The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Fuzzy Brush LimitedGRAND THEFT

If you are interested in anything Jim Drew, Tim Bracket, or Fuzzy Brush and Solution Lizard are offering... Grab your wallet and run as fast as you can.

Firstly, Let's look at Fuzzy Brush. Jim Drew (CEO ) of the company is a compulsive liar and white collar but I have to admit, very smart career criminal. He was involved with a scam called bordeaux advisory. Google it and do your own homework. He then tried setting up the same scam under the name Barrington's Vinyards just this year. His partner is in Jail todate. His method of operation is to put a front company or person before his company and his name, Jim Drew -and let the fallout of the scam hurt his front person or company. He is very, very crafty. Again, do your own research and homework.

As far as Fuzzy Brush, I made the largest order in their history, 180, 000 units and twin packs. Not only that, one of my companies provided them with websites, media, press, training, solutions, operations and I personally wired him $66, 400 and provided another $109, 000 in services. Jim Drew and Fuzzy Brush literally stole this money from me. Tim Bracket of Solution Lizard is just as guilty. He runs and controls the site and has since Feb. 2009. He is responsible ultimately for all the content therein. He also stole $5, 500.00 and never delivered the site. He was late on almost every project, has to be micromanaged, and is a complete liar too. Jim Drew and Tim Bracket will get along well together.

Reference Fuzzy Brush... Look at the FDA and US customs. They will be out in days and not even allowed to market or sell. Also, never and I mean never, give Jim Drew or Tim Bracket a single cent. Jim Drew doesn't even have a patent on Fuzzy Brush and anyone can produce it. He'll tell you four factories make the product but all of this is a lie. The owner is the son of a dentist named Joost Guild. Jim ripped him off $150k euros and owes another party $130k in texas. Jim Drew and Fuzzy Brush to include Tim Bracket set up the sites to defraud consumers.

Again, do your own research and thinking. Know that there are no active patents on the dental device and Jim Drew and Tim Bracket will steal your money in lightenting fast time. There are countless people abroad that they haven't even shipped product to and tons of complaints are forthcoming be assured.

Hold on to your wallet. Jim Drew and Tim Bracket, Fuzzy Brush and Solution Lizard will steal it while in your company the first chance they get.

Investigations are ongoing and Jim Drew and Tim Bracket, Fuzzy Brush, Solution Lizard, and other scams and cons they are involved with... Be damned assured.



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    pcpetti Oct 22, 2009

    No Ricky you are the liar and the con artist.. I hope that anyone that ever comes in contact with you will turn and run as fast as they can...
    You have ruined our lives as well as others. Please do me a favor, come to Tampa and meet me like a man!
    I only hope that when your judgment day comes you get all pain back that you have caused!

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  • Rm
    RMS2010 Dec 10, 2009



    [Jim Drew and James Drew is the same person]

    Companies Jim Drew has held title with and been directly involved with at the highest levels include the following:
    Fuzzy Brush Limited
    Fuzzy Brush UK Limited
    Orange Corp Limited
    Barringtons International Vineyard Leasing Limited
    Barringtons International Limited
    Fuzzy Flights & Holidays Limited
    Brooktheme Limited
    Millennium Spirit Investments Limited
    Kennedy Systems Limited
    Angel Technologies Limited
    Orange Stock Limited
    Stop Think Investment Group UK Limited
    Stop Think Investment Global Limited
    Stop Think Investment Europe LTD
    Angel Technologies Limited
    The Orange Tree Group Limited
    The Big ### Club Limited

    I cannot warn people and companies enough about Jim Drew and Fuzzy Brush Limited. If you are even considering any type of business relationship with Jim Drew or Fuzzy Brush Limited you had better run like hell! There are victims like myself and around the world and new ones emerging. To the person in Australia, I hope this helps but know this… Much more information is forthcoming.




