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On August 30, my husband and I wandered into the Pet Emporium not really intending to buy anything, just to look around and visit with the critters. Behind the fiberglass enclosure at eye level I saw the soulful, friendly eyes of a little 13-week old male Abyssinian Blue kitten looking back at me. Even as I stared apprehensively at his $1500 price tag, the little guy had that certain something that money couldn't buy: a rare personality, and lots of it.

I looked over our potential purchase and took note of his extremely lean body, which is also a trait of his breed, but I couldn't help wonder to what extent was such thinness normal? His back end also revealed traces of loose stool in his recent past, which I mentioned to employee "Vicki", who was a little too quick to assure me that the kitten had been evaluated and approved by a vet and had all his current shots. The kitten's appetite seemed healthy as he chowed on some unusual pale yellowish/brown chunks of dry food in his little dish. We went home to think about it...and decided to come back for the little one, since diarrhea should simple and treatable in kittens.

On August 31, we signed our lives away to take the little guy home, and the pet store included a bag of his "usual diet" to help ease him into his new home. Okay, fine. He really seemed to like that chunky light brown stuff. As they presented the kitten to us with a little ribbon around his neck, I hardly took heed to the tiny patch of chalky fur on his left shoulder, which really looked like something had dripped onto his coat like kaopectate.

It was soon clear as I unpacked his take-home chow that this food was nothing like what he had been eating at the pet store. Small, hard, dark brown, windmill-shaped pieces tipped out of the oil-stained lunchbag into the bowl...apparently also to the kitten's dismay as his nosed around the pieces with less than enthusiasm. Oh well, I thought, and just began him on his future cat food diet instead, which he devoured happily. As husband and I filmed the kitten's first day home while he played with his new toys, the chalky patch on his left shoulder seemed to be more noticeable.

The diarrhea, however, became the bane of our existence as the days passed with no sign of improvement. As per the contract with the pet store, we took the kitten to THEIR vet first, who sent the kitten home with two packets of FortiFlora to restore the enzymes in his gut. They did not put this treatment on his record, which may or may not have been suspect. The FortiFlora, which the kitten LOVED, had no impact on his problem, and in fact it began to escalate.

SEVEN days after we brought the kitten home, he began bleeding considerably into his runny stool, even though his appetite was voracious as ever. I called the Pet Emporium and "Vicki" placed the blame for the kitten's problem on his food change. When I pointed out that the kitten was NOT sent home with the same food I knew he had been eating at the pet store, Vicki adamantly responded that nothing had been changed and that the kitten WAS sent home with his usual food and that I was at fault for changing the kitten's diet against instructions, hence the diarrhea problem. The fact that the kitten was bleeding into his stool seemed to be of no additional consequence to this woman. She repeated that the kitten was stressed and that his diet had been changed and that I was to place him BACK on the food he was sent home with, (which he clearly detested). In my gut I felt this employee was counting on my ignorance and was making up anything that sounded official to get me off the phone.

The next morning, the kitten was less vigorous, pale, and "floppy". The amount of blood coming out of this tiny creature was alarming and I recognized the signs of anemia as I watched him. I felt obligated to phone the pet store again not for advice (which was patently unreliable) but to inform them of the situation. Vicki said the kitten was pale because it was dehydrated (?!?) and suggested feeding the kitten human baby food mixed with human baby rice cereal. If the situation wasn't so dire, I would have laughed. This woman's advice, in the face of all the facts, was ignorance beyond measure and a potential death sentence to the kitten if followed. Within an hour I whisked the kitten to our OWN vet a street away.

It was immediately clear that the kitten was underweight for his age (barely over 2 lbs. at 14 weeks), and had a longstanding inflammation of his intestines. The chalky patch on the kitten's shoulder was becoming a bald patch with flaky skin, which when put under a black light glowed like a light bulb: a certain sign of some kind of fungus. The kitten was placed immediately on a regime of Metronidazole (anti-infective) and a topical medication for the fungus.

I took the paperwork showing these findings to the Frisky Pet Emporium personally, and was subsequently witness to some of the worst B.S.-ing I've ever heard in one sitting. Returning to the subject of the discrepancy in the appearance of the kitten's food from store to house I was told that the small, dark brown pieces had been SOAKED IN WATER to make them look like those large HARD yellow-brown pieces I had seen in his cage. ( A kitchen test at home proved this was a bogus of many). They claimed his prescribed medication was actually indicated for de-worming, not as an anti-infective, and that it was not an appropriate treatment for the kitten's diarrhea (though in truth it killed the diarrhea after the FIRST DOSE) . They swore by pet kaopectate as an instant and permanent cure for all diarrhea and spewed stories of its miracles to me, even proffering a free sample for me to take home and try on the kitten IN PLACE of its prescribed meds. (!!!)

