• Valerie Aug 19, 2008

    We purchased a SONY camcorder from this company. The sales guy who sold it to my husband talked him into purchasing a special "package". When we received our camcorder, we were shorted on what we were to get. They were to give us 2 batteries and only gave us one. We were also told this package would include a quick charger for batteries. When I called NUMEROUS times to have corrected, they were rude and totally turned the tables on us saying that we were upgraded to a better battery, etc. I finally was told by this man (I think only 2 might work there!) that this was the 4th time I'd called and the last time I would contact their company! Unfortunately, we are out the money and didn't receive everything that was promised! I think this might be a fly by night company because of the way they treated us. They only put THE BEST reviews from customers online (I wouldn't doubt if they type them their selves!) I will never do any business with FOTOConnection again! Save yourself time, frustration, and MONEY!!

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  • Valerie Aug 19, 2008

    My girlfriend ordered a $154 Sony camera. She received an email stating that we needed to call back. That's when the "customer service" rep, SAM, proceeded to upsell her on a battery and a variety of other stuff. When she just told SAM to cancel, he threatened her with other charges (a 15% restocking fee even though the order was JUST placed. The restocking fee is discussed on the website in terms of returns, NOT canceled orders.) SAM also proceeded to "sweeten" the deal by adding a warranty and a camera cleaning case, even though none of it was asked for nor wanted (classic sleazy sales practice.)

    At this point, my girlfriend was very upset at SAM and asked for a manager. He transferred her around and around and then answered the phone himself as "the manager." She called him on it and said, "You're not the manager." He answered, "Today I am."

    "Then why didn't you just say that at the beginning?" This was going on for 10 minutes as I sat beside her. She was in near tears at being treated so badly.

    Eventually my GF relented and bought the $154 camera for $244. I told her not to do it and not to let them get away with this, but she was in tears from being bullied by SAM. Nope, *I* won't let them get away with this HORRIBLE behavior. STAY AWAY, Consumer. Stay FAR away. I wish my GF would've told me what she was doing before I walked in on her upset, but the camera was my Xmas gift. Otherwise, I would've told her to read the reviews of this sleazy retailer.

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  • Valerie Jul 14, 2008

    Ok the first thing is that I ordered a camera from FotoConnection. They sent me an email saying. Thank you for your order. In order to promptly process your order; please call me joegrant at, [protected] Ext. 2030. To confirm your order information, in order to ensure prompt delivery of your order. So I did and when I called Joegrant at Fotoconnection he said no that was the wrong camera and he would have to sale me the same camera at a higher price. About $300 more. When I said no I want the camera I paid for he then got mad and used some word that I wish not to use in this email. Most of the words he used were so bad that I would not even think a sailor would use. He then said he would not put the money back on my card and that was that. He then said f**k you and hanged. I tried to call back many time but he would not talk to me. I asked to speak with a manager and still no help. The customer service rep was extremely rude and threatening.

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  • Valerie Jul 01, 2008

    It took 20 days to deliver an item that I ordered online on 6/12/08. Since it took you much time to process and ship my purchase - I am so MAD AT YOUR SERVICE - IT *** A HUGE LEACH. Here is the history of my purchase:

    6/12/08 - I submitted order online

    6/18/08 - Fotoconnection questioned shipping address questioned as it is differed from billing address

    6/18/08 - I corrected with credit company of shipping and billing address disparity

    6/18/08 - I informed Fotoconnection that address disparity was corrected

    6/23/08 - I contacted Fotoconnection for a shipping tracking #. Customer service associate "Bobby" assured purchased item already in transit. I tracked shipment thru CEVALogistics - shipment was not found - "Bobby" provided incorrect tracking #.

    6/24/08 - I contacted Fotoconnection - unknown customer service associate advised that I should contact CEVALogistics for tracking #. Dealing with this associate was very disappointing, as some of associate's comments suggestive of racial innuendo. Call was transferred to customer service supervisor (Kevin AKA Andy) who provided correct tracking number. Kevin guaranteed the shipment should arrive 6/30/08 at the latest.

