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I do not answer their calls as I have never done business with them. They call 5-10 times a day, from 7:55 AM to 8:00 PM. The call leaves no message. This is just wrong. I choose not to be solicited.


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    ATLPeachGirl Feb 14, 2012
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    I have been getting numerous calls from GE Money on my home phone for about 10 days now, 10 to 12 calls a day, even on SUNDAY!!! I don’t answer these calls as ALL my bills are paid on time, every month!! They never left a message.

    Finally I got fed up with seeing they had been calling and turned my home phone ringer off, I then called the number from the caller ID and got the credit department at JC Penney. I ended up talking to THREE people before getting an “account specialist”. All had India accents.

    I told the man that they could clearly see my account has been paid ON TIME, EVERY MONTH. He confirmed this, and he said “is it possible you have someone else on your account using your card”?? Ummm…no. I check my statement every month. He said it was possible someone else is using my home number as their contact. I then asked the man to PLEASE check his records by searching my home number to make sure my account is the ONLY account registered to the phone number. He told me he couldn’t give me that information. I protested telling him I wanted the calls to stop, that he could see that my account is CURRENT and NOT past due, and to PLEASE get to the bottom of the issue and find out why they are calling me. I do think someone used MY number as their contact, and their account is past due, thus the calls.

    The man promised me that the calls would stop.

    A half hour later I saw that they once again had called!!! If it continues I will send them a certified letter via snail-mail demanding they stop with dates and time I *tried* to get this issue resolved. If that fails I will be contacting the F.T.C.

    I frankly told the man that I would be scouring my credit and there had better not be anything false or wrongly added to my credit file because someone is using my home number for their delinquent JC Penney charge account. The man told me they don’t report to credit bureaus accounts based on phone numbers.

    I just hope I am not a victim of identity theft.

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    TCK13 Feb 02, 2014

    Called today, SUNDAY, several times. Never left a message. I had a houseful of people for the Super Bowl, so called back and they wouldn't tell me anything! She says my accounts are up to date paid, but they cannot tell me why they continue to call and harass me. Blocked their number and will pay off my card and send it back to them cut into pieces. How dare you call MY HOUSE and tell me you cannot tell me why!

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    Berkley Jackson Jun 03, 2016

    Your company has been calling the above listed phone number for the past week seeking a person by the name of Gina Jackson or Christopher Jackson. I have repeated time and time again that there is no one here by that name and that the phone is listed under Berkley and Joanne Jackson. Have asked that your people stop calling this number three times, even asked to talk to a supervisor and was left on hold for twenty two minutes. How in the hell do I stop the horse crap. I will never purchase another GE product as long as I live and I sure would not rcommend you products to others. Talk about harassment. This has got to cease or I will seek some legal advive.

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