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I have a 2017 Buick Encore (white) that I purchased new in September 2017 from a local dealer. After about 6 months of owning the vehicle, I started noticing rust spots forming on the white paint on the vehicle. I took it to my local dealer who told me it was rail dust from the car being shipped on a train. ?? I thought this was strange, so I called the service department. The gentleman I talked to said it was flecks from the brake pads that disperses in the air while using the brakes. When it lands on the white paint, it will set there and rust the through the paint over time. The local dealer scheduled my car in for cleaning with a Clay bar and then waxing. GM paid for this to be done to get rid of the rust on my car. Now about 8 months after this, the rust spots are showing back up on the white paint again. Now I'm told that I have to get a clay bar and clean and wax the car. They also told me it would continue to show up until I replace the brake pads and pay more for a different kind than what would normally be used. Really ????? I buy a brand new car and because of no fault of mine, the brakes put rust particles on the paint and it's up to me to remove them again and again and again...?????? Why wasn't this a recall of all GM vehicles to replace brake pads with a type that don't put rust on the car paint ??? This is my first and also my last new GM product that I purchase. I will definitely be buying a Toyota or another make to avoid cheap brake pads causing rust on my brand new car !! Very disgusting and very unavoidable by GM products !!! I am also telling everyone I can possibly tell about this so they don't also get screwed over by GM !!! And they tell us to buy American!!! I don't think so !!! Oh may I also add that my vehicle had approximately 4000 miles on it when the rust appeared and now it has 14, 000 and is 1 and 1/2 years old. VERY DISAPPOINTING !!! Please contact me at [protected]

Apr 08, 2019
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  • Ti
      Apr 30, 2019

    This literally just happened to my wife today... your not alone, this is ridiculous! I stumbled upon this post looking for someone with the same issue, can't believe this isn't a recall.

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