Food Lionteam member-mikayla mauldin, customer service manager

Ka Oct 04, 2019

I visited the store on 10/4/19 at about 2:30 or 2:40 pm. I often frequent this store. I went through the checkout line and had a great customer service experience. She was cashier number 0195. Unfortunately when I walked out into the parking lot, I dropped one of my bags containing yogurt. It burst. I, at that time also realized that I had forgotten to get ice cream. I went immediately back into the store. I got a new yogurt pack as well as the ice cream. When I approached the customer service desk, there was a man paying his power bill. I waited in line behind him for about 10 minutes. Which, by the way, the customer service manager assisting him was unable to complete his transaction for whatever reason. After about 10 minutes, a woman comes up and cuts in line in front of me to get change for a $20 bill. I was shocked that the customer service manager allowed her to break in line, especially since I had been waiting so long. As soon as Mikayla Mauldin (Food Lion customer service representative) gave the woman change, I approached the desk and placed my items on the counter. As the woman who had asked for change walked away, I said to Mikayla, "Ma'am, I was next in line". She then flipped out telling me I was "rude", and had an "unbecoming attitude". I, then informed her that I didn't care for her opinion and that I was just trying to exchange my yogurt and purchase ice cream. She then threatened me saying she "didn't have to serve me". She continued to instigate this argument for the next minute or so. I kept telling her "drop it, exchange my yogurt". She finally stopped antagonizing me and made the exchange for the yogurt. I told her I did not wish to purchase the ice cream at that time because I did not wish to return to this store based on how I was being treated. At that point Mikayla replied, "please don't. "

I am reporting this negative experience in hopes that no other customers have to be treated this way. Mikayla Mauldin made me feel very uncomfortable today. Other customers were watching while she proceeded to reprimand me. Which, all that I did was inform her (correct her) that I was next in line and she had skipped me. Honestly, I believe she did this on purpose because she could sense my frustration when she permitted the customer to jump in front of me. She obviously enjoys instigating customers and I believe disciplinary action is in order. No other Food Lion customer should have to be embarrassed in this way.

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