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I bought a Samsung Surrround Sound System from hhgregg. Co. Here in Daytona Beach. The first one was broken and I returned it to the store for a new one. When I got my first statement I saw I was charged over $1000.00 for a $400.00 item, I called the store and was told to call the credid card company and we would get it streightened out. Upon calling the credit card GE Money I was told to start a greivance proceedure and I was NOT TO MAKE A PAYMENT UNTILL THE INVESTIGATION was complete. Well I never got a greivance paper, howevwe I did get a statement for $57.00 and said my total debt was $428.20. Later in Oct, Black Friday we were shopping and wanted to purchase a Dyson Vacumme. I was told me card was blocked. The store and I both called GE Money and was told there was nothing they could, call the next day. When I called they said I didn't pay the $100.00 plus dollars I was asked for (the original payment request was for I think 125.00 which I was told not to pay) I told them the statement was for $57.00 which I paid. I also told them I never got another statement. He said one was sent out, I may not have gotten it yet but it was sent and I was asked for $115.00 because my pauyment was late. I said I paid what was asked for when asked, I thought the greivance was taken care of because the payment was back to $57.00 which was the amount agreed on. I had made the purchase on a 12 month same as cash deal, but the man I talked to said it note was acrueing intrest.


  • I'm going through some BS with GE Money right now...unauthorized / unnecessary payments draft due to an INCOMPETENT Customer Service Rep...and now I have to F'ing WAIT on them to pull the F'ing conversation before any refunds can be processed. REALLY!!! Contacting an attorney to get my information (calls, payments...entire history) subpoenaed I refused to go thru this...OHHHHH and my account is almost paid off...HMMMM. okay PLAY with me!!!

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