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Geek BrothersSCAM!


Unfortunately, I was a victim of this very new company.

I was looking for a solid computer "Geek" to help me build a new computer for my business. I was looking to spend about $1000 on a computer.

I found Matt Lebouef off Craigslist with Geek Brothers LLC, a company formed in May of 09 here in Texas.

At our initial meeting Matt Lebouef with Geek Brothers was 30 minutes late (what I would later find to be very common with Matt). As we sat at Starbucks, I noticed Matt looked very worn. His appearance was sloppy (t-shirt with pit stains) and his attitude was mostly negative. I, however, gave him the benefit of the doubt (maybe he was having a hard day...we've all been there right) and proceeded to make a verbal agreement on the computer I wanted for $1000. We shook hands, but I made sure to take written notes. I worte him a "good faith" check of $750 upfront.

We agreed on this system:

AMD Quad Core Processor
8gig ram
1 terabyte hard drive
2 512 graphics cards
! terabyte external hard drive
Windows Vista Home

Now I know that's pretty technical for some of you (it was for me too but through this process I've been forced to learn... just to keep up on how Matt scammed me), but just stay with me here.

The next Sat, Matt Lebouef called and told me my computer was ready, he said he would meet me at my home at 7:00pm. 3 1/2 hours later Matt from Geek Brothers showed up at my door with a computer in hand.

He acted rushed and very uncomfortable. I sat with him as he installed the new computer. As I was sitting with him he received a very "important" call from his "grandfather" and had to leave. I asked him to stay, so he went on my portch to take the call privately. As he was on the call (for 30 min) I reviewd the specs of my new $1000 computer.

It was NOTHING like I had requested!

The specs are as follows:

AMD Tri Core (much less powerful)
4 Gigs of Ram (which he lied about and said it was running at 1600mhz so it was just the same as 8gig)
2 512 graphics cards (but 1 was completely dead)
No external hard drive
Windows Vista Home (free trial)

When Matt came back from his "call" I asked him about the computer. Now, understand, Im no computer geek (thats what I hired the Geek Brothers for), and when I asked Matt, he gave me a pretty good song and dance about how this was the best computer for the money. Almost as fast, he shoved a sloppy, handwritten, invoice, saying "sign here." I signed, almost just to get the kid out of my damn house!

Afterwords, I emailed Matt about my displeasure. The new computer would not work on all 3 of my monitors (they are interlinked). The fact that to run any windows I need to spend an ADDITIONAL $150 for the product license. The ram was significantly less...etc.

His response was condescending and rude, reminding me that their are NO REFUNDS...In one email he told me that I was "###-out-of-luck"!!!

There's more to tell, but Im tried of this entire situation. Geek Brothers LLC has been in business for less than 4 Months and they already have a ton of bad's another, obviously he's pissing off alot of people.

/URL removed/

Anyhow - I've tried to give Matty an easy way out, I told him just to take the computer back and it would all be over - but he refused. So...


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  • Ge
    Geekbrothers Sep 08, 2009

    Before I start my rebuttal, please go to the following links:

    https:///URL removed/

    https:///URL removed/

    https:///URL removed/

    /URL removed/

    Rockstar Auto Glass/At Home Auto Glass — They Don't give the $150 gas card they promise

    First off the name of the person who filed this complaint is none other than Brian P. Burt. The above links are all complaints linked to him directly. This guy first off is a liar and a thief. He paid me for a computer, I provided what was agreed on. and now he's mad because I refuse to give a refund when he signed an agreement that said NO REFUNDS (SEE BELOW)

    He got exactly what he ordered for? Did he not? If he didn't, than why did he sign the invoice linked below:

    I would have been glad to help this lunatic if he didn't threaten me over a week ago with physical violence. The feds are currently investigating this man for fraud. He told me on the phone that he was going to 'devour'. Well if this is what he means by devouring.. He also told me that one day I was going to get a call to be somewhere, and he would be there with his 'jersey boys'. If you have read this report and have any questions or concerns about doing business with Geek Brothers, LLC, please call me at [protected], I can give 50 names and phone numbers of happy customers who you can call to find out that we are NOT rip-offs... As for the Green Rain [redacted] compliant, please contact them... That was settled months ago..

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  • Ki
    kicking myself Jan 31, 2010

    i've had almost the exact same experience with Matt. unfortunately, i wasn't able to read your post before hiring them, more like paying them to rip me off.

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  • Ha
    hatemattlebouef Feb 11, 2010

    Matt LeBouef is a thief and a liar. If you have any dealings with him that have not been satisfactory (most of what I have seen is very unsatisfactory - I think Matt probably wrote the other ones) please take them to the police. Whatever town you are in, go to to the police, please. Your case is not too small no matter what.

