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FWM Laboratories - aka- Firewater-MediaFraudulent practices - ???

Did various searches on "FWM" dba's and listed officers, came up with this:

Check out the BMW album, it shows rear of car with personalized Florida tag reads- "FIRE-H2O" or "FIRE-WATER" (media) or FWM

Pretty Snazzy Guys! You fella's live quite the lifestyle! Good for you!

Obtained legally? I doubt it, also doubt you will be in business for long, it's called "hit & run" correct?

One thing aggravates me though; we citizens will again foot the bill for your pending incarceration.

Good luck to you, you'll need it!

Your Friends,



I hope you crash that ride your so proud of !!!
The saying's: "Easy come - Easy go" and "What comes around, goes around" stick in my mind.


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    2seekfacts Aug 30, 2009

    First of all...get your facts right! FIREWATER-MEDIA and FWMLABS are not the same thing! I know the owner personally and know his reputaion! I can not believe that you would drag family members into this not knowing the situation at all. Has it ever occured to you that maybe just maybe the company of Firewater Media has been unjustly accused?! I am so sorry for your fustration, however you are not the only one who suffered in this...if I have to, I will spend the rest of my days making sure that everyone knows that there is a HUGE difference between the two companies! I also happen to know that the BMW that you are so interested in was NOT bought off scam money as you so like to put a matter of fact, I highly suggested you dig a little deeper to find the real truth, you might be suprised at what you would find. A family man/female just trying to run an honest company who was also drug through the mud...except, you actaully came out on top. I am sorry for your misfortune, however you might want to step back and ask yourself...should you be judge and jury over something you have only managed to skim the surface of? And more so, should you wish this person to crash his/her car when it could very well happen while taking his/her kids to school?! I would like to believe differently even coming from someone I know nothing about or have never met...I still have faith in people. Again, sorry for your mishap and I wish you all the luck in the future.

    a concerned christian mother

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