Ford Motor Companycustomer service and vehicle problems


Dear Ford,
I have owned many cars from you. I have never had the problems with a car as I have had with my Ford Explorer 2016. My car has been in for many services, acceleration problems, turning issues, air bags light, seats not buckled in place. This day I was to have my air bag light rechecked because it has been coming on after it was "fix" six months ago. I called the Joe Meyer Ford in Houston, Tx where I brought my car. I was expressing my displeasure of having to turn over my car for an extended about of time again and wanted a rental car(loaner) from Ford. The advisory told informed me his Manager said they would not do that and he could tell that I was going to be upset that he could no longer be my advisory. He only wanted people who would leave good reviews, I never judge the advisory by what the mechanic does, and he would not be helping me. This is not the first time I have had problems with this dealer. I can't believe you support customer service this way. I also can't believe you can't fix a car. My car has less than 29000 miles and I feel like it is a piece of junk. I will be telling everyone I know never to buy from this Dealer and most likely never a ford. This breaks my heart as I had family who worked at Ford and was raised having Fords. The way this dealership treated me I would be embarrassed for you to know this is how they treat people. I'm know this is not how you build your company.

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