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Frank is the absolute worst and I kick myself every day for using him. He comes to your house and shows you a bunch of magazine-quality shots on his fancy Mac laptop, all the while acting cool and soaking in the "oohhs and ahhhs" these 50 shots are sure to produce. He then produces a contract that seems "ok" on the surface but I'll break it down for you here. Learn from my mistakes, because if I had come across this review in my search, I would've saved myself over $6k and my family a lot of tears. The exact problems I ran into him were written in some fancy legal language on the contract, thereby protecting him.

- He's not responsible if any important shots are not taken--->He never took a picture of my mother and I (the bride) or of my sister (maid of honor) and I. Nor are there ones of the 3 of us together. You tell me, what photographer calling himself a "professional wedding photographer" doesn't get these photos? Also, there is just 1 photo of us and my family together in a formal shot. Out of almost 1500.

- All images are the property of the studio--->None of his super fancy packages off the image files and unless you know to ask ahead of time, they won't even be mentioned. We didn't know to ask, unfortunately, and followed some ill-conceived advice of a recent bride who said, "They all do that nowadays since they're just files on the computer. They'll give you a disk with the images. What are they going to do with them anyway, they're taking up a lot of hard drive space!" NO...they DON'T all do it nowadays. In fact, Frank Dimeo would rather spend thousands of dollars on external hard drives to hold your images hostage than give them to you. That is, unless you write home out another check for a fat $1k. That's on top of the minimum $5k you'll be spending anyway.

-If you read other photographer contracts and websites and then read Frank's contract, you'll notice that any explicit time frame is missing. That's because he doesn't want to be held accountable for the length of time it takes him to get you the images. TO VIEW ON PICTAGE. Remember, you can only look, but can't touch at this point without paying more. It took him over 7 months to get us ours and when I asked I got one one song and dance after another. First it was his Pacemaker was misfiring and he had to have surgery to fix, then he had pneumonia. All the while shooting other weddings and raking in thousands of dollars more, of course.

- When you contact him to ask about the whereabouts of the products you paid a lot of money for you get a complete attitude and then you start to worry that you pissed him off and he's being spiteful because...

- His actual work is marginal at best. Sure you puts you up on his blog and you feel like a star because there are these 10-14 AMAZING shots that blow not only your mind, but all of his potential client's minds. But once you see the other 1400 or so...the first thing that come to mind is, "I paid 2 months worth of paychecks for THIS?" Save for a handful of shots, all were any picture that your "typical" wedding photographer could have taken...for 1/3 of the price. A recent bride who saw my photos (without hearing my story) asked me if I went the route of "getting a junior college photography student like some people do these days to cut costs." That is no lie. Of course she felt terrible when I burst into tears after the fact.

- He actually had the gaul to question my decision and to make me feel bad for "only" giving the vendors the $60 chicken meal instead of the $100 filet meal. In fact, this was in the same breath that he told me he's bringing along an assistant that needed to be fed as well...2 days before the event.

- In every single conversation and email exchange you will have with Frank, you will always get at least 1 mention of how swamped he is and how backed up. But in the almost 4 years since I first made contact with him, he's never brought on help. His reasoning is "because I want nothing but the best for my brides and noone is good enough." The other day he told me how he was booked solid for the next 7 weekends. You do the math: 7 weddings at an average of $6k PER wedding? That's $42k in less than 2 months! You mean to tell me he can't find a suitable helper when he's able to pay a pretty decent wage base just on his earnings in 2 months? It's greed. Pure and simple greed.


  • Dp
    dplepage Dec 13, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy Frank's services - my wife and I hired him for our wedding this past July, and his work was exemplary. He took hundreds of photos, and every single one turned out beautifully. What's more, he managed to capture every special moment, from our friends meeting at the rehearsal dinner to my grandmother dancing at the reception, and yet he somehow managed never to be in the way. He responded quickly every time we contacted him, took every shot we requested, and was very prompt in sending us our photos - indeed, we received the photos well before the results of any of our other vendors.
    You can certainly find photographers who will do a wedding for less, but I doubt you'll get results even half as good as we did with Frank.

