frontarmy.comDeleted the profile


I came across website. I thought it might prove useful in my genealogical researches. There were three plans. $9.99 per month every 3 months, $7.99 per month every 6 months, and $5.99 per month on the yearly plan. I was not aware, when I made my payment, that they set up a recurring payment profile on the account I used to pay $78.00. At least not until the other day when they zapped $119.88 out of my account and then deleted the profile they had set up! There was no notice email such as "Your account subscription will expire soon." I would not have even known about it, until I was overdrawn and wondering why, if it hadn't been for the account I used sending an email telling me the profile had been deleted and to contact them if it hadn't been me that deleted the profile.

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