    I’m sorry to hear that Jim Drew has done to you than what he did to me. I truly mean that. He has cost me no less than over $1 million USD to date in cash and direct losses (conservatively) and again, it’s a shame and it’s my firm opinion he is a true text-book definition of a sociopath who is a global, white-collar criminal who cares of nothing but conning people out of money for his own benefit. I will say this however; he’s almost mastered his criminal craft. I’ve heard from victims that it took them over a year to several years to discover that Jim Drew was in fact stealing from them and/or had totally different plans than he stated prior to taking their money.

    My story is as follows: Fuzzy Brush Limited wanted to grant me the rights for North America for $60, 000 USD and then required a large initial purchase of product. Robbie Walls of Fuzzy Brush Limited was working with me at that time. It should be noted that I had first seen Fuzzy Brush limited in 1997 while in Europe. I loved the product and knew I could do something serious with it business wise. Even back then I wrote a marketing plan and tried to obtain the rights of the USA. Nobody ever called me back and finally, I heard from somebody who had a totally different and almost ridiculous and absurd vision of how to market the product in the USA. Years went by and in September of 2008 I ran through some old notes and found Fuzzy Brush again. I immediately began investigating the market, doing competitive comparisons, conducting tremendous research and so forth while trying to contact Fuzzy Brush Limited. Note that I emailed and called almost every day for some time. I heard nothing for weeks. Finally I wrote an email that read I would buy the rights for North America for a significant amount of money and spend tremendous money and resources in developing North America. I received a call from Robbie Walls later that day. Little did I know that the company was basically dead.

    We negotiated for months and I asked permission to run some test markets and as we negotiated and same would be at my expense. Robbie Walls agreed. My test markets were successful and the data told me what I needed to know for me to confidently move on. During one of these test markets and through one of my advertisers, I received an email from Jim Drew making harsh threats about my advertisements and so forth. Robbie Walls never told Jim Drew and this caused some tension between me and an eight year relationship I had with my Advertiser as Jim Drew called threatening them too and harshly. Robbie finally sorted it out and told Jim Drew a lie. The lie was I was a wealthy businessman in the USA who was planning to buy a bunch of brushes alone and then spend another $150, 000 or more in advertising in the USA and he (Robbie) was working out some details regarding ‘our relationship’ and this deal. Jim Drew Backed off. Just prior to wiring a significant amount of money, Robbie Walls wanted me to wire same to his personal account. For all Jim would know, I bought 20, 000 or 30, 000 units and that was it. Robbie Walls was trying to steal from Jim Drew. I didn’t know Jim Drew at this time at all and had never spoken to him. Red flag. I stalled Walls and contacted Jim Drew direct.

    Upon reporting Robbie Walls to Jim Drew, I told him the situation exactly and he was shocked and very angry. He told me he never charged anyone for exclusive rights and so forth. He told me he would let anyone sell for free. He wanted all emails from Walls and I and I provided same as I kept everyone including bank accounts, negotiations, so on. He then asked about my thoughts on Fuzzy Brush and my ideas. I told him exactly what I was planning to do prior to Robbie Walls and told him my ideas. Little did I know that Fuzzy Brush Limited was broke and had no money coming in and was on the verge of collapse. Jim Drew and I spoke at length several times. I went over data, previous work I had engaged in and was engaged in, spreadsheets, partial data results, analytics I had done for the last several months and so forth. He told me he was going to London as he was in South Africa to fire Robbie Walls, to serve him with an injunction. He would contact me and was flying to the USA as soon as possible to see me to discuss my ideas in detail in the next week. While I don’t know what occurred in London, he did in fact fly to see me within about a week of that time. Consider for yourself… Why would Jim Drew, the CEO of this global company in 67 countries with over 70, 000 units sold have a guy like Robbie running the show for seven years? I asked and Jim told me he was so busy with his other global companies that with the money he makes and so forth, you make mistakes like Robbie. He said he was currently leasing hectors of land in France, Italy, Spain, Napa and producing wine, he told me he had a ‘green’ project with Fuzzy Brush, and he told me about other ventures and companies he was involved with.