The ruthlessness of the employees at Frisky Pet Emporium to keep their clients misinformed and their sales final was (and IS) the most lethal example of criminal disregard for the welfare of their clients and animals we've had the misfortune to be mixed up in.

OCTOBER 7, 2008: Six weeks of treatment, which have so far cost over $714.00, have slowly begun to bring the kitten back into the level of health he should have been in when we saw him at the pet store August 30. It may have been easier to have returned him to his fate at the pet store when the level of his ill health was realized, but he was fighting for his life harder than the pet store ever would have, and no animal should be left to die just to prove a point.

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  • Ju
    Judee723 Oct 07, 2008

    Are you living under a rock??? Have you never seen the horrible places that breed these pet shop animals. The mothers are kept in cramped cages and forced to breed over and over again without ever knowing human contact. The surviving kitten are nothing but a cash crop to these breeders. Kitten and puppy mills are one of the scourges of our society. Do a little research next time and visit your local humane society.

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  • Me
    Mel Oct 08, 2008

    Okay, Judy,

    While I'm sure you've been waiting to tell someone off like that all week, you're not getting the full picture. I never claimed that I thought pet shops should be one of the most trustworthy places in the world to get a pet or that I was shocked to find out otherwise. They are what they are and you take your chances with any of them. We've had good luck and bad luck and one never knows which one it's going to be until the animal is home.

    THAT BEING SAID...this was as much a case of unscrupulous customer service practices and deliberate deceit on the part of the employees there as it was a case of animal neglect. These people were willing to endanger the health and life of the pet (as well as the other pets in the pet shop) by denying that it ever had a problem and even suggesting that we NOT administer it's prescribed medication because they claimed the vet had made a misdiagnosis. We would no longer have a kitten if we had followed that advice. THAT was the most important message in the article.

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  • Me
    me Oct 08, 2008

    uhh hi, i just wanted to post my self on a blog type thing. hehehe bye

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  • Me
    Mel Oct 09, 2008

    Person who uses the alias "Me" : Start your own blog if you want to be a smart aleck.

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  • Le
    Leslo59 Dec 20, 2008

    "We would no longer have the kitten . . ."

    I'm amazed that, after realizing your kitten was severely sick when you purchased him, even after the clerk assured you he had "been evaluated and approved by a vet", even after receiving many bogus claims from the store employees, that you still seemed surprised that they would have no compassion for you or for the kitten and instead would blame your actions for its continued illness.

    I must hand it to you for keeping the kitten and not giving it back to die at the hands of those awful people - many folks would not have been so heroic. Thank you.

    In the future, please keep in mind that the $2, 200 you spent could have saved approximately 27 of the 31, 000 HEALTHY animals put down in Clark County every year! Patronizing pet stores allows commercial breeders of dogs, cats, and other animls to remain in business and for this number to remain constant or to rise.

    BTW, if you are interested, there will be a protest against this pet store tomorrow, Saturday, Dec 20, 12-2pm.

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  • De
    devilsadvocate4education Mar 09, 2009

    An abrubt switch in food can cause digestion problems, I do believe it is even in their purchase contract (I know it used to be)? You mention a paper bag? Did you not purchase a bag of food that the kitten had been on? Even if a food sucks and you intend to switch, you should always purchase a small bag that the pet is already on to help avoid more stomach issues aside from those caused by stress in general. Most of their abby's are locally bred in home as well by a private breeder. Truly fabulous Abby's (I'm speaking specifically of the abby's here). It is unfortunate that cats are carriers of ringworm (more common in purebreds), but true. Not uncommon for a kitten to break out during periods of stress. *just my opinions*

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  • Me
    Mel Apr 05, 2009


    Just my opinion, but whatever education you specialize in quite apparently does not include comprehensive reading. For your benefit, I will repeat the fact that the pet store CLAIMED vehemently that the bag of food they were sending home with us was indeed the animal's regular diet, and that it was to be blended gradually into the diet WE intended to give him. The sealed paper bag at the time of purchase did not betray the fact that the kitten clearly had been eating another brand of food entirely while in his cage, which I noted. It's very likely that the pet store had the kitten on a prescribed diet to alleviate his gastrointestinal problems, which would not go over well with a new buyer, and so they took the chance that we wouldn't recognize the difference in the two brands when they handed us the over-the-counter cat food and tried to pass it off as the same thing the kitten had been seen eating in his cage. The kitten liked the food in his cage, and patently refused to touch the hard, greasy food from the paper bag he was sent home with. He still had to eat, since he was already underweight, so I had little option but to put him on another brand, knowing that more diarrhea to some extent would result.