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  • Pe
    Perturbed in Portland Dec 13, 2010

    It saddens me to see someone treat another human being this way. It seems that if something like specific pictures with specific people is so important it's worth freaking-out over, you ought to have had a very clear conversation with Frank before the wedding, making your wishes very clear. He was the photographer for our wedding, and beforehand, Frank asked us exactly where and with whom we'd like our pictures taken. For example, the family shot was important to us, so we specifically asked for several. As a result, we ended up with literally hundreds of spectacular photographs that captured moments we specifically asked for, in addition to so many beautiful shots we couldn't possibly have imagined ahead of time. Both my wife and I are grateful for the massive photo album Frank shot for us, and I am terribly bothered to see the way the author of this angry review has done her best to drag Frank's name through the mud all over the internet, simply because she failed to read the contract before signing or, apparently, express her simple wishes to Frank before the wedding.

    His contract was very clear, even to my wife and I who are the least legally-minded types you'll find, and it stated exactly how many photos, and in what form, would be printed, displayed, or otherwise packaged. The contract actually specifically addressed the issues of digital files and contentment with the final product. (Actually, if you had read about his different packages, you'd have learned that many of them DO include a DVD of the digital files.) If your contract didn't say you'd get digital files, why would you assume you'd get them? Because your friend told you you would? If you go in to buy a new car, and your friend tells you it should come with a free puppy, would you sue the car company when just the car showed up at your house?

    The bottom line in all of this is that this bride's disappointment could have easily been avoided if she had read the contract carefully before signing (and asked for help if she didn't understand it), made an effort at clear and genuine communication with the photographer--such an important person at her wedding, and maintained a little compassion for someone who is so obviously struggling to balance health and family issues during the most stressful time of his year. My God, you're slandering someone all over the internet for delayed photo processing after finding out the reason was pneumonia and that the poor guy's heart stopped beating? Shame on you!

    This seems to be more a case of a deeply troubled and vindictive "Bridezilla" than any kind of malfeasance on the part of a hard-working and talented photographer. I would implore the author of the above scathing review to reconsider the repercussions of her actions on someone who has three months of wedding season to make a year's salary for his family. When you realize how cruel you're being, please remove your harmful posts from the internet. It's so sad to see an adult mistreat others in this way...

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  • Ja
    J & L Dec 13, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am quite shocked at the negative review. It’s the first time since I met Frank 3 years ago that I see a negative review about his professionalism and work ethic. Frank was always friendly and professional. One thing he emphasized from the start was communication. Given that he deals with different cultures and couples who follow different traditions, he wanted to make sure he captured every special moment during the ceremony and throughout the reception.

    For us the contract was quite simple. He mailed the digital negatives immediately after we requested them. It was all in the contract.

    Searching for a wedding photographer could be as arduous as searching for the perfect wedding dress. Fortunately for me, I found both in a relative short period of time. Frank’s wedding photographs had something in common; they captured candid emotions. I knew that’s what I wanted for my wedding. Through it all Frank was as understanding of our complicated schedule (professional careers, constant travel and relocating) as we were of his. Our professional relationship coupled with our understanding and respect for the demands of our professions, made for a final product so beautiful and perfect it exceeded all expectations.

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  • Ca
    Cascade Dec 14, 2010

    Good grief. Let's hope the groom gets a better rating! Frank was the photographer for our son's wedding. In the last thirty years I've encountered several wedding photographers and Frank was by far the best. He was creative. He was personable. He was willing to work with a rowdy crowd and enjoy every one of them. Frank gets our whole hearted recommendation.

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  • Dr
    Drs Willis Dec 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I completely disagree with this review of Frank. My husband and I hired Frank DiMeo to photograph our wedding in 2007. We have both said on numerous occasions that it was the best decision we ever made. We knew from the moment we saw his images/blog that he was the one we wanted to photograph our wedding and he did not disappoint. Frank's images have a quality about them that was lacking in other photographer's images. They truly captured the emotion of the moments in such a private and intimate way.
    Working with Frank was wonderful. He was always responsive and courteous. He even accommodated us when we changed our wedding date a few weeks after we booked him. On the day of our wedding Frank was amazing! He worked incredibly hard and stayed late to make sure he didn't miss a thing. He will go to any length to get the shot, even laying on the ground during the ceremony to get a great angle (we told him this was ok). One of my favorite things about working with Frank was how receptive he was to suggestions from us. When I expressed that we wanted to take some pictures at a special location he was thrilled and the images that he produced were magical.

