Gateway FinancialScam and cheating


I received a letter in the mail stating that i had won $100, 000. 00 in the north american sweepstakes. Enclosed was a check for $4, 900. The letter stated that the purpose of this check was to pay the fee of $3, 900. To the tax agent. I was suspicious of this and tried finding the company on the internet. I googled gateway financial inc. And inserted the exact street address.

The report came back that there was no such company at this address.


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    Debbie Nov 18, 2008

    Received a check in the amount of $4900.00

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  • Ld
    Ldole Nov 29, 2008

    Yeah..I just received the $4900.00 check as well. You know what they's too good to be true..

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  • Al
    Alisia Marquez May 23, 2011

    I have been financed by Gateway Financial since July of 2010. My troubles started when there was a terrible flooding in my town in which a very large tree fell on my car a week after it was purchased. The insurance company that I had at the time considered my vehicle a totaled loss. The only option I had was to keep the car and pay or total it out and still pay. My insurance company sent a $2, 500 check to Gateway Financial. I work 9-6 so needless to say it was difficult to get an estimate and have work done on the car and invoices sent to Gateway. I asked if the check could be sent to me and was told that it could not. I was then told that the check would be applied to my balance. I asked if my payments could be deferred for the equivilent of $2500 worth of car notes so I can have the work done on the car. They advised that their policy does not allow that. Needless to say, I have been paying $420 a month plus the cost of damages on my car for several months not because I could not afford to pay for it all at once. I have also fallen behind with my payments with the demands of the work that must be done on my car. It was over $3, 000 in damages. I am currently 8 days late on my payment and my car has been disabled. I don't believe this is a way to handle business when I have made it very clear on numerous occasions that I am expending more with me paying a car note and damages at the same time. If I am financed by Gateway with my next vehicle, I will not purchase. I understand that they have to conduct a business, but I don't feel that they have in any way been accomodating to the situation. I also don't understand why my payments were not able to be deferred if they received the payment already.

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