Gander Mountainno service for one whole hour!


I went to get some ammunition but couldn't find the right bullet. I waited for help, then looked around for help, then paced back and forth waiting for help. Finally someone comes out to the floor, sees me, and still chooses to ignore me. Then literally one hour later someone finally helped me. Extremely disappointed. I never really shopped there before to begin with, now I'm definitely not.


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    liberty1776 Aug 23, 2013

    That is funny, only because this is the same reason I walked out of my local Gander Mountain in Woodbury, MN last Saturday. I needed to buy about $120 of black powder supplies and could not find anyone of the four clerks to help me, even though I was the only customer. Finally, the one that was told by another clerk I needed help, nodded to her, looked at me, then went into their back room and would not come out again. Maybe they forgot there are a lot more shops around than them...

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