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Dear Sir/Madam,

On February 25th 2019 the complaint letter below was sent to Gala Hotels ( to 3 different email address and a form submitted on their website). They have failed to acknowledge receipt of my complaint or answer my complaint letter.

I have sent another email today. I have tried phoning them several times on [protected] as advertised but I can not get through, its just have a dead tone.

Formal Complaint - your reference CAS-367198-V1W9D7

Dear Sir or Madam

I write to you about my complaint referenced as above. For your convenience and as recommended to me by both the Citizens Advice Bureau here in the UK and the European Consumer Centre also in the UK I set out below my complaint.

01/01/18 Booking made on GalaHotels website. The booking was for a stay in October 2018 at the Imperial Hotel in Blackpool. The stay dates were:




A company called Jac Travel made the booking. Subsequent to that a sum of £540.00 was removed from my bank account. A full nine (9) months prior to my stay. My understanding was that you were holding my card details on file until October 2018, which is normal practice when booking a hotel break. I can forward you on my bank statement with GALA Hotels receiving the money if you need it.

Booking request ID [protected]

Booking confirmation ID [protected]

09/10/18 I cancelled my booking on your website. I received confirmation of this cancellation by email on 09/10/18 from [protected], I can forward you on this email if you need it.

I have confirmed the date with the Imperial Hotel as they received a cancellation email from Jac Travel on the 9th October and I can forward you on this email if you need it.

I note your cancellation policy as displayed on your website and included as party of my cancellation email.


Item 1

You deduct £540.00 from my account a full nine (9) months prior to my booked stay at the Imperial Hotel in Blackpool.

Item 2

Notwithstanding item 1 above, you failed to refund me immediately (i.e. on 09/10/18) on cancellation of my stay at the Imperial Hotel in Blackpool.

Both of these events are a clear "Breach of Contract" with yourselves. I look forward to a resolution of this matter and to hearing from you with a full refund and damages for inconvenience given the amount of time your organisation has now been in possessions of my £540.00. For clarity the period of time that you have been in possession my money is currently (13) months.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards
Margaret Lahiff

  • Updated by M Lahiff · Mar 07, 2019

    I see its not letting me give you the email address so I will try to write them for you.

    info at gala
    Sales5 at gala
    Help at gala

    at = @
    don't leave an space

    Hope it makes sense


  • J
      Mar 07, 2019

    I have tried to contact telephone line dead. and when I try to send a complaint via there website I just get an error message all the time. I need to cancel my booking and get a refund but I don't think it is going to happen. unable to find an email address as it says [protected]@galhotels.

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  • M
      Mar 07, 2019

    @john pash I would suggest you cancel online and keep the cancellation email you receive from them. You should also cancel the hotel direct with an email. Here are 3 email address I sent my complaint to and suggest you send a cancellation email to all 3 ... If you have already paid - get onto your bank if they don't refund you within their 3 week policy. Don't let it go to long as then the back wont be able to help.

    Gala Communication Queue
    Good luck

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  • M
      Mar 07, 2019

    @M Lahiff [protected]

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