Game And Defypoor product services

E Aug 06, 2018

We have purchased a fridge in August 2017.

My mum has logged a complaint around April / may 2018; about the fridge that it was over freezing and due to the fault the glass top above the racks cracked. she needed a new glass top and racks as due to the incident, it is unbearable to make use of.

There was a technician [Marcus] that after reviewing the fridge advised my mum to make her way to Jacobs to fetch the parts for the fridge; further to that she was advised just to have these parts replaced as the fridge is still under guarantee.

At Jacobs [after a run around] she was told to make her way to Game at Pavilion to See Sylvester [Store manager] who will replace these parts as the fridge is under guarantee and due to the over freezing it HAS to be replaced.

We have, since then, following these peoples instructions only to find out that these parts are NOT covered under guarantee.

These people are pensioners. Defy and other associated third parties are giving them the run around.

Defy as well as Pavilion is not willing to assist.

The glass and racks got damaged due to over freezing but these people do not want to take responsibility and help replace them.

Now we are being told other wise.

  • Updated by ELISHA01 · Aug 07, 2018

    still no response from anyone

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