Resolved FoottentBad service

Website shows an adjustable steel-looking bar which attaches to bed to keep blankets and sheets off feet. Product claims to be height-adjustable and lie flat under bedding. Product is made of fiberglass, and when used to span king size bed, bows under weight of bedding, reducing tent effect shown in photos. When adjusted to make product sit higher above mattress to compensate for bowing, it does not lie flat on bed as advertised when closed. As of this writing, company does not state return policy on website or instruction sheet. According to Brynn Johnson, who answered the customer service phone today, the company does not accept returns AT ALL for customer satisfaction; and for defects replaces parts for 1 year. When I asked if, once I purchase the item, I am out 100 bucks if it doesn't work out for me, she said yes. Unless you are willing to permanently part with 100-plus dollars, do not buy!

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