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General managerharassment

J Nov 06, 2018
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Hi My name is Gabryal Bennett. I currently work as a host at Easton Olive Garden location in Pennsylvania. I have been with the company for 3 months now. Our general manager Michael Dulick is very unprofessional and talks with slander to his employees. He constantly picks at and talks down to his employees. He is very rude to his guests and does not do his job properly. He sits in his office his whole shift and will not help when it is needed. He brings his personal problems to work and takes it out on his employees. Many of my fellow co-workers have complained about him. The first insult he said to me, I addressed to a co-worker and they said, "well get used to it, we just block his comments out". I dread going to work anymore because of his rudeness & unprofessionalism. A general manager should be someone you look up to and trust to be there for you when you need help or even someone to confide in. Not someone you feel tense around, and are waiting for the next insult to come. He favorites certain employees and makes it known. I don't think he should be one of the faces helping run the Olive Garden chain restaurants. He referred to me as a "freakshow" because i smiled too much. Michael referred to me as being very uneducated and blind. He needs to be removed from the Easton, Pennsylvania location. If something is not done, i will keep contacting. I will not let this go. No General Manager should be able to treat their employees like this and get away with it. Thank you, have a good day.


all good

  • Updated by jarye · Nov 07, 2018

    i retract my statement

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