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  • Go
    GotScammed1 Feb 20, 2010

    Matt came to my house decided I needed 2 new computers, I wrote him check for $915.00 on Jan 25th. Today is Feb 20, and I have no refund or computers.
    I never once told him I dint not want the computers.
    After he did not show up as planned on Jan 26 I called Hurst police, and Matt told detective lie, after lie, after lie.
    No matter what he gives as an excuess for my complaint - trust me its a lie and he will have to prove himself in front of a judge.
    I have police report where there is warrants for this guy and he is also on probation.
    I filed suit in court yesterday.

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  • Sc
    scammedbyLebouf Mar 04, 2010

    I have the same issue with Matt. He has my money, wont return my calls, and I still don't have the computer. The Hurst police are currently investigating this guy, so is the Fort Worth police. I'll be going to the Arlington police tonight. I also spoke to Matt's parole officer today (David Hernandez [protected] ext 215) I've been doing my research and apparently he pulled some hefty internet scamming. Go to and search by various spellings of his last name and you will see that he scammed a lot of these people before he ended up getting arrested in Texas and going to jail for a while.

    If you have problems with this guy call the cops and his probation officer, let the police know that he is being investigated by Hurst and Fort Worth (and Arlington as soon as I call them tonight) so that they can all work together.

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  • Ma
    MattLeBoeuf Mar 06, 2010

    How about posting your email address or something so that we can work on getting your orders straight. We will openly admit, we got behind. Having a past has nthing to do with this. I run a small business in a terrible economy, I'm human and got behind. I won't bring up my personal problems, but I can tell you that if it happened to you, you also would fall behind. I am willing to work with anyone that feels they did not get what they paid for. I'm a changed and hard working person. Slandering me, calling the police, etc. Will do nothing to resolve the problem. Please email me, [email protected], and tell me what you are owed. You will receive your computer fixed back and or a refund. I have hundreds of poeple who will say that my business does fantastic work. We just slipped up for a month. There is no excuses in business, and I understand that it can only take one customer to destroy a business. I am asking for customers to work with me and look forward not to the past for answers. I apologize for getting behind and I assure you I ill do whatever it takes to make sure every customer who hasn't been taken care of is. All I ask in return is that these negative complaints are taken down. Geek Brothers is my livelyhood, and I've worked very hard to get it to where it is. Thank you,


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  • Di
    Dirt-Bag Mar 09, 2010

    Matt your not worried about gettng anything straight, only thing you know how to do is cheat people out of their money, and complaints like this is going to kill your business I Pray to God!
    I will not stop until your "GOOD" name is knwn all over the MetroPlex.
    I'm in Hurst and you know who I am. You scammed me out of $915.00, told Hurst detective you mailed my refund Jan 28th, then told him you was delivering my two computers Feb 11th (this is all in the police report), then you told your Probation Officer Mr Hernandez you mailed my refund check a week ago.
    It's pretty bad when a detective and your probation officer knows your a liar.
    Your not doing anything to correct the problem, but I'll see you ### in court, as I'm sure you have been served.
    Your a cheat, a liar, a thief, and a scammer.
    As for my e-mail its [email protected], and you know my phone number.
    Anyone who wants to talk about this ### can e-mail me at [email protected]
    You are lower than whale ### that lies at the bottom of the ocean.
    I will not stop until you are ran out of business...

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  • Ex
    Excop Mar 16, 2010

    Keep it up hamilton. I have nothing to do with geek brothers, but I will if you continue to use these boards under different aliases. I wouldn't pay your ### a cent as you clearly are slandering this business. I am a former police officer and customer. I know Matt personally. So let it be solved in court old man or you'll be out a lot more than 915.00 believe me. Post more on here and your past, personal info are getting posted. Dumb ###. When I was a cop I hated petty ###s like you, let's put a business owner who got behind for legit reasons in jail, so he can't make things right.

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  • Li
    Liar/Scammer Mar 19, 2010

    Ex cop my ###
    Sorry if I'm telling the truth about a person.
    He is a liar, theif and a cheat
    Nothing you do or say will change that

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  • Li
    Liar/Scammer Mar 25, 2010

    Well Matt its been 18 days since you said "How about posting your E-Mail address so we can work on getting your orders straight".
    I did.
    You didn't.
    I still haven't heard from you.
    Again, you lie.
    As for as the Ex-Cop Yeah right Matt.
    All your records are "Public Records" dumb ###.
    And besides I'm quoting directly from Hurst Police Report.
    You took my money and ran - But You Can't Hide.
    You should of thought of your "Livelyhood", before you cheated me out of my money.
    Sweetheart, you can post what ever you want to about me - I have nothing to hide.
    I'm not the one who has cheated and stole from people. YOU ARE!

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  • Li
    Liar/Scammer Mar 26, 2010

    Allow me to give you the defination of slander dumb ###:
    Slander -the utterance of "FALSE" charges or misrepresention.
    Did you catch the word FALSE?
    Everything I have said is word for word from a Hurst Police Report.
    It's easy to understand why your an EX-cop!
    Of course if you still think its slander, you can always sue the city of Hurst.
    They are probably looking for you.

