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Foreigners Emplowment, Management and Consultancy (Sharjah, Buhaira road)Foreigners Buhaira road dubai

Location: Sharjah, Buhairah road, Corniche plaza bldg 1, room no:404.

They are one of the biggest Cheaters (scam) I have ever seen. Their employees have 4 or 5 cheap Nokia mobiles with them and they keep putting ads in classifieds (Khaleej Times) about data entry job, computer operator and they give different mobile numbers. They will always give their location and on your first meeting and demand 100 dhs for your registration. Then they will call for an interview and tell you to come with 300dhs. They will keep asking your for money and never give you the job. Fortunately, I didn't pay them a cent but one of my friend did.

They don't even have a website. I have attached their contact card. If anyone wants to do good for people then complain this to the ministry of labor.

Foreigners Buhaira road dubai


  • Ja
    jaksajred Jun 01, 2009

    yep u r right

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  • Ja
    jaksajred Jun 01, 2009

    yep i payed also 100 dhs for them

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  • Wa
    was Jun 01, 2009

    Check out this link:

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  • Ta
    Taimoor Khawar Jun 13, 2009

    Yes. They are totally fraud. Simply don't go to them. Even keep on complaining to Police or Court. Actually they have the license of recruitment agency that is why Police can't do anything. We have to protest through news papers & media. If anyone have approach to some senior authority in news or media please do it for innocent people hurt by them. Thanks...


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  • Fi
    filguyhere Jun 28, 2009

    yeah right I agree on the first comment, first time I met them they ask me for 100dHs too for a job, instead of giving them a 100dHs I told them to make it sure first that I have the job I want then that will be the time that im going to pay 100, after 3 days they call me for an interview and bringing some document like passport copy, picture, visa copy, certificate and a 300dHs... that first day I went to their office I met an Indian guy whose involve with them before, he ask me if I’m an applicant I said yes then he say "did they ask u for money "100dhs" I said yes then this guy told me that after that they will call u for another payment of 300 which is true, but u will never get your job... but as the first one who give his/her comment were on same I didn’t also paid for any cent...guys if you’re one of the people who are in this situation? Better to pull back...your just wasting your money and time...

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  • Co
    coldlover Jul 20, 2009

    these people are mother###ers
    there is this girl mariam
    she took 100 frm me thn
    2 days later tht ### agha called me
    he took another 300 frm me.
    never got any job, ...

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  • Co
    coldlover Jul 20, 2009

    they are total fraud
    they are big cheaters
    they have callers like kinza and sonia
    there where other ladies also whose names i dont know
    thn there is this AGGA who will calll u to come up wth 300 dhs
    we can read the blog and avoid payin but wht abt who cant use the net and all
    we need to do smthin
    thy promised my sis big big jobs and gave nthin to her her visa expired and she had to go back
    pls stay away and if u pass by jus let everyone know tht they are fraud
    save the ppl who are not educated as us
    400 for thm might almost half their salary
    we might easiily amke tht 400 bck but thy cant

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  • As
    asif shahid Jul 22, 2009

    they are not cheater they are big big cheaters int he wold if somebody hav 2 do some thing send the complain to gulfnews and see they are really caring for readers so they will stop there ads then we can complain in khaleeg times also but for just complain myself i paid 400 hundred dirham to this company but same no result mariam kinza agha salman they are all are team speacially mariam kinza pooja they are the one make all this drama for the company just expose them by by complaining by this way thanks please save others its request from me to all who have ability to stop this thanks

    asif shahid

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  • As
    asif shahid Jul 22, 2009

    all same uffffffffff... its really hard to believe that this kind of thing is going on in UAE. so all you are trying to close this office but i will tell you one thing no need for anything they are cheaters and by complain you and me cannot do anything offcourse they have some source so thats why may be sponser local is involved or some big money is there my friend he applied for a job accountant he paid also 100 for file and 300 hundred for job but nothing is done they are saying directly lie to all not you not me to all so its hopeless but what is required is that to stop them but how? please let me know also

    jakson dsouza

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  • An
    anonymousopo Aug 03, 2009

    i ###ed kinza after a long struggle to adjust my 400 dirhams...