    *The kitten ultimately tested positive for fungus, but negative for ringworm. It still took 3 separate types of medication to eradicate the lesions, which have never returned.

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  • An
    Animal Lover Apr 17, 2009

    Interesting because I wittnessed an employee picking up a cat by it's tail in the store. Animal Control was called.

    What a piece of ### the owner of the pet store is. I hope someone gives him/her fungus so he/she can bleed out her rectum and feed him/her out of a paper bag. But as a small business owner he/she probably doesn't have insurance and would just wind up at UMC for me to pay the bill. May he/she can go to his/her recommended vet for that incredible care your cat received.

    I hate pet stores.

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  • He
    heidi postma Aug 15, 2009

    Hello, i am writing in context to the visit i had to that awful pet emporium in the meadows mall, first of all the children that they have working there with there bad attitudes and completly no intterest in there job personalities was a sign of what was to come toward the back of the store. I took my children in to see some cute furry friends awaiting adoption to only be disqusted by the overly small cages and cleaniness of them. Inside the awful jailike cages there were no beds or newspaper or anything soft for them to lay on for that matter all they have to walk around on all day with there little paws is that metal grid. Now the thing that bothered me the most and kept me from sleeping last night was the full grown english bulldog in the small metal cage, he was laying there, hopeless looking, he could not stand upright or turn around if he wanted to, when i proceded to ask the terrible teenage workers how long he has been there and they said since he was 8 weeks old, he now looks approximatly 8 months, they are asking a very very high price for him and I wish if this pet shop had a heart for pets that they woulod let him go for alot less of a price so that he could have a happy home and run around and be able to live his life the way nit is meant to be lived. I have a bulldog myself and would love to take him home so that my puppy could have him for a friend but i just cannot afford at the momennt, because i sure asked my husband if we could save him. Hopefully this blog will let someone know that there is a beautiful english bulldog awaiting a loving home, my phone # is 702-400-2388 if you have any questions and my name is Heidi, thank you for taking the time to read this.

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  • Ch
    Chessplayer75 Sep 06, 2009

    I disagree with all of your attitudes. I bought my pekingese from that pet store five years ago and even then the store employees were nice and courteous. Its been the best dog Ive ever had, I couldn't have asked for a better companion. I walked in again a few days ago and the store looked a lot nicer, cleaner and smelled great. The staff was helpful, the dogs looked happy and healthy. I soon discovered a the cutest little peke I had ever seen. It was a few months old, very nice temperament, but just a little outta my price range. But the helpful staff was willing to work out a deal if the puppy would find a nice home. So I bought the little guy and hes been amazing, now my other one has a playmate. I had a great experience at this store and if i were to need another peke I wouldn't hesitated to pay them a visit. You can really tell the love their animals and enjoy their work. This was the cleanest pet store i have been to. I look forward to my next visit.

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  • Je
    jesica Sep 25, 2009

    I purchased a puppy from this crap store. I had the same treatment and the owner is even worse. There are lots of complaints about this place frankly I have no idea how they stay in business.

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  • Pe
    Pet Lover 1 Apr 03, 2010

    I went in there yesterday. I had never before been in this store and was completely SHOCKED beyond belief. All the poor animal there looked as if they were dead. I have a puppy of my own and she is the most sparky full of life little being around. When I first walked up I noticed the puppies were all sleepy and so under weight I could see all their ribs and they had nothing to even lay on except for the metal grates. When I tapped the glass no response at all, this was odd to me because no matter how tired my little puppy is when she thinks it might be time to play she sits up and is ready to go full of energy. There was also a couple there and they too felt the puppies looked bad. How can this go on why are they allowed to still be in buisness. It brakes my heart to see such cruelty to animals. I also wonder when they are ever let out of their jail cells. I mean an animal is the most inocent creature around and we give criminals in jails a break outside to walk around a breath of fresh air, but not a poor helpless animal that can only rely on you for anything. I didn't talk to the workers there. But I could just tell they were not interesed in the animals at all. I can not stress enough that ANIMALS RELY ON US TO TAKE CARE OF THEM!!

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  • Fr
    frisky pets Aug 02, 2010

    If you wanted anyone to take these comments seriously you would clean up your language and sound intelligant!!!

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  • Dr
    dredre Sep 24, 2010

    I know this may be an old post but i wanted to comment that I too bought a kitten from this store.I was also given the same B.S about the kittens food.He would not eat it and i didnt want him to starve so i bought different cat food which he was very pleased with.Fortunately he did not have any digestive issues and seems to be very healthy right now.I dont believe this store should have any more business though.Not just for the BS to customers but the conditions of the animals there.They all look like the animals from documentaries on breeding mills.It horrifies me to see them in their glass jail.

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