Full Access EntertainmentTerrible experience


As a one time customer of FAE, i will NEVER use them again. They said they owned tickets and they never sent them out to me. I called and called for weeks up until the day of the event and about an hour before the show they told me they didn't have the tickets. I did some research and found out that they post tickets on websites that other brokers own for more money, that way when they have an order they can TRY to buy the seats in from another broker, but when they cant, they make you believe your tickets are secured until you get nervous enough to call. At that point you argue a lot, lose your chance to go to the event, and lose the money you paid.

DO NOT USE THIS BROKER. They are evil and bad and give all brokers a bad name. It is pretty much bait and switch. You buy their tickets and they give you NOTHING!

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