My horrific experience w/ FULLHOUSES FURNITURE (FULLHOUSES.COM)- warning- do not do business with this company !!!

Thanks again for taking the time to review this brief message. I have recently done business w/a company called FullHouses Furniture, located in Central Java - Indonesia 50512. Almost every company listed in this emailing was or is listed on their website as "affiliated with, supported or sponsored by" ...

Attached below is a recent copy of my last of many (1of at least 12) emails that i have sent to Fulhouses Furniture w/no response to date. I do plan on continuing to do business w/furniture companies, however i will be spreading the word via media, email and word of mouth due to the frustration, lack of support and just plain poor business practices.

If any person and/or business is aware of other issues in dealing with fullhouses furniture, please help me in trying to get this and other possible issues resolved. If you have any additional contact information of other information on "fullhouses furniture" please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated.

Listed below are some of the issues contained in my most recent email to fullhouses furniture:

To: Bayu Aji, Nur Janah i/c/o FULLHOUSES FURNITURE

After sending several emails over the last two months, i have yet to hear a response from your and/or your company,, to address and resolve the following issues:

-incorrect pieces of furniture shipped

-damaged pieces of furniture

-incorrect shipping weight & cmb quote provided by your company

-incorrect fabric scheme used on furniture

-incorrect description and incorrect use of materials (solid wood vs veneer) in furniture assembly

For your reference, i have all the original email correspondences for the above issues, if needed.

Please note that I am giving you and your company fair notice and warning to respond and resolve the issues that are and were addressed in this and prior emails. This will be my last attempt to try to handle the issues amicably. I am requesting a response to resolve the issues within 3 days however if i do not get a response to resolve the issues, i will have to bring these issues, that i am having with you and your furniture company, to a new level for resolution.

Again, please respond asap, as i am giving your company a fair chance to resolve the issues listed above. As a furniture company trying to promote a good reputation, you need to be fair... as i have been.

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