    6/27/08 - Tracking show merchandize was already in LAX.

    6/28/08 - (Saturday) No call received from shipper for delivery appointment

    6/29/08 (Sunday!) - Shipper/warehouse left a voicemail to call them for a delivery schedule.

    6/30/08 - Voicemail retrieved. I called shipper/warehouse to arrange for a Tuesday (7/1/08) delivery.

    Your services (customer service, shipping) *** like a huge leach!

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  • Valerie Jun 27, 2008

    I could write a book about FotoConnection from my bad dealings with them. I have finally gotten my money credited back to my account. They tried everything to prevent that from happening. They lied to me numerous times, they attempted to commit fraud and use Bait and Switch Tactics. They even threatened to sue me, because I got one over on those a$$holes. In the end I won, but they are still preying on innocent victims. If you do have to deal with them, tape records all conversations. The best advice is to not deal with them no matter how good the deal sounds...or you will end up getting burned.

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  • Valerie Jun 26, 2008

    "Super super bad customer service. One of representative told me that he's gonna come to my house and put his finger in my XXXhole!!! Unbelievable!!! I was complaining the SD card I purchased transfers files slower than I expected. I was trying to confirm if this is the right card that I ordered or not. (Btw, it is godigi sdcard for my slr camera) its transferring 10 mb/sec not 50 mb/sec as they described. And he said "why don't you keep downloading instead of spending time to call here?" CRAZY!!! No more business with them for me!!!"

    Watch out. They have dirty mouth. I’ll report this to police.

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  • Valerie Jun 25, 2008

    Sales associate when asked for his name or employee #, decided to cut the conversation and hang up the telephone.

    Another unrelated event, the associate is condescending, unhelpful and argumentative with racial overtone. I was trying to obtain a correct shipping tracking number, as the tracking information fotoconnection initially provided was incorrect, the sale associated insisted, I call the trucking company for the correct information, saying "what's difficult about that?." the associate shirks realize his responsibility by insisting the customer's to do it. The same associate, made up fotoconnection's order cancellation policy (within 48 hours of @#*&? I challenged that policy as it's not referenced in fotocconnection's policy.

    Fotoconnection advertises that orders will be shipped with xxx amount of time - consider what happened to my purchase. I ordered the merchandise on 6/12/08 with an upgraded shipment

    (3 Days Trucking Delivery (3-5 Days):

    3 Days Trucking Delivery guarantees that your package will arrive between 3 and 5 days from the date shipped. It is a fully insured type of shipping which includes delivery to your front door or garage and no steps are included Choose this option if you need your oversized package within a certain time period). after all unnecessary delays, which fotoconnection used to pressure sell extended warranties and accessory equipments, the trucking company finally picked-up the TV on 6/23. From the date the order was placed, the estimated delivery is 6/30, a total of 18 days - way to long.

    The trucking company picked-up the order on 6/23.

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  • Valerie Jun 17, 2008

    We ordered a camcorder n they told us that it comes w/ a battery that lasts 15-30 min. so we went with the upgrade that was $40 more. We waited over 7 days n still did not receive the camcorder. We looked on the internet, then noticed all the bad reviews n got really worried. We started calling to cancel n they said it was shipped already, we received it a week later with no upgrade battery. We called n they said it had been shipped. Now 1 1/2 mos. later we still haven't received it. I called them n they said it came with the camcorder (which is a lie). They said it originally comes with a 1L5 n we got the upgrade 2L5. We called the vendors and they said there is no such thing as a 1L5 and that all the camcorders come w/ the 2L5. I told the guy here that, but he told me that, that person I talked to didn't know what he was talking about and that he can send me 5 tapes for my camcorder for the misunderstanding cuz there is nothing else he can do for me. Well... that's a learning experience and lets see if they really send me those tapes! LOL Dumb :)

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  • Valerie Jun 12, 2008

    I ordered The Nikon 9481 D300 12.3 MP Digital SLR Camera with Nikon 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED-IF AF-S DX VR II Zoom-Nikkor Autofocus Lens for $2000 approx. Free Shipping and several included free items.

