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Fremont Ford, Newark, CA - Worst Exerience Ever, Desrespectful Attitude towards Customer

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I bought an used 1995 Honda Civic from them about 10 years ago. They sold me the car "as is" and it was modified with a tip on the exhaust (it makes a very loud sound as you accelerate and shift gear) which in California, was illegal. I was not thinking that something a car dealer ship would sell has something illegal on it so I agreed to buy it "as is". A few years later, I got pulled over by a Highway Patrol and got a warning along with a fix it ticket. The officer told me, if I bought the car like this, the dealer has to fix it because it's illegal for them to sell it to a consumer like that. So, I went to Fremont Ford and tried to talk to the manager.

After telling him my situation, he laughed out loud for everyone to hear, and started telling his co-workers how funny my situation was and that it was even funnier that I actually came to ask him to see if they can fix it. I told the manager the police officer had told me that what his dealership did was illegal and that I have the right to ask you to fix it.

He took one look at my signed finance agreement that I had in my hand and said "you bought this car like 3 years ago!" So I said "Yeah, and?" He just started laughing loudly again trying to get laughs from his co-workers to laugh with him so that he didn't look like an ### and made everyone thought that I was wrong to think that I can ask them for help.

I was so embarrassed and hurt, I just left. Being a woman and get treated like that in front of 10 men + 1 ###, I felt as though I was raped.

Too bad I was too young and didn't think to collect information about the ### manager so that I can report him to BBB.

I just hope whatever it is or however it is, he pays for his mistakes in some way to teach him a lesson: treat people with respect.

I know making this complaint now is too late to make anything happen, but I just read another complaint about this dealership today and thought everyone should know how horrific their customer service is.

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Feb 28, 2010 8:20 am

Hello Robert Dolan,

I bought a car from your dealership a few years back and a guy by the name of Kyle (African American) and a few other people surrounded were bragging how much profit they made on my car after I purchased it. I walked by and it was so horrible. Anyway, I hope you got rid of that guy, he is bad business.

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May 17, 2008 8:20 am

I would like to start this off with a sincere apology for the actions of management during previous ownership. There must be some more to this, I would never be a member of any sales team with such a blatant disregard for its customers! I’ve been a proud member of the sales team at Fremont Ford since March of 2008. Meeting the needs of my customers is my only concern. I strive to provide my customers with the respect they deserve! I couldn’t make my living by selling cars without the respect and trust of the people I serve. Please feel free to contact me directly at the dealership. Ask for Robert Dolan/floor sales

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