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  • Ba
    babayahoo Aug 04, 2009

    ya...for me also happend the same incident...
    soe one should complaint in ministry of labour and close the consultancy...

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  • Mo
    mohammed khalid Aug 05, 2009

    my all friend assalaam o alaikum firs of all i m very thankful to find this site in net i read your comments and communication i m not agree with u my name is khalid i got job just becouse of this co.this is true they took 100&300dhms to me but i m in UAE JUST BECOUSE OF THIS CO. this is not a good way to complain i request you to all don't use bad languages for that employee cose they r working there if u have any complain go directly to i hope they will solve the ref 1658

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  • Ta
    takerip Aug 05, 2009

    then you are way out of luck my friend..

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  • Ta
    takerip Aug 05, 2009

    don't pay them any money any more..

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  • Hu
    hussian Aug 06, 2009

    kakerip look if you have any problem be aman and go to there office and talk to them stay in there office untell u get back ur money you are saying that you have been fraud but iam telling you . it s that you are just apussy that hide in back computer and using internet to spread lies . just ### off .

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  • Su
    sureeash Aug 06, 2009

    good afternoon my freinds iam soory to tell you all iam disagre with you i found them too much good people they provide jobs for people . take me as example i applied for civil engineering with them they found for me job . and iam working now in khan saheb . my name is suresh kummar

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  • Jh
    jhan khan Aug 06, 2009

    PPEOPLE I NEED TO TELL YOU ALL SOMETHING HOW EXPECT FROM THEM TO HELP YOU ALL WITHOUTING PAYING ANY MONEY I SEEN MANY DUDES THEY WANT AJOB FOR FREE . SOORY TO TELL YOU ALL THEY ARE NOT CHARITY THEY DESERVE THERE money so they can provide job . thank for them they not asking like charter house or some recruiting agencey in dubai soo much money . they only asking for 300 hundered derhams to provide you job . iam greatfulll for them .

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  • Ju
    jummana khan Aug 06, 2009

    people no need for bad words here if u have any problem speak politely i have an idea .
    post your phone number and name so we can get together so we can face them together and descuss with them last time i have been there they almost finished my problem they show me my appointment letter and all realted things . and i love them for that i found a job throw in these bad times . all of you think in the setuition and be reasonable . if they found for you ajib for 3000 and u applied for ajob for 4000 thank yor god for that . this is bad days in dubai . i you planing to work consider that in your mind

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  • Hu
    hury kumaar Aug 09, 2009

    Hi guys,
    Hury kumaar i m the one who went already in that company for the job of electrical engineer.I registerd there 03 months ago i made file with kinza by 100 dhs.and after 02 days i went again for paying 300 again to that time he told me ur job ha been conformed and u are 100%selected. but nothing happend there.I was very disappoint there and i thought they took my 400 and they will not call me more but i wa rong after 01 week i received call from their marketing filipino lady i forget the name of that lady she told me tomorrow is your interview he gave me time i went there after half hour she send 05 candidate inclueding me to the employer.we went ajmaanand gave intervew there.after one week he sellect me now i m working in salary is not too much but i got job now i m not thinking bad for this company.guys, the sitiuation of emaaraat is very bad all jobs are coming down why we make blame these companies. they are helping us in thi situation. i agree they take mony for us but why? Becouse of there servicess they will not work for free or for walfare. thanks for all.