    In summary we were beyond thrilled with Frank and his work. Our wedding pictures were everything we could have hoped for and captured our day perfectly. We just recently made three huge canvas prints of our wedding photos to hang up in our home and we adore them. In addition, Frank did an amazing job of taking pictures of our guests. Some of the portraits of friends and family that he took were stunning and our guests were able to take away some amazing pictures of their own from our wedding. I can without a doubt recommend Frank as a wedding photographer. He was everything he promised to be and more.
    In specific regards to the negative commenter I want to make the following two points. First, Frank was very up front with us when we initially met with him that he is not always the fastest at getting images back after the wedding, due to the amount of time he spends on post-processing. We were fine with this and decided we would rather have an artist like Frank than a photographer that just takes pictures and churns them out quickly. With that being said in our experience we had 10 teaser images within 2 days of the wedding and over a hundred images within a month. The rest of our images were a little slower to get to us since Frank was experiencing some health issues.

    Second, in regards to the comment that images were "held hostage" we found that this could not be further from the truth. Frank's contract was very clear when we booked him. If you opted to get proofs of all the images then a $1000 fee would be charged to obtain the digital image files 1 year after the wedding. This was pretty standard in terms of wedding photography contracts we looked at and in fact the fee was on the low end. If you opted not to get the proofs then this fee would be waived and the images would be given to you immediately. This is what we opted to do and Frank sent us CD's of the images immediately along with a signed note releasing the images so that we could do what we wanted with them. It could not have been easier!

    Please do not take too much stock in one negative person's comments but instead look at all of the people who had amazing experiences with Frank.

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  • Nl
    Nlara Dec 14, 2010

    My husband and I had a great overall experience with Frank Dimeo. Over the years I have developed a discerning taste for photography while working in the design/advertising industry. I have worked with many photographers professionally and have come to realize and understand that each and everyone is unique and has special talents all their own. In Frank's case, he is truly talented at capturing real and natural emotions on one of the most important days of your life. From the first time I saw Frank's work I knew that I wanted to hire him as my wedding photographer. I loved how natural, real, and emotional his photographs were. Just by looking at the pictures I could get a sense for people I didn't even know. It takes true talent and hard work to capture people in that way. When it came to my wedding day, I wanted to have photos that really spoke to the occasion, the people, the emotions that were shared and the fun that we had. That is exactly what Frank delivered...and beautifully!! What some people don't understand is that you just don't get the kind of images that have feeling when you hire a canned photographer who is constantly posing you and telling you to smile for the camera. The best images happen on their own and Frank has a magnificent way of capturing those moments and turning them into artwork for you to keep always. I can honestly say that I lost count of how many brides had told me that they were jealous of my wedding photos and wish they had hired a better photographer like Frank.

    On another note, I have read a previous negative post on-line regarding Frank, his professionalism, and his work. I was totally shocked and upset at the vindictive things that his woman was saying. I found NONE of her accusations to be true! What is this girl trying to do? Purposefully put this man out of business? It's absolutely horrible! I think she may have watched one too many episodes of Bridezilla. I want to take this time to respond to her comments and give my honest opinion of Frank and my experience working with him.

    -Frank is very professional and at the same time an all around nice guy. We spent many hours talking about the wedding, the types of shots we had in mind and the location etc. I could tell that he really cares about delivering the best images possible and making the time spent with him count. The contract that he uses is very clear cut and easy to understand (if you read the whole thing of course). I am not well versed in legal writing, however I can read and I understood every aspect of what I was signing on for, what I was going to pay, and what I was going to receive. No problems! Everything was delivered as I expected (and even more).