    Jim Drew flew to Atlanta right around Jan. 13th of 2009. We spent two long working days discussing my ideas, serious marketing systems that Jim Drew and Fuzzy Brush had ever done or deployed, retail penetration, Ecommerce, strategic partner relationship building, acquiring free press and media, and all the things that were in my mind integral for serious results. He also hugged me and thanked me for telling him about Robbie Walls and that Robbie Walls had cost him literally millions of dollars over the years and I had saved him from losing millions more. Jim and I literally spent about 20 hours of each day he was here discussing in detail my plans and Jim Drew was in fact so excited - he told me he was going to get me started with setting up the USA by doing the following:

    1. He would wire me $50, 000
    2. He would give me 150, 000 units of stock on the front but same were to be paid back at his cost when I could
    3. A luxury vehicle wrapped in Fuzzy Brush graphics within two months
    4. The exclusive rights to North, South, and Central America to include the Caribbean
    5. We would split license fees after the first five were sold and I recovered all my invested money and we fulfilled said Licensees. I had just spent money on another venture however; Jim wanted me focused only on Fuzzy Brush and to terminate to cease all operations reference my other company.
    6. All money provided by me, resources, and time would be recouped and recovered by a consulting company I had owned for the last five years.
    7. All travel and lodging expenses for Missouri, USA
    8. All systems, mechanics, materials, websites, web-pages, ecommerce tools, so on were owned 100% by my consulting company and I until we had a formal 5 or 10-year exclusive Agreement and a factory our outsourced factory in the USA by 2012 to include systems in place for complete checks and balances.

    He went back to London and wanted to see how the money was to be spent. I had already told him I would have expense reports, financial spreadsheets with fixed costs, variable costs, forecasts, bi-weekly cash flows, you name it. I was very ready for Fuzzy Brush and in my mind and with the systems I had, we had a $10, 000, 000 > 15-month North America start-up. I provided the materials to him and in detail. Second and third year forecasts far exceeded the first 15-months.

    Jim Drew then called me up and wanted to ‘hack down’ the $50, 000 he was to wire. He said he had most of his money in other investments and we needed to make changes. We went over it together and he chopped it down to $15, 000. This was a major red flag and I would have under any other circumstance terminated the relationship right then however; I have taken only $15, 000 USD several times in the past and turned it into over $100, 000 several times to over $1 million with several ventures and relationships and I knew I could do it. I had also recently spent over $5, 000 in money and resources doing only test markets and after all… The brush itself is a unique product with a tremendous market. Also, millions of dollars have been spent by other companies on a direct result of my advice developing my systems.

    Reference Jim dramatically decreasing my budget, it’s important to note that this was merely a tactic of Jim Drew to sucker me in when he was in Atlanta, continue working on Fuzzy Brush, and get me to provide him with great information, reports, professional spreadsheets, and for him to see where $50, 000 would be spent. He never had any intentions of giving me $50, 000 and I discovered this later in the relationship. When he was called on it less than two months later he denied ever telling me that. Would you forget if somebody told you they were going to give you $50, 000 and wire same to you to set up a company?

    I had just moved to St. Louis from Atlanta for this venture. We had set up an office in Chesterfield, MO USA so we could be centrally located for the USA and more advantageously located reference Canada. He had made no wires to me at this point and provided zero capital or stock. It came time for him to pay the hotel bill for the first time, my very first night in St. Louis. I called him to let him know I was there and he didn’t have a credit card. Now I am alarmed. His story was that he had just moved from South Africa back to London and moved all his money around. He only used Maestro and the money would be in the Bank of Scotland in a week or so. I told him in my experience international wires only take a day or three. He said he would call his mother, Audrey Drew, another criminal con artist, and get her credit card. He said his money will be in place soon. Basically I’m in St. Louis with $0 money from Jim Drew.

    I paid my hotel bill and worked from the Hotel. Audrey provided a credit card and all account info and I was relieved. The hotel declined her credit card. We tried several times and the hotel denied it. I called and nobody was to be found. Jim Drew contacted me two days later. He told me to pay and all will be sorted later. He was told that I was not planning to do anything further unless a wire came in and he paid for the offices.