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  • Su
    Suhail Aug 12, 2009

    Really They are Frauds !! they even dont have single document about there company, please any one complain about them
    Suhail Dubai

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  • Sy
    syedahmed Aug 15, 2009

    These are big cheaters, they speak very politely and give big assurances and 100% job guarantee, Even i paid 400 dirhams to them.

    the cheating people sitting there are
    1. mariam, she is an arab national.
    2. Sonia. Her phone number of sharjah is this, [protected]. She is an Indian and she should be ashamed to be an indian as she is cheating most Indians being an Indian herself.
    3. Don. He is philipini. He is the one who collects 300 dirhams at the second time.
    4. Mustafa. He is a arab national man.
    5. Ibrahim.

    really they are big cheaters, to be frank they have the capability of recruiting 10 in 100 people, but they collect money from all 100 people. they never return money to the remaining 90 people and say that the money goes to the marketing department and they have worked on finding jobs but the jobs are not there and so they do not return the money.

    people who put comments on their favor are just there own colleagues, but not who have paid money to them.

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  • there is a one more girl with name of komal she is prostitue her real name is yusra shes bleongig from karachi pakistan martin town area here mother got married before 1 year i think they have 5 sister allz r popular prostitue of martin town and also yusra havin afair aslam baig but they showed they were husband and wife and also ysra have house wife visa

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  • Do
    doodskie Oct 05, 2009

    yes its true...i was been there last thursday for sort of interview then to my great dismay they gonna ask 100dhs which i also paid co'z she said will not mention her name this is for processing fees of the application just in case my application will not meet the qualification of the employer they gonna look for another employer...sigh!!!...yesterday i received a call from them again another set of interview..blah..blahh...but now i'm having a second thought the more when i read all this comments forum..

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  • Vi
    vicky999 Oct 12, 2009

    they all are harami son of ### if you will ### them they had no problem for that ok so go out from home do for sumthing for poor people coz from up to down they all are mother ###er especially kinza a sweet ### and her pimp agha salman and whole da office

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  • Sh
    shahid kapoor help Oct 13, 2009


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  • Fu
    fuk mariam Nov 09, 2009

    fuker mariam take 100 dhs frm mee...after reading all tht i m not going to give them any money...i think they r cheaters

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  • Mi
    MilaBully Nov 12, 2009

    ok so is there anyway we can get this money back..??? i mean has anyone here enden up gettin the 100 or 300 back from them..its not only abt the money i mean its abt the principles...i dont mind spending 100 on something that i will use.. i mean we dont get this ### free...its hard earned cash...

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  • Wa
    Wasii U. Zamaan Nov 21, 2009

    All statements are very very good for them. this is the most bloody ###ing placement agency in UAE I have ever seen. They ask for 100 DHS and then call for the interview and ask again 300 DHS. If you pay 100 DHS then unable to pay aany single penny because of any reason, they will never talk to you ever.

    There is a bloody ###ing beauty Qinza. She is oine of the most ###ing lady in that Agency. I have her contact number but when you will call her she will never talk to you.

    I suggest to all my brothers not to go that cheaters and have faith on you.

    May God bless you my freinds.

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  • Ha
    have faith in UAE Law Jan 01, 2010

    liers..alll those who are saying good stuff about this fraud agency are actually people working there !!..anybody with slightest brains will figure this silly approach of them...i will not reveal my name but i personally had similar experience like so many other poor guys n gave them 100 DHs n got nothing..i am printing this blog n along with the card they gave me n will take this all to police..i have collected a biig file till now.. almost all agreeing to same point..FRAUD..SO FOR THOSE VERY FEW WHO WHERE DEFENDING THEM..MAYBE U CAN BE MORE HELPFUL N OFFER THEM NAMES OF GOOD LAWYERS U KNOW..TCOZ HEY WILL NEED ONE SOON FOR SURE.

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  • Sa
    sanjay sharmas Jan 05, 2010


    WHAT ARE U GUYZ TRYING TO TELL US THAT WHAT WE MENTIONED IN THE COMPLAINT BOX IS WRONG THEN I WANNA TELL U GUYZ THIS ORGANIZATION IS HAVING A SAME WAY OF WORK AND UR TALKING THAT THESE COMPANY HAVING a worth or respect then might be did`nt went to police station. they also knew every single thing hahahahahahahahhah... leave net come face 2 face

    the words which people are mentioning is not good i do understand ur point. but i wanna inform u those people deserve more than that...hahahahaha

    specially manager salman a pimp mother ###er he cheat my bro...and that ###ing ### kinza.. her price is 100 dhs for 1 night she is so cheap thay can provide u thier family members for more money they are not only every consultancy those charging to poor people they will go 2 hell... ccccccccccc