    -Frank shoots real life images. He loves people and has a great enthusiasm for photography. He is not the type of photographer who comes to the wedding with a predetermined list of images to shoot (I know a lot of photographers who do this...its very impersonal and the images suffer greatly). You must understand that shooting real moments is his strong suit and is amazingly good at doing so. He doesn't prod you and pose you all night long. He captures the event as is happens, which is why the images are so personal. Anyone who views Frank's work can easily see that this is his style. This style may not be for everyone...but I knew it was what my husband and I wanted and we were more than pleased with our photos. Sholden mentions that Frank neglected to capture some important photos of her family. Well, maybe she should of just asked him for some! If you are spending a lot of money on a wedding vendor you should be sure to communicate clearly if there are any specific images you MUST have. From my experience, I knew frank did not tend to pose people for photos, I did want a couple of specific images, I asked him for them and he happily took many. But for the majority he spent his time at the wedding busting his butt, running around and capturing some great moments that I would of never seen otherwise. For example, I would much rather have a photo of my mom and dad dancing and smiling and laughing rather than my mom and dad standing next to each other saying cheese for the camera. Frank shoots what really happens!

    -Frank is an artist as well as a photographer, and yes, his images belong to him just like fine art. Again, In his contract it does clearly state that the images are not included on disc unless you pay for them. He takes great pride in his work and being an artist myself I understand this. I wouldn't expect him to just hand them over free of charge. As for the cost of hiring him, "you get what you pay for". Frank is not in the business to rip you off, like sholden eludes. I do know other photographers with similar quality of work and they are also priced the same as Frank. I know that a lot of Franks clients have a background in the arts. That obviously means that the people who have an appreciation and education in the field would prefer him to shoot their wedding knowing the quality of images he produces. That itself speaks volumes for his good reputation.

    -Never, in all of my conversations or dealings with Frank did I ever receive an attitude or any other form of unprofessional behavior. We talked multiple times before the wedding and in the end I felt like he was as much my friend as my wedding photographer. A genuine, sweet, nice guy! All of the wedding guests loved him and he has a great way of making you feel comfortable while taking your photograph.. Most wedding photographers DO NOT posses this quality! Many are awkward, lurk around the wedding and ask you to get in groups and smile for the camera. You end up paying about $3, 500 for images your little sister could take.

    -sholden complains about the amount of time it took for him to deliver her images. My god...give the man a break!!! He had a pacemaker put in and another family emergency to tend to. Have a little compassion and understanding!! What kind of human being are you? Enough said.

    Overall, I would not hesitate one second when recommending Frank as a wedding photographer. Yes, you can find cheaper photographers like sholden suggests, but you won't get the same quality of work. I believe she says " the quality of work would make him better suited to teach a HS photography class". That is an absolute horrible and slanderous thing to say! It couldn't be farther from the truth. She obviously knows nothing about photography and probably couldn't tell a good image from a bad one anyway. Frank is a highly regarded photographer in the industry. Its a fact! I have about 1000 images to prove it!

    I think sholden would of been better off hiring someone else! For Frank's sake, I wish she had. She obviously doesn't appreciate great photography...or maybe doesn't even know the difference. She is writing negative reviews on the basis of having to wait a bit longer for her photos and not understanding the contract...? If she didn't understand the contract she should of just asked for help. I hope she comes to her senses, stops acting like child and removes the poor comments she has left on-line.

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  • Th
    Thi&Ken Dec 15, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I completely disagree with this complaint. If the bride is so picky, which from her post it seems she is, she should have made clear her needs and requirements. Absolutely everything that I asked Frank for before, during and after the wedding was taken care of. He was accommodating, friendly and everyone at our rehearsal and wedding absolutely loved him! Anyone who reads her complaint and sees the responses would know that this is just one bitter bride. It's sad how vengeful people can be on the internet when there is no accountability... I wonder if she'd be bold enough to say these things out loud. Because I'm sure if she had made her concerns clear with Frank, there would have been a good compromise for both parties. I'll say that my husband and I had to do some re-negotiating with Frank because we wanted him longer than our contract was originally signed for, but we were able to come to an agreement that was fair for all. Shame on you S_Holden, you obviously don't know the difference between an experienced photographer and a college student.

