without lights there is a dispute on the old account Georgia Power has been taking 25% out of prepaid payments for an old bill I can prove I do not know in fact Georgia Power owes me money and refuses to resolve the dispute

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    I have never minded pain a Georgia power bill because I like the power but for the customer service rudeness and arguing and causing the stress with excessive fees and deposits between 2012 through 2017 old disputed account could not be resolved Georgia Power refuses Georgia Power sent my account to collections I fax paperwork they took it out of Collections and send it back to Georgia power as a dispute and it has not been resolved yet

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