I'm just a stay home mom trying to start a homebased business on ebay. The hottest products selling quick happen to be Playstation 3 (60GB) and Nintento Wii consoles. I've been searching the internet for honest wholesalers and dropshippers to purchase products from.

I come across (Futuro Elettronica S.R.L.) in Italy. After taking the time to read all the information this "company" had to offer (About us Page, Terms and Conditions Page, Contact Us Page), I made the bad business decision of attempting to use this fake company.

Their website is excellently built and portrayed. Asking you to become a member with userid and password, showing a page that contains your so-called Order along with Order history, asking you to subscribe to their newsletter for future pricing or products...the whole nine yards. They are even up front and said they only accept Western Union Wire Transfers for payments at this time on their terms and conditions page. I figured any company that tells you this up front must be legit. I WAS WRONG.

I sent and email to the company stating my hesitance, getting a personal reply that they've been in business for 30 years and haven't disappointed a customer yet. I sent them 851.03 via Western Union with an additional cost of 71.00 for the wiring fees. Never heard from them again. I constantly emailed them for 4 days straight...Nothing. I called the listed phone number...Nothing.

I decided to see if they would answer another potential "buyer", ordering a product under a fake name and address, and asked a question regarding payment from a different email acct. They actually responded to my fake question.

I'll admit it, I'm an idiot. I didn't do the homework and was taken advantage of because of my inexperience. I'm completely embarrassed for being so gullible. I now have customers who have already paid and are waiting on a product that will not come. I have to some how find 922.03 which I don't have to get their product or to at least refund their money.

I'm going to attempt to post this on every Blog and message board out there, hoping they don't do this to anyone every again. It saddens and disappoints me that a person trying to make an honest living is taken by such a person. Buyers beware...stay away from!

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