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  • Mr
    MrsPost Dec 15, 2010

    This complaint is one of the most surprising things I've ever read, since we absolutely loved working with Frank DiMeo. Three years into our marriage, his pictures of our wedding remain my absolute favorite wedding gift. Of course we paid for his valuable, professional, heartfelt services on our special day, but what we got was something money cannot buy - memories and moments that will last a lifetime.

    Steve and I are both creative professionals, and we looked high and low for the perfect photographer to share our wedding with us and with our loved ones. We knew Frank was "the one" as soon as we met him.

    We greatly enjoyed our collaboration with Frank as we prepared for the wedding - in fact we had many specific requests before and after the wedding that Frank honored and even helped us with. He was flexible with our contract, making sure it detailed out what was important to us. I am surprised to hear any bride say Frank isn't professional or above-board with his contracts, since we worked amicably with Frank to create a custom contract we were all happy with.

    Through our engagement shoot and wedding weekend, Frank was professional, creative, fun, and practically became a member of our families. In fact I think he and my mother still exchange Christmas cards. We came to love Frank for all the heart and passion he was putting into our weekend, despite his heart troubles and recent surgery. No health concerns in the world could convince him to slow down for one second during our reception, and as a result we got more than 1, 000 amazing images (including all the family shots we requested).

    If we experienced any trouble with our images, it was our own inability to choose the selected shots for our album ... it took us over a year! It's really hard when all 1300 shots have such meaning and are so beautiful. So, in terms of timeliness and responsiveness, we definitely enjoyed seeing our blog post and slide show shortly after our wedding, enjoyed sharing the amazing worth-the-wait wedding shots, and enjoyed the fact that we could take our time choosing the images that would make it into our book.

    In fact, that's some advice I have for all brides - don't choose right away. Take a little time until you can look at all your pictures without worrying about ridiculous details like that stray hair or your eye shadow or the way your earring was sitting. When you can truly see your wedding pictures as a testament to your love, you are ready to order your album. Frank's work is so stunning, you will need a little time and space to truly appreciate the images.

    I would recommend Frank without hesitation, and I would tell all brides that if you're lucky enough to schedule Frank for your wedding, your marriage will be off to a beautiful start. I still watch my slide show and look at my album frequently, and wouldn't change one thing.

    I'm not sure how the author of the negative review can possibly be talking about the same sweet man whom we are so proud to call our friend, and the man we will travel from Ohio to New York to see and have photos taken of our growing family.

    I blogged about my experiences with Frank throughout our engagement: visit and click on "Photography" or look up our beautiful slide show at

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  • Av
    avya Dec 16, 2010

    From all of the recent postings, I think it is obvious that Fnak Di Meo is an exemplary photographer, a consummate professional, a gentle man who is 100% committed to assuring that his clients are 100% satisfied with his services.
    We met Frank when he shot my daughter's friend's wedding in Ithaca. The images from her wedding were exquisite. We knew from that experience---watching Frank work, his total dedication to every detail, that he would be our wedding photographer when my daughter got married.
    We enlisted his services for both an engagement session and the wedding. He came to the rehearsal dinner (it was not in the contract, we were not charged, he wanted to be there to meet everyone before the wedding), shot magnificent photos at our home before the wedding, continued through the ceremony and reception--a total of 8 + hours. Less than 12 hours later, he presented a 200 image slide show at the brunch on the morning after the wedding.
    The shots were beautiful beyond description.
    Not only did he capture all the "standard photos"--e.g. the bridal party, ceremony, mother and bride, mother and groom, etc, .. he also captured the most amazing candids---the bride and groom, members of the wedding party, guests at the wedding---ranging from little ones to friends of the bride and groom, older members of the family. The candids captured the unique essence of our wedding, every time we look at them, they bring back all the joyous memories of the day.
    Other professional photographers were guests at the wedding---they commented on Frank's professionalism, absolute total dedication---he never stopped taking pictures! I still don't know when he ate dinner. Our experience with him was exemplary. He was upfront, honest about all the costs and absolutely delivered 100, 000%.
    All a prospective bride has to do is look at Frank's and see all the amazing images of brides from different backgrounds, in different settings, photos of fathers and mothers, the bride and groom, candids of all the guests. These images speak for themselves and are a testament to Frank's amazing gifts as a photographer and a human being.
    I absolutely, totally recommend him without hesitation. You will be thrilled with the extraordinary collection of photographs that he creates for your and will cherish them for the rest of your life.

