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The store manager and Co manager bought huge amounts of clothing in bulk of every size to resale it on eBay during the sale they would have. They would ring each other up and even spent around 500. They would buy multiply times throughout the day And brag about a booth they ran doubleing her money. The store manager bragged about selling on eBay. The two worked together writing me up for mistakes they made themselfs. They had intention to build up my file to have me fired because I had turned them into corporate for there dishonesty to the company. Shortly after s.m was question by loss provention she emailed my entire file in to have me terminated. I knew this cause I was a manager and was required to read emails daily. When I hadcome back from my lunch another manager had this information up on the screen. This same manager used to kick a trash can and say she wished it was the Co.
manager. The management was so immature and dishonest, they gossiped about other employees making fun of them and would even talk about each other. I was the older of the group and took my job seriously, I had kids I was supporting and never wanted to be involved in the immature behavior. This put me as a outcast and I was targeted everyday at work. I was put in a room for


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    terribletreatment Aug 29, 2013

    ...4 hours were my lunch was violated in a timely manner. I was under questioning were they redirected the sm and cm dishonesty twords me. They asked me not to leave this small, no window office untill i wrote a statement as they stud outside of the door. Then as the store manager arrived for her shift and had me go through a process of termination. The store manager was not a honest person and did things that were so unprofessinal to the employees. like hiding keys from them and then giving them a write up for it, She called sales associates stupied, and made fun of there appearances.She promoted really immature employees that were trouble makers and lazy. They would spend time in the office gossiping, on there cellphone and snacking while i ran there segments. I was a hard working and well respected manager and didn't deserve the poor treatment. I was singled out as a manager, picked on making it difficult to go to work everyday.
    Im in shock that the corp. supported this behavior and didn't have commen sense to see what was really going on.
    I only pray that they figure it out and fix it! Im no longer with the company but i hope they fix it for those hard working nice employees.

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