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C Jul 21, 2019 Review updated:

George Allieu from Freetown Sierra Leone claims he is a honest seller of Gold and diamonds. Together with his best friend Robert Cole he started a company called Breaking Water Mineral (SL) Ltd.

they invited our team to Sierra Leone to inspect the Gold and Diamonds and to work on a first trial. We paid for the goods and always felt that these guys were honest. there is a reason sierra Leone is one of the poorest countries in the world. The mindset of some of these people is totally rotten and George Allieu and Robert Cole are a perfect example of it. Their Low IQ combined with their poor mans mentality makes it extremely tricky to do good, honest and transparant business.

After paying money to George Allieu he started with excuses and he tried to put the blame for not performing on others. These tactics are often used by scammers but still... We did not exoect Allieu would try to scam us like this.

We had to report George Allieu to Police and Interpol. George Allieu is blacklisted and if he ever thinks about applying for Visa in Europe or the U.S. he can forget it. They think small and with that poor mans mindset they will never be succesful..


  • Murth McElroy Junior Jul 25, 2019

    Both are Gold and Diamonds scammers indeed. George Allieu and Robert Cole are both con artists of the worst kind. And yes, they have a rotten mentality. George and Robert had some money to spend. Money that wasn't theirs. But in the spiritual realm we know that what goes around comes around.. These guys are scammers.

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