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Took my 2007 G6 convertable to the dealer on September13, 2019, the trunk would not open. I had had a flat tire and took out the spare and did not replace the cargo net back across the trunk so it would not open. Alpine got the trunk open and the tire out but did not pull the cargo net back across. We had been told by Kyle(Service Writer) in the service department that the trunk would open but only using the door latch in the car. This was not true. I knew that I was going to have to take the car back in for the other work so I did not call them to say that the trunk did not open. I assumed that they would stand by their work.

Took the car back in for some additional repair work-October 4, 2019, front/back end alignent, oil change. I told them about the trunk.Robert was the service writer this time and he was very confused. Had to show him my original work order, which he did not give me back. Called over the guy who opened the trunk the 1st time. He seemed to remember opening the trunk but not the process that was used. I left the car. A few hours later they called back and said that they would need an additional $150 to look and see what was wrong. Told them that I already paid for this back in September. The Service Manager said come and get your car.

I want them to refund the original $150 that they charged so I can take my car to a dealership who knows how to fix cars.

Thank you.

Kathy Malek

General Motors Corporation

Oct 09, 2019

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