Forever Newonline order not delivered, I must prove I ordered the item!!!


I ordered an item on the Forever New website on the 09 October 2017 and paid with my credit card. I received an order number from them via an email. 2 days later I emailed customer service to find out about my delivery and they say there is a problem with the website and I must submit to them proof of purchase.

I queried what proof of purchase as I paid using their online site with my credit card and they responded to me requesting proof that the money went of my account.

How unprofessional of them. Could they not check their bank statements and account records of when they received my money. How is it that I have an order number if I did not pay.

Never have I dealt with such unprofessional and immature behavior before.
How do take my money not deliver my item and still ask me to prove that I paid for the item.

Secondly. had I not requested feedback on my delivery I would probably wait forever for my item so it can be Forever New with them.

Order number received: [protected]

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