    It took him three days from that point and he then only wired me $5, 700 (NOT $15, 000) and now I had truly serious concerns about the person I was dealing with. He was also to send me a shipment of 150, 000 units. He said at that time he could only send 20, 000. That took three weeks. The offices needed money too. Jim and Audrey Drew said there was a problem because I was in the USA regarding the credit card. I said you merely need to call your bank. They did and the card worked at the office but of course they knew they only needed to call the bank.

    After over one week in MO, I began serious development of Fuzzy Brush and Fuzzy Brush Americas a newly formed company, my company, owned 100% by me with no partners, not even Jim Drew. Jim Drew had full knowledge of this. Our relationship was a revenue share, not a partnership although you think of somebody as your partner in this type of business relationship but not in the legal paperwork sense.

    I let the past be the past, Jim Drew said his money would clear in a couple weeks and surely he wouldn’t do the same thing after I voiced my concerns; perhaps this was Jim’s way of doing business being from South Africa and London, and I focused on my core competencies. It was time to set up the infrastructure of Fuzzy Brush and Fuzzy Brush Americas and to assure legality and operational systems where in place and intact prior launching the companies into a soft deployment. Plus, I love developing a company and I was ready to work.

    I completed the following over the next three months not with Jim’s direction or guidance but rather, my experience and prior research, current and test market research:

    FDA forms and registration
    United States Customs clearance
    Phase V integration and further relationship and mechanic development
    Sales system, scripts, training materials, 86 page training manual
    Sales people in place for license sales
    CEO Space test market
    Cleaned up Robbie’s Walls mess (Approximately 30 major issues and unhappy people)
    St Louis Office Set-up & Management
    Office set up and office move leaving St. Louis a Virtual
    PayPal merchant bank account set up and integration
    Barrington’s Consultation and Web Development
    Fuzzy Flights & Holidays Consultation and Web Development
    The new Fuzzy Brush Flash Site
    Ronald Smith –extensive training (Chief Operation Officer) Prospect
    Three advertising test markets
    Graphic designers
    Independent Contractor recruitment, management, solicitations, advertising and marketing
    Facebook/Myspace/Twitter pages and population
    Hosting servers
    Domain purchases
    Georgia theatre promotional event
    Company formation for fuzzy Americas
    IRS Tax ID
    Expos and Events R&D
    Tremendous Additional R&D
    Internet Portholes
    Internet Advertising Copy
    Assuring key relationships are in place and fostered
    General Sales
    Mall Kiosk Research
    Mall Kiosk Program
    Licensee Program Design
    Over 70 letters to select non-profits and numerous military to get Fuzzy Brush in the field
    Disabled Persons Program
    Autistic Children’s Program
    Key Programmers with the right experience and cost
    Fuzzy Brush Recruiting Engine
    Meetings and Conference calls
    Putting a true nucleus of people in place
    Support Systems
    System Streamlining
    Closing my company and putting in my $30k for me to survive assure success for Fuzzy Brush and Fuzzy Brush Americas
    Banking Accounts for Fuzzy Brush
    New testimonial program and inclusions
    Marketing strategies
    Branding Strategies
    Lead management
    Fuzzy Brush History Prior to me Research and Consumer protection
    Utilizing all of our resources and equipment
    Converting a second office to a virtual office in Boca Raton for Fuzzy Brush Americas
    Phone Scripts
    General Operations
    Invoice forms and other materials
    Display case research
    Receptionist training
    Table tents
    Reporting systems
    Operational Systems
    Researching Attorneys and franchising vs. licensing
    Assuring Federal Trade Commission Compliance
    New Licensee Agreements
    Marketing and ‘Roll-out’ strategy
    Joined Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce and Presentation
    A Chamber
    Designing Contact Rosters
    Sales Rep Spreadsheets
    Email updates
    Display stands
    Additional Shipping Solutions
    Service provider research and development
    Press and Media
    YouTube –six videos
    Collection systems
    Accounting and books
    Pay For Click Sponsored and SEO campaigns
    Fuzzy Brush and Colgate Wisp comparisons
    Survey programs
    Promotional programs

    Be assured that the list goes on and on.