    Angela Harris

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  • Le
    lexiecow Dec 16, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I do not agree with this complaint at all. DiMeo Photography is fantastic. Frank DiMeo is a professional. He spends an incredible amount of time with you on your engagement shoot. It was so great to get to know him and for him to know us, because on the wedding day, we were like old friends. His engagement photos and the guest book album he made for us were stunning. I heard later from my wedding planner that people were gushing over it as they signed it.
    He shot our rehearsal at the church and the dinner party afterward. We got such great images from having him there...a little more casual, a lot of great candid shots. It was awesome.
    At the wedding, I had an extensive list of shots that I wanted to have (formal portraits with the wedding party and also shots of certain people, certain groups, also I requested table shots). There were 200 guests and I really think he captured everyone at some point...which is so great to have forever. We kept Frank and his second shooter busy with that list, and all of their shots were amazing. We had some elaborate lighting going on at the reception and they captured that perfectly too. When I show people my pictures, they are in awe.
    Frank will be very honest with you about when he can get you the images. I got married in the middle of a busy wedding season and I got mine in a timely fashion.
    I am very disappointed to read the negative review of Frank. I can tell you that the contract is perfectly sound, fair, and clear. About the ownership of the images---Frank had that all laid out in the contract. You get what you pay for, simple as that. It's all written in black and white. Photography is an art, you pay for the images. Our's were included in our package price and on the contract, so I don't know what that girl is talking about. And about his work being marginal?? I don't agree with that at all. I wouldn't have paid him what I paid him if I thought his work was marginal. He has a realistic style, captures just the perfect moment where you can FEEL the emotion that was going on at that particular moment, right as you look at the photo. It is a beautiful style. I wanted photos that would make memories and touching moments rush back to my mind everytime I looked at them, and that's what I got. I really don't understand where this girl is coming from.

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  • Mo
    MOTB in Ohio Dec 23, 2010

    Frank Dimeo is one of the finest artists I have ever met - and I've just spent 25 years working in an art school, so I have ample background to say this. We had the privilege of having dinner with him for the rehearsal before my daughter and son-in-law's wedding. Frank spoke modestly of the education Kodak awarded him because of merit, and the potential the company saw in him. From that evening forward for the next two-and a half days, we watched Frank work tirelessly to capture this beautiful wedding staged against the backdrop of Keuka Lake in New York.

    Frank not only captured our pictures, he did a fabulous job of catching each subject looking just right or having just the best possible laugh with someone. This was a very emotion-charged wedding - such that I had to choke down tears during the vows - and Frank somehow delivered on making those emotions alive in the pictures.

    He is one of the most talented, professional individuals I have ever met. I would give him highest marks and references any time I could

    Tonia in Ohio

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  • Sa
    Sam loves Jenni Jan 02, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Wow. Can you tell the difference between an honest review and a disenchanted Bridezilla? I couldn't disagree more with this review. Frank Dimeo shot our wedding on 6/27/2010. Frank is an amazing photographer, a complete professional and an absolute gentleman. I couldn't recommend Frank anymore highly. He was a pleasure to work with, and his results were priceless. Our wedding day was a once in a lifetime event, and Frank captured it perfectly for us. The pictures on Frank's blog speak for themselves.

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  • La
    Larabee Oct 04, 2011

    Frank did my wedding, rehearsal and engagement photos. He was great. The moments he captured are awesome. His professional manner put my wife and I at total ease in being photographed. Plus, he made it fun! I highly reccommend his services.

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  • Pe
    Peacebewithyou Jul 07, 2014

    I agree with the original post! Same thing is happening to us! It's been over 9 months and we have yet to receive our pictures! And every time we try and contact him
    About it, we get an attitude and excuses as to why they aren't finished, yet he still does other weddings! I feel as if we got scammed!

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