    ### u all consultancy staff and thier families mother ###ers ### hole salman kinza we wanna ### ur sisters and salaman ur girlfriend is 2 sexy to ### thanks for providing me to adjust that amount and kinza ur small sister her age age 16 she also a good sucker she is giving a mind blowing blowjob reallly ua llllll mother ###ers

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  • Ge
    genus_007 Jan 09, 2010







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  • Mu
    munnu Jan 11, 2010

    Mr Jhan Khan, consultancies do the job not by takin the money frm the customers bt by giving the job to their customers and taking deir commissiion direct from the company wer they r recruiting this person... di u get me... dnt talk nonsense My dear... u r grateful because u r nt having sense unlike others...try to get wat is common sense and go thru the nadia and JEBA, u will knw wat the consultancy exactly means...

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  • Ja
    Jason416 Feb 21, 2010

    ok people keep on posting the same and so far the no. and name cant be posted on the web if possible we can meet in one spot and try to teach them a lesson. and ### them all esp. Kinza, Salman Siddiqui. Mob# [protected]

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  • Fe
    feeling guily Feb 24, 2010

    i m 1the 1 who was working in same cunsulty this is our duty please we have to support our familly there is not any job we are stuck here if we leave that job they will put band wht will we do u tell us this is our thinking but i left that job but wht abt those who are working there they are having these all problems please try to understand and 4give us please

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  • Va
    varshith reddy Feb 25, 2010

    yes i too cheated by tehm dat ###ing girl kenja took 100 and other guy Ian took 300 from me...but no job still now...for that 400 hw t o compensate ...wanna ### that kenja shez damn hot...we hav to do something complaint to some authoritiess...otherwise many people like us ill be cheated...

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  • Sa
    satya14300 Mar 01, 2010

    so because of u and ur family cheating us???????we tooo came like u guys and many of us are on visit visa depending on our just think of our situation hw pain it was for us its more than u guyzzz...dont cheat anyone for ur profit...

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  • Kh
    Khan123 Mar 11, 2010

    Hey Friend
    Thanks for all the info I visited recently and since i was offered a manger position but same thing happened now i dont know whether i should trust them cuz they told me there is a vacancy in their parent concern which is wafi group, dealing in cosmetics, they have asked them to get 300 with some docs. has any one applied for the same position do let me know but i am not the one who will sit quitely I will file a legal case, go to the police and complaint.
    All those lucky one who got jobs through them please let me know

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  • Ma
    majorkas May 19, 2010

    today im payed dirhams and i looked this site.ooooooh fathima iwant ur porn i wanna ur puzzy i'll give more money

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  • Am
    Amr Abdel Aziz Jun 06, 2010

    I just thought of googling Al Wafi group and the foreigners employment and management office. Although i was a bit concerned how can a recruiter collect money from the candidate and not from the employer as per the norm here.

    We paid the 100 Dirhams and received a call the following day (how easy it is for these guys to find a job for someone) from a guy called Kevin asking for 300 DHMs as the application got accepted and this is needed to process the papers. To me this was just it, why weren't we asked the day before or told we wil be paying that.

    I wasn't sure, but after checking the complaints board i realized this is a scam and probably these guys know the law too well to survive that long.

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  • Ni
    nidheenair Jun 21, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    yeah, me and my friend also had some bad experience with these people.i was interviewed by a girl called milon and she bought 100 dms from two of us.Why they eventhough, lot of peoples facing lot of bad experiences from these consultants, still they advertise thru medias by putting a lot and lot of vaccancies.yyyy not taking any thing against these frauds./cheaters?

    so i request, plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dont any of the job aspirants plzzzzzzzzzzz dont waste your money or time anymore...they wont give uuu any jobs...this is a request..they rsimply sitting there to get any mount of money from the candidates.

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