fredrick golstein & zoealleged credit card balance


I have received numerous phone calls to my house and my family members homes that i dont even know their numbers. They are threatening to take me to court on a civil case that has been filed with my county. When asked what this was in reference to, they said that i had an outstanding balance with The Bank of Marin Visa in the amount of $2000. I told "James Salvatorie" ( imposing himself as a investigator of free lidigation) that i do not have a credit card other than my bank check card. He stated that i opened an account with that Visa card in 2002. I told him that it has never been on my credit report because i have purshased 2 homes and 3 cars and that it never cameout. I asked him numerous times to email me a copy of what i had supposedly applied for so that i could foward it to me lawyer. He then stated that he couldnt do that because it was evidence. I then asked for the lawyers, license number and he hung up on me. i looked on the internet on the name of where they were located and i couldnt find the company. I called back and told him to spell the name of the lawyer because i couldnt find "the lawyer" in the lawyer database. He then started to laugh and was trying to tell me that he had to go because he had other cases to attend to. Then i asked him what time the lawyer would be in so that we could conference call him and take care of this matter.. he laughed and told me to call him and he would transfer me to the lawyer. THIS IS A SCAM!!! MY LAWYER IN THE SMALL TOWN I LIVE IN WILL CONTACT THIS COMPANY.

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