    They charged me $35 for Shipping and no free items.

    They substituted a Sigma Lens of the same description instead of the Nikor.

    When I contacted them, they said I agreed to the shipped package and approved the charge to my credit card. Yes, I did, but not for a Sigma Lens.

    The web page that I had to approval for Credit card charges and shipment. Conveniently left out the brand of the Lens. The descriptions were near exactly the same as the Nikor Lens that was supposed to come in the Nikon 9481 Kit.

    They will not ship me the right lens unless I pay another $700, and pay $45 to restock the wrong lens they sent me.

    Discover Card's fraud department is of little or no help, because of the Web page that I approved the shipment.

    Watch out for the "Bait and Switch Tactic"

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  • Valerie Jun 05, 2008

    I wish I had seen this consumer site before I ordered from Foto Connection. Their price on their web site for a digital camera (a Panasonic DMC-FZ18) supposedly did cover any accessories which come with the camera, such as battery, charger, etc. They called me, and in a confusing conversation got me to agree on a $49.00 charge for a "quick" charger and upgraded battery. This extra charge got me the accessories that came with the camera anyway! They also switched the SD card I ordered with a more expensive one. I will never order from these scam artists again.

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  • Valerie Jun 04, 2008

    The first thing that was odd was the sales person I spoke with confirming my order tried hard to sell me another battery for my Canon SD950 camera. I had already ordered one from Amazon because the prices were much cheaper for the exact same thing. The sales person lied and said the battery would only last 15 minutes, which is total bull.

    When I got the camera, there was no memory card at all, it's supposed to ship with a 32mb memory card, which is too small to use so I had already ordered one on Amazon because the prices were cheaper. When I called the sales person lied and said sometimes Canon ships the cameras without the memory card (another load of BS). I asked how long it would take to ship it to me and he said about 3 weeks. That's ridiculous.

    I'm glad I had already ordered a MUCH less expensive memory card and canon battery from Amazon.

    Fotoconnection's practices are shoddy. They sell a camera for a low price and then try to gouge you on accessories you may not need.

    I was also supposed to get a promotional package that did not come with the camera. But, I have to pay $9.00 shipping for it. Stupid. I don't need any of the stuff anyway.

    I will never order from Fotoconnection again.

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  • Valerie May 22, 2008

    Fotoconnection called and sent eight e-mails saying they needed to verify accounts, orders, ect. All the while insisting that I needed to order an additional battery. They lied about the battery that comes with the camera. I called back to cancel the additional battery, they said OK but shipped it anyway and charged $69. extra. Ended up paying $258. for a camera they now say they sell for $164. I complained to American Express and they are reviewing the company. The bad part is that I was doing a friend a favour by ordering the camera he wanted on line to save him some money.

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  • Valerie May 22, 2008

    Beware of bait and switch, outright lies about products and additional fees that they add to your order AFTER confirming it by telephone!!!

    Report this sham store to the New York ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE AT THE WEB ADDRESS BELOW:

    They currently have 823 BBB complaints and the internet is full of pissed consumers who have dealt with them. If the Attorney General receives enough complaints they will do a real investigation into this sham business and, hopefully, put them out of business.

    I ordered a Panasonic Plasma HDTV -- the total was $886 and change, they called and told me that they would be shipping it, but I needed insurance. I asked if it was required and they guy said "no" but if you pay the $99 shipping fee he'd deliver the TV within 2 days. He then asked if I wanted a wall mount I said "no." Then he told me that I "NEED" a TV pedestal stand because the TV (TH-42PX80U) didn’t come with one. I told him I have a 50" model of almost the same TV and they all come with the same Panasonic Stand. Then he told me that they come with a generic stand and he would sell me the "official Panasonic stand" for $100.00. I said no and he confirmed the order.

