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I was sent an e-mail stating that I enrolled in a Platinum Member program. I was given a link to sign on with a name and password. I attempted to sign on to the link with the information given in the e-mail to see what it was. I checked my checking account today and a fee of 49.95 has been withdrawn from my account for Fortress Secured Inc. I've never heard of this business before nor have I singed up for their service. I guess from the other reports made I'm out of 49.95. The link to the website doesn't work and there is no other information on the Web Page that comes up with the link.


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    yolanda Oct 17, 2008

    The economy is already bad enough and I am a single parent trying to make my ends meet. However, yesterday when I was paying my bills online. I saw a withdrawal of $49.95 from my primary checking account. I knew right off that I had authorized this suspect payment and immediately called my bank. I was told that the check referenced my name and was given this number of 888-433-4096 that does not work. The fact of the matter is that I don't use paper checks and all of my bills are set up each month electronically. My bank manager and I are investigating this scam to the fullest extent of the law because taking money from anyones bank account without authorization of course is illegal. I just wanted to post my comment for anyone else that may see this name. RUN. This company is fraudulent and scam with very little appreciation for real business.

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    Frank C Randazzo Oct 18, 2008

    Too was scammed. 49.95 just as everyone else. I went to the FBI website and filed a complaint. I urge everyone else to do the same until they find these ###.

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    molly Oct 28, 2008

    My checking acct. was just hit for $49.95 too and i called the 888-433-4096 and got customer service who said the money would be sent back to me within 30-45 days, ### i told her and she wouldn't give me the # to anyone at Fortress Secure Inc..
    I wanted to know if anyone got money back?

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  • Ne
    Nelson Hernandez, Jr. Nov 05, 2008

    I was also charged 49.95. I have no idea what for. I viewed the copy of the so called check they cashed and it showed my NEW address. The thing is my checks still have my old address because I recently moved so this was pure fraud.

    I saw on the memo line it showed so I went there and it asked for account number and zipcode when i entered it the freakin thing had all my personal info. So I requested a refund and it said i would recieve a check within 30 days and it would cancell my subscription...SUBSCRIPTION TO WHAT!?!??!?!

    This sucks especially when your strugling and living paycheck to paycheck.

    Everyone needs to report these people to the FBI

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