    Over the first three months Jim Drew literally gave me about $8000. Understand, I knew what I was doing, I had some money and I had done test markets. I knew the money was coming and while I worked 15 to 21 hour days seven days a week for months, it was just a matter of time. Once I turned but a couple systems on and Jim Drew saw the programs working that I could control things much better regarding Jim Drew. It was then that Jim Drew revealed his true con-artist and greedy sociopathic self.

    Jim Drew had no idea about the strategies about to be deployed. As he saw things progress and as I shared a bit of information, he repeatedly told me that he was just giving me freedom and to continue doing what I was doing. It should be noted that with the new website only partially deployed, online orders began sky rocketing. I asked him for money as I was putting mine into everything. He told me after three and one half weeks his bank screwed up and his money is still being sorted. I asked him candidly not to lie to me. I asked how in today’s world how could he not have a Visa or MasterCard at the least. Where is my wire for the remaining monies? Where are the brushes? Jim just gave me a bunch of talk and lies. Note I had to also repay over 15, 000 brushes to people that were angry with us before I took over as they never received their stock even though Jim Drew and Robbie Walls took their money before I was ever in the picture.

    Over this time I had numerous issues with Jim. I tried having many conversations about business, practices, things that had to be in place, the true value of network and distributor support and support systems being intact and in place, how his shipments were always three to five weeks late, how his shipments were always wrong and in his favor, so forth. Other issues included him trying to use high-pressure sales to people in North America which we argued about as we have serious laws against what he wanted to tell prospective consumers and Licensees and what was legal. I asked for pictures of manufacturing facilities as he said there were four. Later somebody told me there was one single address for where Jim Drew’s manufacturing facility was and it was located on a pig farm.

    I asked how many Fuzzy Brush units Jim was selling each month consistently. He told me just over 500, 000 a month one month and just under 700, 000 a month another month. I was told by a source he was lucky to sell 40, 000 a month globally. I asked Jim about production limits and he told me he could product right now just over 2 million units a month. He said he owned two manufacturing factories and outsourced two. He told me one factory produced the brushes, one put the brushes and the Xylitol together, one did the flavoring, and one that put them in capsules. Due to my and other finding issues with manufacturing he was questioned regarding why the brushes were so hard, why the Xylitol was off the brushes, and why orders were late all the time. His response was that he had been in manufacturing for 15 years and while he was concerned, there are always these issues in manufacturing and it was no big deal. He also told me that his people weren’t letting the Xylitol dry to a certain point before being applied to the brushes. I told him that manufacturing was absolutely a big deal and that we just lost Niemen Marcus because of the exact reasons I mentioned and they complained. He said there would be plenty of other accounts and not to worry. Right Jim.

    When I first started he told me the product was patented in the USA. Later I found out it had an expired patent and could not be patented again nor was the patent under his name. He told me he spent over 6 million quid to develop Fuzzy Brush. He told me the late dentist’s son who invented the brush, a Mr. Joost Guild received 2, 000 Euros a month and a royalty. He said he was sure to take special care of him since it was Joost who gave him everything needed to manufacture the brush. I asked to speak with Joost and Jim refused. Later I would speak and communicate with Joost who told me that he was just about to turn Drew over to collections, that to date, not only did Jim Drew lie to him and steal the information, that Drew owed him over 400, 000 Euros. He said Jim was wanted in one country and that he was involved in some huge wine scandal where his partner went to jail. Joost laughed out loud when he heard Jim told me it took four factories to make a single brush.