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  • Sa
    SallyJh Mar 26, 2010

    Used em this week. Great guy. Fixed issue! Cheap! Even mentioned past troubles and asked me to read these forums. So surprised the same guy who came over did such a horrible job for you guys. I must say I am in disagreement. I willl use them again, after all people, we are all human right? Good Job Geek Brothers for coming back from the troubles you had!

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  • Sa
    SallyJh Mar 26, 2010

    Like the person above me Matthew personally asked me to come on these boards to share my experience. Matthew is a gentleman. He showed up in the window he gave me. Fixed the problem, and we talked briefly about some personal things. He told me a bit about his business troubles and showed me these complaints. He told me that he isn't afraid of people knowning the truth of his past because he has come a long way. People make mistakes. Mr. Hamiliton, you should be ashamed. You must be a kid to carry on like this. When you try to save money and deal with small business you can expect delays. Give them a break. Got questions? Call me directly, [protected] I'll vouch this this business!

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  • Ja
    Jamespedo Mar 27, 2010

    James Hamilton is a pedophile. Look it up. It's also public record. Dumbsss lol.

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  • Sh
    ShortOnRent Mar 31, 2010

    Wow!! Matt, this is fantastic!! How far you've come in the last 12 months!! I've never contracted for any computer services from Matt, but he did scam me out of 3 months rent last summer. I had recently moved from Fort Worth to Houston and put an ad on craigslist requesting a sub-letter for my apartment. Matt answered the ad, immediately offering to help me move some of my stuff out. As usual, Matt showed up 2 hours late and I gave him the key on the way out. Since I was desperate to sublet my apartment, I overlooked the fact that Matt failed my apartment's background check; unfortunately, I took Matt's word that he'd pay me timely rent plus deposit. In the subsequent 3 months, Matt wrote me hot check after hot check, each and every time costing me a $35 fee. Lo and behold, Matt's roommate (my other sub-letter, as it was a 2-bedroom), called me in Houston on Memorial Day to say Matt was moving out June 1. I had to drive from Houston to Fort Worth on a Sunday afternoon just to retrieve collateral from him. He repeatedly promised to pay his debt, assuring me that his collateral property (some cheap watch/2oo4 Red Sox World Champion collage/oil painting of Van Gogh's Starry Night) had such great sentimental value that he'd be devastated without it. What's funny is he stammered around about buying a new car, initially offering me his old one as collateral (instead of pre-mentioned property). I immediately accepted his offer and he backpedaled like an NFL cornerback. Needless to say, Matt later told me in his typical rudimentary, condescending manner, "Keep that stuff I gave it isn't worth sh*t anyhow." Like I said, I've never contracted for any computer services from Matt, and I don't need to render opinions about his company, but I do hope this anecdote is a glimpse into the psyche of a habitual liar. I have absolutely no doubt that the "ex-cop" is one entity in a long list of bogus nomenclature. I did not realize until tonight that Matt has a parole officer; but I'll sleep much better knowing someone's attempting to keep him in line. Actually, it pleases me to no end in understanding that a google search of "geek brothers" responds with the immediacy of 2 negative links (both complaints). I also have no doubt that in the following days he will spin some responsive fabrication of excuses, denying my allegations, while furthering his deceitful ways. PLEASE do not trust this guy and avoid Geek Brothers at all costs.

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  • Wh
    wheelchair Apr 01, 2010

    check forums and type in matts's name. back then, [protected], he scammed around 150 people to the tune of alot of money. Thats where the FBI nailed him for wire fraud, selling car parts and phones via internet. We need to find a way to notify all of his old customers who he owes money to. Also, he needs to be removed from Craig's list and the metro area yellow pages in the DFW area. I am a senior citizen and I am 100% disabled . I use a wheelchair and I am on oxygen 24/7. Matt Leboeuf robbed me and that shows he is truely a sociopath who cares about nothing but himself. I will be filing charges this week with the Dallas DA . Everyboby needs to do whatever they can to make Matt's life miserable.


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  • Li
    Liar/Scammer May 10, 2010

    Wow no complaints in over thirty day.
    Maybe these guys are out of business.
    We the people did a good job.

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  • Nt Jul 13, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Website is gone too.

    This is why I don't advertise on craigslist for computer services. The best computer guys are the ones who are referred, not searched for.

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  • :)!! Aug 17, 2010

    everyone make sure to get a hold of matt's prob officer, david hernandez [protected]., , , Matt goes to court tomorrow at 10am at the federal courthouse. AUG 18th. Ph # .

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  • :)!! Aug 17, 2010

    Eldon Mahon Federal Courthouse
    501 w 10th Street
    Fort Worth, Texas
    Fourth Floor Judge McBryde's Courtroom

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