    Almost a week later, they repeatedly told me to "verify" -- when I finally verified they jacked the price to $1011 and change. I refused. He told me $886 was too low, and that $1, 011 was still a deal I wouldn't be able to beat. There were numerous other sellers with tax and delivery included for around $925 [less than $40 more than their price -- so it wasn't waaaay off]. I wound up purchasing the same TV from sears for $975 total [only $89 better than their promised price and $36 better than what they told me I wouldn't be able to beat]


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  • Valerie May 20, 2008

    I ordered a camera, supposedly in stock. Moments after ordering, a salesperson called to try and sell me the battery that goes with the camera. I told him I did not need a battery, that online at their website, it said that a battery was included "in the box". Then he tried to sell me a warranty. I told him I did not need that either. I asked him if the camera was indeed in stock, he confirmed that it was and that it would ship in 24-48 hours. That was May 9. Today is May 19. I have called several times to check order status. On May 15, I was told the camera was out of stock, that the American version, rather the foreign version was available for $30 more. Since the camera was to be a gift, and I was running out of time to get it one time, I asked if it would ship the same day if I agreed for the extra $30. I was told it definitely would and that I would be emailed a tracking number. Today, May 19, I called to cancel the order. After being placed on hold several times, and bounced from one rep to another, I told the very rude guy who finally didn't not put me through to someone else that I needed to cancel the order. He said there was a restocking fee of 15%. I said that was bull- - - - because it never even left their place. He said it did leave but the shipping company lost the package. I asked again about a tracking number, and he could not provide it. He further told me that he went to the bathroom every morning and that it was never bull ---- that came out. I was really ticked then. I asked again for the order to be cancelled, I even said they could charge me the 15% restock fee (the camera price including shipping was $269.99) so that would have been about $40. He started rattling off a cancellation confirmation number and told me that my card would be charged $99!!! I told him that he had not done his math correctly. He told me he would charge me what the F - - - he wanted because I was rude to him! Can you believe that? After reading the other complaints, I think FotoConnection gets a kick out of stomping the consumer. I am filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and I encourage everyone else who has a bad experience such as this to do the same.

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  • Valerie May 15, 2008

    FotoConnection will offer a price on the camera or whatever that makes them first on list for cheapest price. But the reality is their not. In my case they called on my order and suggested the battery that came with my Lumix tz5 was woefully lacking in capacity and took 12hrs to charge but for $40 more I would receive a battery that had a great charge & super fast charger. The truth was it was the battery & charger that comes with that camera. When you call their customer service they will give you a variety of answer of why the cheat, when it’s obvious add the battery price and you get a so-so deal that's far from the top prices offer.

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  • Valerie May 09, 2008

    They offered a good price and "free shipping" on a Weber S-650 grill. I ordered it and checked "ground drop" for delivery. I got an email to call them to confirm the order. They said I made a mistake, that anything over 70# cannot be ground dropped, it must be "truck delivery" and it was $299 more.

    When I asked why they advertised free delivery on this product, the customer "service" person tried to make me feel like a fool.

    I cancelled the order and then got an excellent deal on an updated S-670 grill, and truly free shipping, with TVsDepot.

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  • Valerie May 09, 2008

    Well, having had a bad experience with another online retailer I went looking for another Rebel EOS XTi body. I ran across FotoConnection, and saw the price of $449.00 for the body and went hmmm.

    I called up and asked if the item was in stock. Yes it is. YEAH! I asked the current price for the camera body, and was given the same price.

    Of course, this took about 2 minutes, it was confusing, the item was in stock, but it took the person that long to find the price out.

    Maybe he is having a bad day, or his computer is lagging. Ok, I would like to purchase one. Ok sir, we can do that.

    I am put through to another individual, with much noise in the background, leading me to think of a boiler room operation. "Yes, I would like to purchase the Canon Rebel XTi." I am then asked "Would you like the 2 or 4 hour battery with that?"

    "But, a battery comes with that." "Yes sir, but it lasts only 15 minutes." "Oh, did I forget to tell you that I already own a Canon EOS XT and KNOW that the battery lasts more than 15 minutes? I can see that you are like a few other places on the net, thank you, have a nice day!"

    This would be a very good company to REALLY do you homework on.

    Yes, let the buyer beware!

