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Fulton, Friedman, and GullaceUnethical Lawyer

I am lodging a formal complaint against Cynthia Fulton of Fulton Friedman and Gullace LLP 130 N. Central Ave. Ste 200 Phoenix, Arizona 85004, phone number [protected]. Cynthia Fulton is extremely unethical and unprofessional, sneaky, and very under-handed. Because I was pro-se, she figured she didn’t have to notify me of any appointments, or bother to copy me of any correspondence.

On 4/11/2007 this case was dismissed because no action was taken before a certain date, so it was dismissed without prejudice for lack of prosecution. At the time this case was against me and my wife ( we are now divorced), and it is my understanding that the State of Arizona is a community property state, so the case was dismissed against BOTH of us. We had to obtain a lawyer for thousands of dollars. This case is now around 7 years old. I think the statue of limitation should of kicked by now. I also was told this by several attorneys that I contacted regarding this case. Anyhow, 1 year after my divorce, I found a letter taped to my apartment door. Once again I had to obtain counsel to answer their charges. Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t afford a lawyer by myself, so I had to handle it pro-se.

Cynthia Fulton unethically and unprofessionally started her deceitfulness as soon as she took the case over from Benneth Shilsky and Jason Eastman of Faith, Ledyard, Nickel & Shelsky PLC. I filed a motion to dismiss on 3 grounds, res judicata/collateral estoppels, failure to compile with A.R.S. 12-505, and failure to join an indispensable party, are inapplicable to the current case. I was told that they are not allowed to take a bite of the apple twice, I guess meaning that they can not come after me again. She immediately filed an objection, and schedule a hearing right away. But you, Your Honor, refused her, stating that I needed more time to prepare, that I wasn’t given a fair amount of time to prepare my defense.

Next thing I know, I received a letter stating we were going in front of an arbitrator, Mr. Larry O Folks. Then I received another letter stating that a order to continue the arbitration was granted and reset for January 30, 2009 at 9:00 am in the office of arbitrator, Folk & O;’Connor, PLLC, 1850 N. Central Ave., Ste 1140, Phoenix, AZ 85004. When I arrived there, I was met by the receptionist who said that the hearing was cancelled. I was never notified either by mail or phone. So I called Cynthia Fulton, and she told me that she mailed it the night before. I said how was I supposed to receive this if you mailed it out the night before? (Also – I still to this date never received it) She has my phone number, she should of called me, but didn’t. She even said that she felt she had enough evidence on me that she could go ahead without arbitration. I took off a day from work, and I also had a friend who is aware of the law also take a day off for nothing. Beside being inconvenienced, the paralegal of the arbitrator was extremely rude, and obnoxious. Folk and O’Connors staff and Cynthia Fultons groups were blaming each other for not notifying me. That’s when she was so cocky and stated that she was going to win no matter what! She actually stated that she will notify me when the case was going to happen. She never made me aware of any case. When I received the minute entries and found out that the court granted summary judgment in favor of the Plaintiff, I called Cynthia Fulton who refused to speak to me. Her secretary was making believe she was rustling papers looking for my copy. I told her to stop faking like she was looking for something, because there was nothing to find. There was no letter to tell me of the court date. Her secretary answered back “Well Mr. Scalisi, we felt it didn’t matter if we notified you because we were going to win anyhow”. Since when did they become the judge and jury? I have a legal right to know, and it was deliberately left out. I know for a fact, that seven years is way pass the statue of limitation, so she had nothing. I wish I never told her that on the phone, then maybe she would of notified me, and I would of won the case.

In ending, I just have to say that attorneys (and I use the term lightly) like Cynthia Fulton, give men and women who practice law a very bad name. I proved how unethical and unprofessionally she was during this case, and how sneaky she is. And also she has her firm lying for her, it’s just very despicable. Hopefully some kind of reprimand will be processed against her so she would never ever do this to another person who is going to trial pro-se again.

Yours Truly
Vincent Scalisi


  • Vi
    Virgnia A. Thoms Mar 04, 2014

    I am on a payment plan, which I tried to call this office at 3:00 p.m. on a Friday, got a recording, so left all my information for someone to please call me back, which I have not heard from anyone. I am on hold right now and have been holding forever- can't get through to anyone to make my payment. I don't understand this- this is ridiculous. Trying to pay my bill - no one is answering the phone- what kind of business is this!!!

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  • Jd
    jdhsr1 Jul 30, 2012

    I received a letter from this attorney office which stated that I owe $1147.00 on a judgement against me. This is total fraud on the part of the attorney's office. I have been paying a court ordered garnishment through my employer and have a balance of $430.00, which is still being taken out every pay period. When I called them them on Saturday they stated that I could pay them $800.00 to end the whole thing. Today they stated that it would be over 900.00 because of interest. I called the court to get a balance from them and used the case number that the collections team from Fulton Friedman & Gullace gave me. The court's office told me that that is not a good case number for their court and that my balance was the 430.00 that my employer had in their records.
    What kind of scam is this collections team at this attorney's office trying to run?

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  • Co
    complaineraz May 18, 2011

    It's funny cause I blame myself for not paying my debt. When the law firm had contacted me I paid the debt in full right away. After paying it, the firm still calls me. So I called the firm today asking and inquiring why I kept getting phone calls. The first person I spoke to didn't understand why and told me to hold on for my rep.. so I waited and he said she was on a phone call. So he said that he would look at the account.. a few seconds later the phone was disconnected. I tried calling back and someone picks up and all I hear is background chatter, i'm guessing it's other people on the phone calling people. Usually I would let it go and not worry about it but these people harass the hell out of you so right now i'm calling and won't stop till I get some answers. After an hour, my rep is still on the phone. It's funny how they're so quick to harass you but man once you need to connect with them and question their stuff, they're ghost!

