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Called to let them know that someone was selling them stolen games. They hung up on me, said it wasn't there problem. I tried to tell them about a kid that ws stealing games from his friends and then selling them to gamestop for money and they did not care. That is the last time I will ever buy anything from them and you better believe I will be letting people know about this. Be Aware!

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  • Bd
    bdennis02 Jan 20, 2009

    i work at gamestop and we get stolen games ALL the time our policy is to not accept the games if the police tell us not to so just becuase you call and "say" someone is selling gamestop stolen games, doesnt mean that they have to stop taking games from that person becuase how do "we" know that you arent making something up and if so why didnt you call the police and tell them.

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  • An
    AngryLlama Apr 25, 2009

    Tell me, if you worked retail, how would you explain to a customer "Oh I'm sorry sir, these are STOLEN because I got a phone call saying so, so I can't take these."

    Can you spell lawsuit? Can you? CAN YOU? I don't think you can.

    If trades are suspicious, they'll set them to the side and wait a few days. I think they're allowed to wait up to 30 (but it's not a company thing I don't think, it's based on regional/district preference maybe). But you can't call an innocent person a thief without all hell coming down on your company, you ###.

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  • Le
    Leary Walker Jul 08, 2009

    Still getting billed $9.95 a month for 3 months now for games that I don't have or want. Tried to cancel but did no good.How can this be stopped?

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  • Cy
    Cyberxion Aug 10, 2009

    Uh, wow.

    You know, I've read some complete ### written by Gamestop employees before, but this takes the cake. No, there's no basis for a lawsuit if you deny trades for any reason. You don't even have to be blatant about it, as your limited imagination seems to have you thinking you do. You simply tell the customer that you can't accept the trade-in, and that's that.

    Now this could all be resolved by simply doing what every other pawn shop does (And let's face it, you're a glorified pawn shop), which is that you take personal information with every trade (which you already do...), and you set it in "pawn" for the 15 to 30 days that other establishments do in order to allow time for the item to be reported as being stolen. That way if the item comes up stolen, you've not only got the information required to aid in the police investigation, but you've got the item to return to its rightful owner. Nah, that's insane, right? I mean, how could you guys keep business moving if you did that?

    By the way, you're awfully bold behind that screen name, aren't you, AngryLlama. Why don't you step out from behind it and give us your real name kiddo? Maybe then we could help free of that burden of working for Gamestop, where every customer seems to piss you off way more than is reasonable. Why not? Or are you too afraid to expose yourself? Chicken ### ###.

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  • Ul
    UltimateZer Aug 25, 2009

    More recently there was a sting, and several Gamestop employees were fired for knowingly taking stolen games.

    As a Gamestop employee myself, I actually have to agree with Cyberxion. No, there's no way they can file a lawsuit. We have the right to refuse service to anybody, regardless of our reason. Technically, while it would obviously be rude, we could even refuse service simply because we think they're ugly, or perhaps they smell bad. Where my store is located, the latter is actually a pretty valid excuse, as people come in smelling very strongly of pot fairly regularly and disturb the other customers. This is the advantage of working in retail, you really can refuse service for ANY reason. The only people you really have to deal with are the ones at corporate.

    Besides, stolen games are usually fairly easy to recognize. Multiple copies of the same game (especially more than two), particularly games that were just released. Games still in their packaging, fairly common as well. There's a reason why we're supposed to casually slip in a question regarding the reason they're trading it in, you can catch a lot of people that way. I've had people tell me that they just didn't like the game when it was still shrinkwrapped. Red flag anyone? Generally, if you have any reason at all to think that a game, or even a piece of hardware, may be stolen, it's better to be safe than sorry. Maybe you're wrong, maybe it's all perfectly legal, but it's not risking your job over. Good employees make smart judgement calls. Bad ones get made into examples.

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  • Ga
    Gamerdude Aug 25, 2009

    When you trade in games, and they check their system, do they check to see what you have traded in at other stores when you give them your name and address?

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  • Ab
    abgx360 Nov 25, 2009
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    Verified customer

    Ok. Imagine this scenario for yourself. You are working at Gamestop in the middle of November, do you honestly think that the stores have the space to put every game that is traded in under lock and key to make sure they aren't stolen?

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  • Ks
    kstl7 Dec 13, 2013

    what happens if i sold gamestop a copy of madden 25 for ps4 and xbox one in the same day and they said they were gonna call somebody and let them know after i left the store am i in trouble of who were they calling?

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  • Bl
    blame the parents here Dec 13, 2013

    "I tried to tell them about a kid that ws stealing games from his friends and then selling them to gamestop for money and they did not care. "

    Sounds like a "great" friend. Have you thought of telling the kids parents what is going on? This is more of a parental issue than a Game Stop issue. How do they know that you are telling the truth about this kid.

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  • Me
    ME1986 Apr 10, 2014

    The employees have the right to say no to accepting trades for any reason; however they have goals that they need to meet; so unless they have proof of an item being stolen; they will take them in.

    GameStop gets TONS of prank phone calls a day. How are they suppose to know the difference between a real call and a prank?

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