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10:30 am EDT

Frontier Van Lines Moving Services

Absolutely Horrible! They told me that they would never work with me as a customer... How? What did I do? You guys showed up late (6.5 hours) you guys offered a 12% discount, that you took back. Your company added on $1200+ to my total after you reassured me beforehand there wouldn't be any additional fees. After your contractor, Lizette, had an attitude with me, after telling me all day she was on her way, but showed up at 6:30p! OMG! Please go with a more reputable company. This company is a joke, and the customer service is the worst!

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2:59 pm EDT

Frontier Van Lines Moving Services

If there was a "dislike" button I'd click it. I chose Frontier because their estimated cost was the lowest bid. It should have been an easy move, as all of our belongings were stored in PODS. Nothing to carry out from upstairs and nothing to disconnect or take apart. Their estimate for the move was even lower than the PODS delivery price on our move to Tampa, FL. BIG MISTAKE! First, the actual cost is about $3, 000 more than the estimate. If I had PODS deliver our stuff I would have had it here 2 weeks ago. I could have hired someone to unload everything and still paid less. We are now almost 3 weeks out from the time they picked up our stuff and to date, it is still in their warehouse. My wife may be having surgery for cancer soon, and at this rate, she won't be able to come home to her own bed, but instead to the one on the floor that we're sleeping on now. I have called several times to request help in getting our stuff delivered but all I get is promises to get moved to the top of the priority list. Apparently, that doesn't mean much and no one seems to care, since our stuff still sits in Dallas. My opinion about Frontier Van Lines? Don't even waste your time talking to them! I finally talked to a live person who said my stuff should ship by Friday, putting it here almost 2 weeks past their "guaranteed delivery date", assuming it gets here a week from today.

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5:46 pm EDT
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Frontier Van Lines Horrible Moving Company

wow! Where to begin...This company underestimated my delivery price of about $4000...As advertised on their web site, I was promised professional delvery men. Well, when they packed up my possessions, they wrapped my flat screen tv in a moving blanket...Of course, it was completely bent, and nearly ruined...the funny thing was, I was promised by Diane baker that my TV would be boxed up...And their website said the same thing...

They then changed my delivery date 3 times, and when the showed up, I was greeted by 2 gentlemen who didn't speak english...They didn't bring tools, and didn't bring water...Since when to professionals forget these little thngs.

My desk and dresser were broke because they stacked too much stuff on it. They didn't even put my lamps in a box...They simply threw them in the truck, so they obviously were destroyed...A filing cabinet was completely crushed because stacked too much stuff on it...

And then my couches...They first taped the moving blankets directly to the leather...There are now permanent tape marks on them...Then the movers took the blanket off the couches before brining them in thru the door...I witnessed them rip 2 couches...I have never heard of taking the blankets off before bringing them inside...

And now I am dealing with Mike Biton, who claims I am lying about all this, even though him men signed off on the bill of lading claiming all the facts indeed happened...

Mike continues to ignore my emails, and I have filed complaints with the AG in PA, BBB, and anyone else who will listen...During the waiting of my possessions, Mike even threatened to purposely lose all my possessions...Luckily, I had the phone call recorded..and mike even called me racist names...(Because I'm an American, and he isn't from this country) I am beginning my Arbitration process, and will see Mike Biton in court...Do not give these guys any business...They are frauds, and purposely will destroy your property

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, US
May 19, 2016 10:27 am EDT

Absolutely Horrible! They told me that they would never work with me as a customer... How? What did I do? You guys showed up late (6.5 hours) you guys offered a 12% discount, that you took back. Your company added on $1200+ to my total after you reassured me beforehand there wouldn't be any additional fees. After your contractor, Lizette, had an attitude with me, after telling me all day she was on her way, but showed up at 6:30p! OMG! Please go with a more reputable company. This company is a joke, and the customer service is the worst!

I am copying and pasting my review everywhere! I hope that someone doesn't make the same mistake that I did.

Wexford, US
Dec 28, 2010 3:01 pm EST

Frontier Van Lines, moving and Storage Company is very dishonest, they lie and cheat, has no integrity. They are operating a scam. They lack business ethics and morals. Please check BBB’s report and Allegheny County Legal Journal Volume 158 page 55.
Their estimate is too good to be true. It is lowest to start with. The estimate is for $1275. This is a good faith estimate. This is for moving our personal property and belongings, keep it in their storage and deliver it to the north hills location once we found an apartment / house. The monthly storage fee was $200. The estimate is for 4.5 to 5.5 hours.
They ask to deposit cash to their bank account. From this point customer is a hostage.
They show up with the truck and movers. Original estimate doesn’t mean anything to them and they totally ignore it. Mike, the lead mover will start building a case. First he said he would bill 2 ½ hours extra for travelling time. I said it was not discussed in the estimate. I called Dianne Baker who gave me the estimate. She said that the travelling time is already included in the estimate and don’t worry.
After sometime Mike came up with charges for packing materials. We said NO. We would like to go as per the estimate.
Mike started to cook the books. He got carried away with the inventory list. He noted down as 4 couches whereas we had only 3. He did the same thing for dressers. Later he said it was not his handwriting. The loading of the truck was completed in 4 hours 15 minutes, less than the estimated time.
Next working day, Dianne revised the amount and told us she would charge $800 for delivery to the north hills area. She increased monthly storage to $360.00. We lost trust in them. After investigating I found out that there are 26 complaints against them with Better Business Bureau. Further I found out from Allegheny County Legal Journal Volume 158 page 55, that The Honorable Judge Christine Ward, entered a Memorandum Opinion that in which she expressly found that Mike Biton was not credible while testifying in the court of law on an earlier law suit. They lied throughout the process to us.
We decided to end the business transaction to prevent future losses. We requested them to deliver to EZ Storage. Our original intention did not serve our purpose to move our belongings to a new apartment. We resulted paying them $1940 as against the estimate of $1275. We still need to pay for moving from EX Storage to our apartment. On top of this they broke our bedroom furniture resulting in trashing.
Personally, we are honest people and have no intention to cheat anyone. I volunteer 15 – 20 hours a week for charitable donations. I do not like anyone getting hurt or cheated by dealing with Frontier Van Lines. Please BE CAREFUL!

Wexford, US
Dec 28, 2010 2:59 pm EST

I am alos a victime. They are operating a SCAM, they are THIEVES.

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