Fountain Court ApartmentsDeposit not returned, maintainence not performed


The manager was never at the building except to collect rent. She often did not write receipts. She required cash or money order (because she pocketed the money.) She never performed any requested maintainence. She allows a towing company to tow tenants cars off the property when they live there. Once, a tow truck guy peeled my registration sticker off my license plate and tried to tow my car because "it was the law." She required 30 days notice that we were vacating even though we signed a lease specifying the dates we were to live there. She did not return my deposit nor specify the reasons why she didn't. She charges for regular wear and tear that should not be covered in my deposit. She tried to send me to collections but she was too stupid to realize that in her report she proved that she owed me money. In fact, the collections agency was pretty stupid too because they sent me a letter requesting my payment and I said, "dude, read your stuff, she owes me money." They never dealt with it and it showed up on my credit, but I've resolved it. She did not reply to phone calls, letters, or certified letters demanding my deposit. I would sue her if I had the time or energy. She is shady and the people she deals with are shady.

These apartments are actually really great and pretty fairly priced except for all the hell this lady has caused me. DO NOT MOVE IN HERE UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE OUT YOUR DEPOSIT.

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