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  • Wr
    wrknmom Apr 27, 2011

    I too am in agreeance with the notion that Fulton, Friedman and Gullace are very trashy in how they do business. I am currently in a dispute with them about garnishments from my paycheck which on the last day of the payment to be sent to them, I called to see if they could provide me something in writing about the satisfaction of the debt only to be told that they have no record of any payments from me. I am very livid with them and after calling my HR dept. and being told they can't give me anything in writing either and that the law firm has to call them is absurd. This after being told by this firm that either I submit proof to them or my HR dept. has to send them something abt. the satisfaction of the debt. This whole thing started anyway from a debt in 2000 which when it was incurred I lived at one address moved after 4 years and never heard anything from them. All of a sudden I open my paycheck and got quite the surprise in the form of a garnishment. After checking my own court records and trying to find out what it was all about because my HR dept. hadn't even notified me beforehand giving me a chance to dispute the whole thing. I immediately called HR to find out some information about who to call and when I first called the firm, a very rude individual didn't seem to care that as I was speaking with him and pulling up public record of the court filing against me by them that it clearly stated that several attempts were made at an address I lived at now 7 years ago and despit this being on file with the courts as was plainly put on the file for all to see, they still sought out my place of work and decided to garnish me for a debt from 2000 and even when I called the FTC about some sort of improper actions on their part I was told I should've let them know I moved. It all a joke. I don't know who's more foolish in my situation because I've run into several jerks along the way. It just seems to me that even if a debt is legitimate, the same effort that these companies go through to find people's places of employment to wreak havoc, whay couldn't they have found my home address to alert me. I would've rather had been given the opportunity to settle my debt instead of being charged an extra 700 dollars for court fees, etc, and garnished. It's a racket and it just leaves you feeling robbed and cheated at the end of the day. I will continue my crusade however to get this whole matter resolved with why they have no records of my payments. The last person I spoke with stated he would contact bookeeping to find out the status which is concerning. We're talking about 4 months worth of payments that this firm doesn't seem to know about. We'll see.

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  • Ju
    JusturaverageJoe Apr 02, 2011

    Just a little picture for bottom feeders and their fans..This is how i feel about losers, and their fans..


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  • Ju
    JusturaverageJoe Apr 02, 2011

    sounds to me like Stealth Pilot is an attorney to me...who know, it may well be one of the F, F, and G themselves.
    Thats just my thought...

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  • An
    Anthony1111 Aug 04, 2010

    Arizona has its share of bad attorneys. Phillips & Associates are conartists too:

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  • To
    tony999 Jul 17, 2010

    I agree this is a bad firm but I don't know what should do now? Any comment?

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  • Pi
    piercedtiger Jul 09, 2010

    I have to agree with the original opinion of Fulton, Friedman And Gullace. They filed a judgment against me using an address I never lived at in a city I had moved out of 4 years prior to the judgment. I lived, worked, and paid taxes in SC then in my home town (100 miles away) in those 4 years. My home town address was used for ALL "permanent address" purposes during the years leading up to, and after the move as I was a student. They law firm was originally just Gullace & Weld at the time and either did not do due diligence to obtain my current address (or my permanent address - that of my parents), or used a fake address deliberately. So at best the firm is incompetent or lazy. At worst they deliberately lied to the court, to the judge, and to the Sheriff that delivered the summons. Considering the address was on the same street I had resided on 4 years prior but at different house number I am inclined to believe it was the latter. Using a fake address ensures that I would never be "personally served" as the affidavit indicates. Thus I would never contest, argue, or show up for court. This would give them the default judgment needed to seize my bank accounts and hold them hostage until I tracked down who did it, and agree to pay them. (Isn't extortion illegal in this country?) My paychecks were direct-deposited. All of my money was locked down. I had no way to pay rent, buy food for my kids, or even put gas my car so I could go to work to earn money to continue paying them. What choice did I have? They froze my accounts on a Friday, and no one was in any office I contacted (bank, Gullace & Weld, etc) until Monday. I didn't have anything in writing, but also had no cash in my pocket. So I was forced to begin making payments. Once I finally got copies of the summons (from the court, several years later, after no cooperation from Gullace & Weld) I finally realized the address error. Now I have a judgment on my credit report blocking me from re-financing my truck or my mortgage, and keeping me from getting on any sort of budget plan with either of the 2 fuel companies in my area. So I run out of oil every winter several times and have to scramble to get kerosene from a local gas station and restart my furnace because I can't get monthly top-offs due to this judgment. All because this law firm used the wrong address during the legal process, and never gave me a chance to actually work out a deal. Now they're trying to charge me $500+ in legal fees for this fiasco on top of the debt. I stopped paying them since I feel they obtained the judgment illegally, and they haven't contacted me for two years despite me calling and leaving voice messages with my name, number, case number, and a request for them to call me. Now today someone finally got off her [censor], picked up a phone, and tried calling me back (2 years later). Of course it's a recording with no one there to talk to, and when I call back I get their voice mail. I feel a case of deja vu coming on. These people royally screwed up what *could* have been a simple re-payment plan for a debt. Now they're leading me to file court papers to get the judgment dropped and the related legal charges billed to them. I'm half tempted to take them to small claims court over the fact it appears they deliberately mislead the court to get the default judgment and screw me over.

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  • Te
    Tennessee Stud Feb 24, 2010

    In all that diatribe you never once denied owing the money. If you had paid your debt like you were supposed to this would not have occured. In adition, it seems like you had a problem with everyone in this case, the secretary, the attorney, the arbitrator, the paralegal the receptionist and your wife (now x-wife, go figure) The common denomenator seems to be you.
    Some counseling and medication may help you see that not everyone is against you, and that if you deal with issues in a timely manner they go much more smoothely.

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