    At one point, the new website went down for two weeks. Understand Jim controlled the name but it was pointed at my server and website. A domain or URL is not a website. I controlled the website. His email went down too. Turns out, Jim hadn’t paid his bill for almost a year and they cut him off. I lost a 5, 000 capsule order and two licensees because it just looked horrible and I agree. Fortunately I had the complete site on another URL but still, Jim lied to me and finally I called his London Provider. They told me the truth and that Jim always paid his bills very late or never at all and they had enough of it. For now on he is paid in full or cut off. Note too that Jim let the trademark [USA] name Fuzzy Brush expire all FDA required information for years. But when the money came in, Drew renewed it and during my watch and with my money.

    Jim Drew told me lots of things that over time, gave me serious concerns. I never to this date had a problem with neither the actual product nor getting it. While shipments were always late and a short in his favor, they eventually arrived and my attitude was that I will have over 500, 000 units in my possession and control at all times and just order what I need further in advance until I set up a factory in the USA.

    His luxury car for me never came nor did any more money. No hotel bills were ever paid and Audrey Drew and her credit card was declined when our offices tried to process it for the second month’s lease. Interesting enough, Jim Drew requested me to give him a Visa credit card. I did provide him with one with limited funds and was monitored with an alert set-up so that I was aware of his charges practically instantaneously. At this time and as I launched I was playing my own game with Jim Drew but had to remain alert as I felt he may be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    I turned on the systems and basically we did $160, 000 USD in a matter of several weeks. Note the important thing is that this was due to only one of my advertisements that cost me only $1, 100. I had 16 others and 10 other systems that millions of dollars had been spent on under my direct direction so we already were looking at very serious company and my initial forecasts while conservative, were now very viable. Jim Drew was elated as the money came in. He called and emailed several times a day to dozens upon dozens of times per day.

    It was at this point we had the accountant argument. He wanted total accounting control and bookkeeping. He wanted all statements, receipts, bills, invoices, so forth. I had no problem with this as he had no authority or ability to spend anything or write any checks and I only kept $1000 in his Visa business account. He told me both he and his mother, Audrey Drew -were professionally trained accountants with formal education. I provided said access. Audrey Drew was to provide graphs, charts, complete accounting and reporting from A-Z. With literally thousands of transactions she needed five weeks to complete same which made sense to me. That was fine, I could always go to my accountant for checks and balances or my father’s and would end up doing exactly that.

    Another interesting thing at this time was Jim Drew was insistent upon me providing him with my contacts, networks, distributors, Licensees, and information. I provided him with three and told him we would sort out the rest in a couple months but I had to focus on many other priorities. Then, as soon as the first monies came in, he told me he needed money right away. I told him absolutely not but rather, we need to complete YouTube videos, web video commercials, and company development and expansion. I reminded him that he was to give me $50, 000 and gave me a fraction of this and I had my money to pull out. We argued over this out loud and I told him he only had $8k in and a few thousand in stock. I demanded money be spent on the company and that we had huge deals in place with serious people and things were moving. I could have taken well over $300, 000 and more in License fees in less than six weeks but I put everyone on hold. Now I needed to really know what Jim Drew was all about. I told Jim to fly to the USA. I had shot him around $35, 000 at this point in total.

    I needed more stock and told him same. He asked for more money. I told him he was supposed to have given me 150, 000 units and he gave me only 50, 000 to date. More money he demanded as he was working on cutting edge this and that. I couldn’t continue without the stock and he told me that we would meet. I shot him $10, 400 and change. I had deals in play and tremendous partner relationships in development and I just wanted to move forward and get to where I could control him.