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  • Valerie May 07, 2008 stole my money, never delivered the product I ordered, I called I either got cursed out, hung up on or simply placed on hold. I paid 50.00 overnight shipping and was told it was scheduled to be delivered on 05-02-08 order was placed on 04-29-08. I asked for a tracking number, they refused, I called and cancelled, they said I never placed an order, even though their website is on my bank statement for charges, crooked company...BE SCARED...BE AFRAID...VERY ARAID . Me and my husband can’t seem to find any help, I am wondering if the government is involved. I cannot believe that is has become legal to steal!!!

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  • Di
    Diana Bharucha May 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I asked a friend to purchase a camera for me as does not accept international credit cards.
    Their website offers a seemingly great deal as you will see from the link.
    You will also notice that it clearly mentions thats 'whats in the packages' is

    Panasonic DMC-FZ18K Lumix 8.1 MP Digital Camera with 18x Optical Zoom, Intelligent Auto Technology, 28mm Wide-Angle LEICA Lens and 2.5" Diagonal LCD in Black (included with the main item plus all the items below):
    • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
    • Battery Charger
    • USB Cable
    • A/V Cable
    • Lens Cap
    • Lens Hood & Adaptor
    • Wrist Strap
    • Software CD-ROM (Lumix Simple Viewer, PhotofunStudio, SILKYPIX Developer Studio, ArcSoft MediaImpression, ArcSoft PanoramaMaker USB Driver)
    • User Guide

    BUT soon after placing the order and giving the credit card details we got a call from TOM insisting that there is no battery provided with the pack. TOM kindly agrees to provide abattery for $ 79 only/- WOW. Except when we receive the package the manual states that as part of the standard accessories is SURPRISE SURPRISE YES YOU GUESSED IT THE BATTERY THAT WE PAID $79 FOR. Now I assume that since I paid $79 additionally I should have got 2 batteries right? But no. TOM tells me 'forget the other battery' and if you want your money back i'll give you a dollar.

    Not only that but the Full size tripod is a MINI 6 in high it fits on my palm. YAY.

    So tell me what action can be taken against such a company? How is it still fi=unctioning after all the complaints against it?

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  • Da
    Dave Apr 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    100% correct! I had the same experience with them. My CC company declined it because of a security issue.

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  • Er
    Eric Torianyk Mar 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered two cameras online, but received and email that I had to call Victor in order for this order to be processed.
    Instead he called me and tried to push additional items that were on special and that the camera did not have memory. I already knew that, but he insisted. I told him that all I wanted was the two retail cameras that I placed the order for and his response was that these camera were Japanese and not retail. At this point I didn't want the cameras and wanted him to cancel my order. He then recommended that he could provide me with the retail cameras for more money at a discount. I refused and he hung up the phone on me. I later responded to their email to make sure they have canceled my order as requested on the phone and received a reply that they would not cancel by email and that I must call a different number + extension. I tried that number and no answer. Something is very wrong with this company and people should stay away.

    To prevent possible fraud and the fact they have my credit card information, I have canceled my card so no unauthorized charges are to be processed.

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  • Sh
    Shu Ng Feb 27, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a complaint against the company

    I called the company to place an order for a Sony A700 digital camera. The saleperson Jason informed me that all manual and internal instructions on their body only cameras are in Chinese, Japanese or French. But if I buy the much more expensive bundled package, they are in English.

    I find this to be misrepresenting since it is not indicated on their website. When I looked up the complaints board, I find similar situations happened to many people.

    Shu Ng

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  • Valerie Jan 17, 2008

    This company already cheated us out of a battery on our original order. I kept on emailing them over and over until Joe Grant agreed to send me my battery. I had to pay the $14.95 shipping. When I got the battery, it was NOT the one we agreed on and it was a generic battery that required a cable be attached each time you use it. He kept telling me it was a better battery and asked that I try it. Probably so I would OPEN it and have to pay a restocking fee for that. He then said I could return it but since it was a "gift" I would receive no refund. Well, thank goodness for my credit card company! I was able to dispute it and get my account refunded and unless they give me a free way to send it back, I don't have to send battery back! These guys give new meaning to THIEVES!!!

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