General Motors Corporationthe paint job on my new 2018 silverado the centennial edition

R Aug 17, 2018

My name is Richard Weeks Jr,
I live in California and I purchased my Silverado centennial edition in April. I purchased it from Bob Stall Chevrolet in La Mesa, Ca.
I started to notice white spots appearing in the paint. At first I thought that it was water spots from hard water. They kept appearing, so I made an appointment with Bob Stall Chevrolet to look at the paint.The body shop manager at Bob Stall's name was Marty Grenfell. He looked at it
and said it was called "fall out particles from shipping". He said that they would be able to "clay bar the paint" to remove them.They had the truck for 4 days. When I picked it up there were some small spots still in the paint, but he said he wanted to talk to the 3m supplier about getting some other compound to get them out without hurting the clear coat. The other option is to repaint the areas on the Truck. I bought the centennial truck because it was the special edition color.
The truck was taken to Bob Stall on 7-09-18. Today is 8-17-18 The spots are showing back up on the roof, hood, tailgate, and the top of the doors. The front windshield also has them and both of the rear windows. You can see it in the window tint. Idon't under stand why these are showing up all over. The truck sits in my driveway all covered up all week, since I have a company vehicle through my work. It has never been through a car wash. I only hand wash it with sponge and water.
I am just angry that I spent all that money on a truck and now it might have to be repainted. I know how dealerships and others work. They will only repaint the parts of the truck that are effected and that is not right. I bought the truck to have the factory finish so that I would keep the value. Now that it will have to be repainted, it just sucks, the truck only has 1100 miles on it and it's my pride and joy. I am a loyal Chevrolet owner and this my fifth vehicle I have bought. My wife drives a 2015 Cruze, my son is driving my old Silverado 2006 that was passed down, I have a 56 cameo pick up in my garage that in am workin on restoring. The first truck I bought was a 75 Chevrolet pickup. I am dedicated to Chevrolet and that is why I spent the extra money to buy the centennial edition.
I know that this means nothing to a big corporation as General Motors but I justed wanted to let you know that I am vey disappointed with the quality of the service and response I've been receiving. It seems I'm being ignored and not being helped to resolve my situation.
I probably won't receive a response to this either. I just wanted to reach out and let someone know how disappointed I am with the factory finish, which should have been checked before leaving the factory.Now I have to deal with it and it's not right. I should be able to just enjoy my truck.
If you decide to contact me my email is [protected], thank you for your time
Richard Weeks, Jr

the paint job on my new 2018 silverado the centennial edition
the paint job on my new 2018 silverado the centennial edition

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