    Another large deal came in for my company in the USA and he called me up and said Ricky, you hit your goals and name where you want to go, anywhere in the world, first class on me. I told him where I wanted to go. He then said before we go, first, let me bring you to London first class and then to Marbella, Spain. You’ll stay in the finest resorts on the beach, hotels, meet my lawyer, partners, friends and we can do a proper agreement as I demanded same and we needed to clear up his issues, inconsistencies, and so on. I was so busy and wanted to move forward I told him to come to the USA and we could do that later and we could manage the legal over the phone easily. Let’s hold off on any trips for another quarter. He demanded I come and gave me a first class travel itinerary he wrote for seven days in both London and Spain. He accounted for everything in his plans. Hotels, resorts, tickets, airlines, meetings and it included first class tickets, accommodations, and etcetera. Jim told me he was going to put into the big picture, Fuzzy Brush Limited and he was paying for everything. He said I would have a global partnership and we wanted me to spearhead some other projects he was working on.
    Prior to the trip I was again, almost out of stock so I gave him over $24, 000 and then another $18, 000 prior to the trip. I packed to travel and two days prior Jim Drew changed the entire travel itinerary. I flew six hours out of the way and not direct, flew coach, and stayed in his apartment with his roommate (nothing remotely impressive be assured). Then we flew to Spain after London, coach -and stayed with his mother, Audrey Drew in a small condo. I was in shock.

    It was during this trip I asked to visit the factories. He said there was no time. It was on this trip the entire ‘dog and pony show’ began. He figured he would wine me and dine me and I’d be easily impressed with his friends and mother and he would be able to get more money out of me. It was rare that Jim ever picked up a check (he looked to me) and ‘the company’ should pay which was me. When asked questions about business in front of his friends and ‘people’ they often had to look at one another to see who would answer it as to assure they were on the same lie. While in Spain and London the people I met appeared to be criminals just like Jim Drew. They were appeared intelligent at the first meeting or two and then wolves. Everyone was a millionaire, everyone talked big talk, and when I looked at them in a group all I saw as a criminal ring of white collar criminals. One guy pulled me aside to tell me how much he liked me and that I should trust Jim with everything; that Jim was really a serious business player. I told him you earn trust. Prior to and at the end of the trip I was assured I would have a 5-year agreement and my stock would be there when we got back to Atlanta.

    It was on this trip I knew his game. He told me he was coming back to Atlanta with me but he was flying direct. I still was flying six hours out of the way. I flew coach, he flew first class roundtrip on my money. This is the kind of ### Jim Drew is. He wanted to stay at my house and with me for three weeks to ‘learn your systems and mechanics.’ I told him to get a hotel. He stayed a week with me and I got him a hotel for a couple nights at of course, my expense.

    He came back and I showed him nothing. I told him I wouldn’t until I had an agreement. The stock I ordered wasn’t there. He told me the day we arrived the stock was still going to be more than two weeks late. I, not Jim, cut his trip very short. Upon his return his mother provided me with the accounting. There were not graphs, no charts, and what I read on the very first page of her accounting was a $20, 000 ++ mistake. In fact, her books and accounting were filled with mistakes. They did ask for more money of course and they showed that I owed Jim Drew over $46, 000. Note I had recently wired them over a very short amount of time $64, 500 USD and I still hadn’t pulled out my $30, 000. I also had over $150, 000 of money brought in by me into Licensees, my resources, my work which I hadn’t even been paid for and my consulting company. I was in fact developing Fuzzy Brush Global.

    It was then that my only desire was to get the 30, 000 twin and the 150, 000 capsules I had just ordered and come up with an exit strategy as we didn’t have one contractually. But I wanted to see what was happening with the contract he assured me I would have and where in the world my large order was.

    He asked for money, I asked for my product which was now almost five weeks late. I asked for my contract and pricing. Jim Drew then said he had increases and tried charging me $1.00 per twin pack and I owed him more. I was to only pay $.54. He then all of a sudden wanted more money for capsules. It should be noted and this is important, not only did he change price points numerous times with me, several other people reported him doing exactly the same thing, especially once they had a network in place buying brushes. People from back in 1999 to 2004 and prior to me I found. I asked about my contract. He told me I would get one unless I gave him money.

