Ford Barlowworld Alberton/Ford South-Africabad service

J Aug 02, 2018

Good day.
Have a problem with my Ford Kuga 1.6 EcoBoost Ambient since I bought it. Ever since the first recall my vechile is still not 100%.Its been with Ford Alberton South-Africa numerous times, oil spills in engin, car revolutions picks up for no reason it's so bad at times that I have to switch the car off.Clutch is giving me problems and no one is assisting me with this matter.Got in contact with Steven at Ford SA and this matter is still not resolved.Steven's only option was to close the case after I told him the matter is not resolved, I just got a bad attitude and the phone was dropped in my ear.I cant even get the car sold after these recalls, and not even Ford is willing to stand by is this matter.Dewald at Ford Alberton Barloworld South-Africa is not willing to do a valuation on my vechile, they just not interested in assisting at all.Please feel free to recall all technical and service history on this vechile.Please assist me with this matter at the vechile is a big concern.

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