Fred Anderson Toyota of Sanfordnot fixing my issue

J Sep 11, 2018

I have a 2018 Toyota Tacoma sport 4x4. I purchased with 4 miles. 30 days window my truck was in the service shop due to a shuttering issue. Service department had my truck over the weekend. Test drove it over 80 miles and stated they did not feel the issue, Service Manager Jeff Deymer test drove the truck with within a mile or less he felt the issue. Why test drive over 80 miles on brand new truck? Mr.DeMyer stated it was a drive cycle and nothing he can do, I just need to continue to drive due to me having a warranty. First oil change I brought up the attention to the service department Luther White he stated they should of scheduled me on a weekday not the weekend and did not fix my issue.Mr.White stated he felt the shutter issue when he was driving the truck around the back for oil change service.Mr.white did state he was printing off my ticket and placing it on manager desk to be contacted. I had to call back three days after due to not receiving a call back.I've taken my truck to another Toyota dealer due to how unprofessional the crew was.Around August 17th 2018, took the Tacoma back into service department for the same shuttering issue.Shutters and rpm revs up.Shuttering happens around 40 and up mph.Truck almost stalled out in middle of road at one point of time.Dealer did update my computer, code read for a shutter issue. Still did not fix my problem. I'm getting the run around with dealers.I would like answers and have this resolved quickly as possible.

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