    He was literally just trying to steal my last large two orders and he did steal them. I ended up with 2400 twin packs only and less than 10, 000 capsules. He then threatened to cease our relationship unless I paid. The accounting his mother did was so ridiculous and obviously laughable and I told Jim and Audrey Drew same. I asked tactfully for their licenses or degrees and to provide the educational facility so I could research it as I was now very concerned. They refused. Since they had my banking info, I asked to see all revenues Fuzzy Brush Limited received for just the last year and year prior to me. They refused. I told him I trusted you with a Visa Credit card and I will give you money to see company revenues. He refused. I asked him lots of things. All bad or no responses were given.

    I then demanded my product and the $89, 000 or so they owed me for services provided on three projects and so forth and that they agreed to. Once they knew they had milked me, that they would never see another dime from me (and I told them they wouldn't until I see all of my stock) they immediately did the following:

    1. They contacted my programmer and scared him to death to give him the Fuzzy Brush America website. They told him horrible and untrue things about me. They told them a host of legal lies.

    2. They contacted my distributor network on the phone and via email and told them tremendous lies that I was delusional, financially irresponsible, and they even made outrageous personal attacks on me and my family. They contacted a $250 million dollar company I was working with and told them same and then tried to steal the deal entirely.

    3. They told everyone Fuzzy Brush Limited was engaged in litigation and legal with me and my company. To date nothing has happened nor could save me coming for them legally but financially, it’s not the right move.

    Jim Drew, Audrey Drew, and his idiot lawyer who couldn’t provide me with a company or firm or business card are scary people. Jim Drew did manage to kill every relationship they knew about. Fortunately, they only knew of five. I protected all others.

    Let me say this in closing… I could go on and on. We had manufacturing inconsistencies where the brushes came crunchy, Xylitol falling off the brush or off the brush, broken capsules, some brushes with no Xylitol at all and forth. We lost major clients because of these problems like Niemen Marcus. We had huge companies and corporation with 700 stores plus online and only a snapshot away. We had new hires left and right, people around the country in training to help organically grow Fuzzy Brush Americas. One company and several people asked how we packed our product and boxing. Jim told me machines. I found out later all packing was done by hand. …So how could we pursue these companies when Jim Drew and Fuzzy Brush Limited couldn’t even fulfill my order. Joost Guild, the inventor’s son told me it takes 4-6 months to produce a mold for the brush and around $60, 000 USD per mold. Ask Jim Drew how many molds he has. How old is his mold and what’s the life on it? Here’s a better idea, just stay away from Jim and Audrey Drew.

    What you have with Jim Drew and Audrey are very serious, sociopathic criminals who prey on any person or company they see an opportunity and will do or say anything to con you out of money -or to work a deal -or to steal intellectual property. They knew I had spent over five years and a lot of money on an international adoption for a baby girl and still, they stole my money. Long-term scams are right up their alley but if they can take your money fast, obviously they will. They do have some organization. If they approach you NEVER provide them with any information about anything but rather, grab your wallet and run like hell. And never, ever tell them about your distribution channels, networks, sales lines, key personnel, service providers, or anything remotely similar. They’ll steal it the first chance they can; even if it takes months or years. Even with my extensive background in law enforcement, I lost a bunch of money and it took me five months to see their games. I also lost five relationships that were important to me in not just business, but friends, new partners, Licensees.

    I will exhaust every effort to terminate his business and/or ventures through legal and lawful means. I have also recently heard he is the type of person to use very brutal means of retaliation and possible physical harm and/or violence, criminal threats, and so forth. I am now just back on my feet almost four months after the damage, around August 16th of this year. I now have a list of people who fell victim to Fuzzy Brush and I’m not talking about a few people. While much less money was lost, this list is over 20 and when I do what I need to do, there will be a global dragnet in place and we will then find people all over the world.

    If you are somebody who is a victim of Jim Drew, his crew, his mother, Fuzzy Brush Limited, any venture of his, or if you have information to share, please contact me via email at [email protected] It would be my pleasure assisting you. Do not feel embarrassed trust me. I’ve seen some of the best and Jim Drew and associates are in the top 5% of white-collar con-artists.



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    DESTINY HAGEN Dec 10, 2013


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